Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Some years seem like they fly more quickly than others. This was one of those lightning speed flying years for me. I can't believe it is the holiday season again already.  I can't believe that my son is almost a year old or that my daughter will soon be six.  I also can't believe that she chose to dress up as something other than a princess this year!! A little bittersweet to be honest but, I couldn't be happier with her costume choice.  She was the perfect Dorothy!  It was a treat to snap some pictures of her this year because she actually wanted me to and she was having so much fun role playing as her character.  If I would have thought this photo op. through I might have even put some yellow paper squares down on the grass for her to walk on:).  

I got Daisy's costume on Amazon because Target was sold out and I of course had to get Toto...well, actually I didn't have to get him but, I did and even though he was the most disheveled dog I have ever seen...Daisy didn't seem to notice.  Win.  

And, if I had thought the costumes through I would have probably picked out a little lion costume for Bruin so that he could have complemented Daisy's costume.  And maybe, if I wasn't so dang busy as I always am this time of year, I would have picked out a costume for me and the hubby as well.   I love when families pull off theme costumes!  Oh well, maybe next year;).   

 Have you seen the new Legends of Oz cartoon?  We watched the movie on netflixs and we all enjoyed it.  I felt like the movie did a good job of reintroducing this generation of kids to Dorothy with an entirely new story.  Daisy has never actually seen the original Wizard of Oz.  I haven't wanted her to see it quite yet.  For now, the cartoon is perfect and evidently it sparked her interest enough to want to choose to be Dorothy:)!

Granddad and Beej joined us as they do each year for Halloween as did Auntie Jess, Uncle Seth and cousin Avery which was such a treat.  I love having family around on holidays.  It makes the celebration that much more complete.  I'm sure that many of you can relate.  We have a lot of family that live far away and we miss them terribly on every special occasion but, I am so thankful that we have some of our family here.

We made our traditional Martinez/Bailey burritos with fresh salsa for dinner.  Have you noticed that families often cook a lot of food from the same genre?  We eat just about anything in our house but, I think we probably eat more Mexican food dinners than anything else! lol.  

We headed out around 6:15 with our neighbors and family and the treatin fun began.  

Bruin starts to wig out like clock work at 7 so that definitely motivated us to get out early so that we could enjoy a little treat time before he got too tired.  He did great for about an hour and I was very thankful for that.  He seemed to enjoy looking at all the people walking around in strange outfits. lol.  I also stuck some snacks in his cup holder and that helped to keep him happy for a while.  He was so serious all night but, boy was he the cutest little serious bear!  Then, at seven just as I expected he started to get a little fussy so I took him home and Daddy and Daisy treated a few more houses before calling it a night.  It all worked out.  Score. 

Daisy was in Heaven all day long.  She couldn't wait to get into her costume and she had the biggest smile on her face all afternoon long.  She is my holiday kid and my celebration Queen. Daisy will find any reason to celebrate something and her joy in the process is so infectious.  

She walked up to a few doors to treat with her cousin Avery.  She was trying to teach her how to treat and the two of them were so cute, holding hands together.  It was pretty funny because Avery would have been happy to walk into people's homes or run around in the street.  She seemed to be in explorer mode! lol.  And wasn't she the cutest little bumblebee!  Love my niece to pieces and I was so happy that the cousins got to treat together.

Bruin mostly sat in his stroller the entire time but, towards the end he had enough and auntie held him for a bit as did my neighbor:). lol.  All in all it was a very fun night with family and friends.

When Daisy got home she dumped her candy out on the floor and did what she does best, organized it. She loves to organize and categorize things...also, much like her Mommy. lol.  She picked out a ring pop as her treat of choice and then a bag of chips and a bag of popcorn.  I realized she must be pretty hungry if she was more interested in food treats than all of the candy in front of her.  She even threw her ring pop away before it was finished so that she could eat string cheese instead.  I swear we don't starve her but, evidently all that treating made her hungry! lol.  She has also never been a huge sweets kid.  She likes candy but, she never seems to need much to be satisfied. 

Right before we turned off the porch lights, Daisy got to pass out some candy for the first time and she said she enjoyed that just as much as trick or' treating.  I enjoyed watching her!  She sat in the doorway on a little chair and waited excitedly for a new group of kids to come to the door.  "Mom, this is the most fun day ever," she said with the hugest smile on her face.  Oh how I love that little girl.  

When we sat the kiddos down for some pictures before going out, we all got a kick out of the way that Avery and Bruin kept staring at each other.  He was probably trying to figure out what was coming out of her head and she was mesmerized by the "baby."  Bruin never cracked a single smile.  He kept the same serious face all night long..which is pretty typical for him but, that  is the kind of thing that adds to the humor with kids.   So glad that we took the time to snap a few pictures and proud of the kiddos for tolerating it:)! 

