Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I love when I come across a picture in my files that seems to beg for a bible verse and this was one of those.  I took it a week or so ago at a park near our house.  I love the way the sun is streaming in across the tranquil waters.  The ducks appear to be quite content and all seems to be well in the world. Peace.

  I've been having a couple of extra challenging weeks with my passionate 2 year old.  She has been testing me with incessant tantrums, potty training failure and nap resistance.  Basically she has all but, turned into a new human being and quite frankly I am missing the pleasant child that I gave up my job to stay home with. teehee.

 It is in the challenging seasons of life that we often get more discouraged and question our abilities (or in my situation my parenting skills).  Am I disciplining her right?  Am I doing enough to bring out the best in her? Am I loving her enough? How come she doesn't know how to read Shakespeare yet like those other two year olds? Am I patient enough? Have I been teaching her enough about Jesus?  Why is she dead set on chucking a block at that kid's head every time they want to play with her? Is TV frying her brain?  Or perhaps the TV should be on more often so that I take breaks from her craziness?  Does she get enough play dates...or maybe she is getting too many play dates? Blah Blah blahgity blah.  And no, blahgity is not a word.  I am fond of making up new words from time to time.  Thank you for wondering. ;)

I put my little one down for her nap today and took my ever growing angst to the Lord in prayer.  God is always so faithful to realign my thoughts in truth and calm the stormy waters in my soul.  After meeting with Him in prayer I'm left with peace.  I also become keenly aware of the fact that I am so glad that I am not God.  I can't imagine having billions of whiny adults driving me crazy all day (and fortunately we don't drive Him crazy)!  One whiny two year old is more than enough.  I am also reminded of how patient my Father in Heaven is with me and with all of His kids and I am so thankful for such a perfect parenting example.  The more I look to Him for parenting advice (or life advice) the more the chaos to the right and to the left of me begin to fade.  I know I don't have to have it all figured out.  Sometimes I just need the big guy upstairs to remind me that He has already taken care of it all and I can rest in His peace. 

Side note:  I am totally aware that the 2's and 3's and 4's and 15's are all full of new challenges and drama.  My little girl is behaving right on cue for a 2 year old.  Ultimately, I am the one trying to learn how to behave as my child's behavior will ever be changing.  Thanks for supporting me in this wild journey called parenthood!


  1. Casey, I'm listening to you and thinking in my head, I can so relate to this girl, but my 16 year old is the one that is 'driving me insane' right now. I tell you what, all those things you said you were feeling and I have felt with my 2 year olds? IT HAPPENS ALL OVER AGAIN...I just told the Lord yesterday, I am a failure as a parent, how is it that He felt fit to let me do this 3 more times after Layton! Jesus help us, I'm so glad that He does hear us whiny blah, blahagity blahs!

  2. This time is such a challenging time because you cannot really reason with them. One of my partenting books called kids this age, little barbarians because they just cannot comprehend all that's coming their way.
    Your doing great - just hang in there!

  3. I know just where you at with her at the moment because I went through it with both of my girls. Now I'm going through it again with my 5yr old now that she's in Kindergarden. All I can really do is pray that God will help me in being the parent that He designed me to be. That He will give me peace when I need it in dealing with these two precious gifts that He gave me. Your a great parent and let God guide you and direct you in this journey of parenthood!

  4. you can do it girl! hang in there! thanks for encouraging me to get back to prayer to receive His peace. :)


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