 I can tell that Daisy is still adjusting (totally understandable) to life as an older sibling and also being the oldest kid in the family's small group of kids.  I notice her little attempts here and there to get the adults attention when the babies are naturally stealing the show.  All a part of life of course and all a part of growing up but, as the Momma it tugs on my heart strings a little.  She was after all my baby for nearly 5 years and I too was the baby of my family for over 6 years before my sisters came along.  A season of life that I actually still remember quite well.  She is such an awesome big sister though and most of the time she has that big smile on her face.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for these kiddos in the years to come.  

Holidays are so much fun with kids that is for sure. 

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Comparison Shot of Daisy and Bruin

It's not really a comparison shot but, it was my attempt at one.  Bruin is 8 months old here and Daisy was 6 months.  I had wanted to take this picture with Bruin when he was six months but, it just never worked out.  It was September in Daisy's pic and August for Bruins.  I still have the same jammy pants...which is cool for a comparison shot but, maybe that also means that I really need to invest in some new pj's? hehe.  I also have a similar haircut...five.five years later...maybe another area that a little change is in order?'s a functional mom cut and super easy to throw into a ponytail so it stays for now. 

Anyways, you all keep saying that my children look so much alike.  I just don't see it so I took these pictures to prove just how different they look.  That was total sarcasm.   Yes, folks they look alike...I know, I know, I KNOW.  Bwahaha.  After all the same two people did make both of them...;)

This was a fun activity and I'm hoping to snap a couple more comparison shots of the kiddos before Bruin gets too much bigger.  

Friday, August 7, 2015

8 Months Old - Bruin

One of the things that I enjoy about having two kids is that I am now able to see, so very clearly that kids are SO different and that no matter what we do as parents..our kid's personalities are going to play a large role in how things pan out in our homes and in their lives.  Yes, we can train our children to do so many things but, some kids train more easily than others...that is just a fact.  If I only ever had Daisy, who has been a relatively mild tempered and mannered kiddo...I might think that all of my children might be similar in temperament.  Now that I have had two darling kiddos, and one who is much stronger willed, I can relate to all of my friends who have a more fiery and passionate kiddo.  lol.

So many of my parenting tactics have shifted to adjust for Bruin's personality.  So many of my opinions about how to do things have and are continue to change daily. So many of the things that I said I would never do...I do and it is quite liberating actually.  Freedom!

 Each of our children are inevitably going to be different and unique and I think as a result that we tend to parent a tad differently so that we can bring out the best in each of our kids.  As parents we love each of our kids the same and just as deeply but, I can see that some kids have different love languages and need to be shown love and discipline in different forms.  It's been a fun and crazy adventure these past 8 months and as long as I am a blogger you will get a front row seat to all the Martinez family, parenting drama so stay tuned!!  HAHA

And now on to Bruin's little 8 month details....

*He has four teeth in and two more in the miserable works:) bottom and top two are in.
                *For some reason he has gone on a bit of a baby food strike.  He has no desire to eat                                                    anything that we have tried to give him over the past week or two.  He might eat a few bites before       turning his head and refusing and then crying.  He does love the little puff crackers and little bites of anything we are eating...that I am okay with him a tiny piece of bread or cracker etc.  Not sure what his deal is regarding baby food.   We have tried all of the level one foods and he liked them all at one time.  He is not a fan of rice cereal mixed with his fruits or veggies so we had to give that up a while ago.  I'm thinking that we are going to ditch baby food somewhat and move on to big people foods that are baby friendly.

*his pointer finger and thumb grip has just started to improve in the past couple of weeks.  He now loves to pick up food.  I would say picking up pieces of food is Bruin's absolute favorite thing to do.  Sounds like a typical guy after all:). 

*He takes about 3 naps a day at this point. First around 9ish, second around 12:30ish (totally depends day to day) and the last one is usually around 3 or 4.  Most of his naps are 30-45 minutes long max.  SO SO SO hope that they get longer someday and I'm thinking that they will in time.  Every once in a while he will nap for an hour plus but, it has been extremely rare at this point.  We have a sound machine in his room and I usually keep a fan on low as it gets hot in his room.  The sound machine has been a huge blessing!  Wish I had used it with Daisy.

 *He goes to bed easily around 7 or 7:30 every night.  It's great actually.  This kid has always wanted to go to bed early.  It's in his DNA.  Daisy never wanted to go to bed...Bruin begs for it pretty much.  I don't have to rock him or do much of a special routine.  I just give him a pacifier and give him a satin edged blankie to snuggle with.  He might move around for a minute or two after I say good night and kiss his cheeks but, then he is out.  

*He wakes up for good anywhere between 5:30 and 7 AM.  His average is 6:15.  UGGGGG.  I'm trying to teach him to hang out in his crib for 15 minutes or so but, he is not always up for it. 

*He has only started improving in his night time sleeping in the past 2 weeks because he started rolling on his tummy and at first he hated it but, something clicked and he started loving and even preferring it. The first few nights he would scream after a couple of hours of tummy sleeping and I would have to roll him on his back but, with each passing night he would sleep a little bit longer.

*He still wakes up about four or five times a night just to move into a new position.  Only requires me to go in about 2 times...3 on a rougher night.  I often give him a pacifier at around 2 AM and I still nurse him every morning at around 3 or 4 and then he goes right back to sleep until 6ish.  I'm hoping to drop one of these wake ups asap but, I am SO SO happy with this progress.  I was getting up 6-8 times a night with him for 7+ months and for screaming that would never stop....yah, I don't miss that at all.  The other funny thing is that I still wake up at all the old times that he woke up...and I'm like wide awake checking on him in the monitor even though he is sound asleep.  I'm up at 12, 2, 3, 4ish, 5:30 and then dead when he wakes up. lol.  I hope I can get my sleeping groove back soon! lol

(the pictures of Bruin in the checked blue shirt are from his 7 month session.  I never got around to blogging any of them them:)  Isn't he just the cutest little man.

*He wears size 12 months in just about all clothing but, it still has a good amount of room.  Pants are too long in 12 months but, by fall/winter should be perfect.

*Hates being diaper changed our outfit changed.  He cries or tries desperately to get away.  It's my least favorite thing to do with

*He wears size 3 diapers still.

*His eyes are still changing color but, they appear to look more brown with each passing day.  I do so love my brown eyed family...but, I admit it weird to be the only person with light eyes in my family!

*I don't know how this has happened but, it looks like Bruin has the same reddish tint to his hair that Daisy had/has.  It's mostly visible in the sun.  Joey and I get a kick out of the fact that both our kids have a hair color that neither of us have had.

*He still hates tummy time but, we can get him to tolerate it for a few minutes off and on all day now which has really helped strengthen his back/arms etc and is hopefully going to help him crawl sooner than later.

*He likes baths but, he is pretty much over it after 5 minutes.  At that point he starts reaching for me and crying.  Sigh.

*He rolls both ways but, gets stuck a lot on his arm when he is on his stomach and trying to roll to his back and then he gets mad.  He gets mad a lot. lol

*He loves taking sips of water out of my glass.  He's really good at it too.  Always gives me a big smile whenever I let him.  I love it!

*Loves being outside if he is walking in a stroller or being held.  He seems to like the wind in his hair and I can already tell that he will love watching garbage trucks, mail men etc. working out front.  He is fascinated when they drive by.

*He nurses about 4-5 times a day.  Because he isn't eating solids very well I have had to continue nursing him every 3 hours most days.  I look forward to when we can consistently stretch him to 4 hours!

*He does smile often through out the day but, it's unpredictable and not easy to make him smile on cue.  He has to be in the mood and we never know when that will be.  I sure do adore his toothy grin to pieces when I get to see it.

*likes short car rides and loves looking out the window.  30 minutes seems to be his happy max.

*Prefers sitting up to any other position and does not want to be put in any seat, chair, bouncer etc.  He already tried flipping all of his chairs and bouncy seats a few months ago.  He still falls back or forwards and is a bit wobbly if he wants to reach for something so I cannot let him sit on a hard surface unattended.

*Just started putting him in the seat in grocery carts last week.  He liked it!  I hope that it might make shopping a little easier with him.

*Is starting to pull up...(very wobbly still) on furniture, people etc.  He requires adult support to stay standing but, he loves to walk around the house that way too.

*He shrieks/screams/yells/bites.....pretty much allllllllll day long and he looks like that (below) when he is shrieking!) I wouldn't exactly describe Bruin as a happy baby but, he can also giggle like there is no tomorrow.  I LOVE when he laughs because he can go on and on and on.

(this pic is obviously blurry but, that's what life with Bruin has felt like...a wild, non-stop blur...thus picture is perfect!) lol

*He laughs more at Daisy than anyone else.  He loves when she jumps up and down and says boo.  I'm really happy that they have this laughing bond because he pretty much shrieks at everything else she does with him all day. lol

*He has started trying to crawl...just barely popping his bum up and pushing his legs as hard as he can and then he screams.  I would say we are a couple of weeks or more out still but, he sure wants to crawl badly.

*He likes his pacifier and his satin edged blanket just like his big sister did.  He can go without the pacifier much longer than DAisy and I think it might even be easier to wean him off of it but, we'll see when that time comes.

*When I ask for kisses and lean in he generally wants to bite my face.  So sweet and loving. hehe

*I would say that he is starting to get mild stranger anxiety...very mild.  Nothing like Daisy.  He prefers being in my arms to anywhere else understandably because he is with me 24/7 but, I am thankful that he will let other people holding him for a few minutes!

Daisy is SO SO patient and kind with Bruin.  She tolerates his shrieking so well and she is always trying to make him happy.  He has the best big sister that he could ask for:)

*If you put your head or hair near him, he will yank on it hard.  HE loves that.

*Loves sitting outside on the patio with Daddy most mornings while Mommy gets her quick AM shower.  It's their bonding ritual and it is very sweet.

*I haven't left him in our church nursery yet.  Can you believe it?  Well, I have my reasons but, a big one is I want him to be able to sit up well or even crawl before leaving him there.  I often end up hanging out in the nursery with him at church on Sundays and I have enjoyed chatting with the other workers and helping out with the kiddos when I can.

*Loves when Daddy or mommy play the guitar on the floor near him.  He likes to put the guitar in his mouth and grab the neck while we play.  Who knows...maybe someday he will play!

*likes stroller walks around the block

This pic below is probably one of my favorite pictures of Bruin and Daisy to date.  Snapped it after church on a bright Sunday afternoon.  Bruin never smiles really big for pictures but, I can see the smile in his eyes and I love how his hands are both up.  Daisy is always sweet as pie during picture time.  These kiddos are such a blessing.

I can't believe that we will be celebrating this little guy's first birthday in just a few months.  I know it will be here in a blink.

Bruin Henley, I love you dearly little boy of mine.  I love that God knew that I needed a son because you are so precious in every way and I am quite tickled that I now get to play with super heroes and dinosaurs for a change!  I love everything about you...even the fire in your spirit that keeps me on my toes every day...because I know that all of who you are is going to give God glory as you grow and learn more about Him.  I pray a blessing of strength, health and joy in your life and I pray that you grow to serve and love on others with all your heart.  You are a delight my darling.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Let's All Just Be Offended About Stuff

I wonder if this will be a period of time that will be looked back on and labeled, "the period of time in which everyone was offended by everything."

I'm offended by that. (wink)

I love Facebook and instagram!  I haven't jumped on the twitter band wagon yet and I'm not sure that I ever will since I already have to exercise tremendous self-control to stay off of all of the electronic devices around me.  I don't need another reason to pick up my phone to "check on something," and an hour later forget why I even picked up the phone.  I don't want another excuse to open my laptop, hop on the ipad (or an ipad mini), or turn on the t.v. and stream something through Playstation or the Wii.  
I love keeping up with friends both old and new.  I love feeling like I haven't totally lost touch with everyone that I am unable to see as often as I'd like; such as my family that live out of state.  

I enjoy watching all of the ridiculous and funny videos posted on Facebook.  There was a video circulating of Australians trying out American beer for example.  Have you seen that one yet?  Pretty funny but, seriously, I probably could have done something much more productive with those 4 minutes of my life....naaaahhh.  I take that back.  That was time well spent.   

Social media is great.  Really!  It has opened so many doors for communication that we didn't have before and it networks people all over the world.  It can be such a blessing. 

The one aspect of social media that I am not quite as fond of is the hyper sensitivity and offense that everyone takes over everything now.  Or maybe it is the fact that everyone has such a strong opinion about everything and in the process of having these strong opinions on social media we forget to treat each other with respect.  We forget to be loving.  We forget to be empathetic.  We forget to be forgiving.  We forget to be patient.  We forget that those tiny little squares of a face next to a name on Facebook or instagram are a real person, with a real soul and with real feelings.

Or more honestly, perhaps we really don't care?  

I don't like when Facebook and other social media outlets become a war zone of words and hatred. 

I also don't like when people blast the world with their strong opinions and then belittle everyone who doesn't share in their opinion.  Can we agree to disagree sometimes?  Can we not just respect that we are not always going to see eye to eye on everything?  

Let me give one large example which requires me to bring up the very touchy subject of gay marriage...can't believe I am going here...but, just for a tiny second, simply to prove a point I shall boldly go where...well, anyways.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed, heartbroken and even angered by all that I read on Facebook the week that gay marriage was approved for all of the states.  I never posted anything opposing or supporting the news one way or another but, I did read a great deal.  A quarter of the folks that I'm friends with were viciously attacking gays and gay rights community and the victory that they were celebrating and another quarter of the folks I am friends with were viciously attacking Christians and the community who are not in support of the gay marriage victory.  It was hostile.  It was ugly.  It was hurtful and down right brutal.  Am I right?  

Another quarter were actually quite civil about the whole thing...and to those of you on either side who were civil. I APPLAUD YOU.  It takes self-control, patience, kindness, understanding and love to be respectful in the midst of a hot issue but, you all prove that it is in fact possible!  

Yes, we can love each other and not always agree.  We really me! 

 I love my daughter to pieces and yet we disagree with each other a dozen times a day.  It's absolutely exhausting but, it CAN BE DONE. :)   

I think opinions are great!  God made us to think creatively and independently but, he didn't create us to control or manipulate others to think exactly like we do.  He didn't create us to attack and condemn each other.  He didn't create us to hate.  

When we feel hatred or disgust towards another human being (and I'm not even talking about a murderer or rapist or someone like that...maybe just someone who doesn't cover their mouth when they cough, GASP and you de-friend them on facebook.)...we need to realize that we are in fact part of the big problem that our world has today.   
God created us to love one another.   He created us to think less about ourselves and our feelings and our emotions and more about the needs and hearts of others.  

And if you do not believe in God I can understand that you might have your own moral code but, I'm guessing that you still want to be loved, do you not?  I'm betting that you still want others to treat you with respect am I right?  

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a pretty widely accepted philosophy. 

All of this is not to say that engaging in healthy debate is wrong or inappropriate.  Not at all!  Debate can be very productive and educational for listeners.  I love listening to and participating in a good debate on Facebook!  I love hearing what y'all have to say and what y'all think about things and you all know that I too share my heart and thoughts on subjects as well.  I'm right there with yah!

 I would say that it is a fine line and more often than not, even a healthy debate turns into something completely corrupt and hostile before it has concluded.  Not always of course...but, often.  

We don't need to call each other names do we?  

Kids would get put in a really long time out for the kind of stuff that most grown ups participate in online.  Maybe we grown ups need to remember to take a time out when we are feeling frustrated or too hot-tempered to control our words.  Just walk away from the keys.  Just step away from the hot topic post that is making your eye twitch.  Step away from it all and cool off and get some fresh perspective before responding in anger.  Think before you speak.  

Maybe consider asking God to give you a loving heart for even the most difficult people in your life. Trust me, I can attest that this is not easy territory to walk in.  #dailystruggle

I saw a handful of people who shared that they were taking a break from Facebook because it was too painful to read all that was being posted.  

Good for you.  I took a little break too.  I prayed.  I cooled off and then when I wasn't overwhelmed by it all I returned...though it only took like 5 seconds to feel that heat rise when I got back into social media. lol  I'm guilty too of course. 

Anyways, I couldn't help but, blog about this today.  It was one of those posts that has been itching on my finger tips for SO LONG.  I know that this post isn't going to change anything...okay well, that was a bit pessimistic but, what I mean is that very few people read my blog.  

Sometimes I write simply because I publish my blog and I save these posts for my kids. 

 I hope that my kids will know the kind of grown up that I try to be.  I hope that my kids will not only read my words someday but, be able to say that I tried my best to be a loving example in action and truth. I hope that they can someday say that I taught them how to treat others both those that we agree with and those that we disagree with.  I will surely fail at times and some of you will witness my failings but, I will seek forgiveness and try again.  I want to be a kinder and more loving person today than I was yesterday and tomorrow I hope that I can be a kinder and more loving person than I was today. 

I love you all.  I really do....each and every opinionated one of you:) hehe

And now that I have poured these jumbled thoughts onto a page, I am going to close this laptop and take a little break and visit a friend.   


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Her First Week Of Kindergarten - Recap

Daisy was in preschool for two years so we were familiar with a school routine but, there is just something so much larger about the kindergarten least for me there is.  (sidenote: Daisy picked out her outfit for the first day of school.  I had new outfits she could have chosen from but, instead she chose a consignment dress we had gotten that had Daisies on it.  She said, "Mom, if I wear this dress then everyone will know that my name is Daisy!"  I melted.  I just adore the things that kids say and think.  So, she picked her dress and her hair bow.  It actually goes against my nature to let my kiddo pick everything out on her first day of school...usually, I like to have some say at least but, it felt good to let my little girl who was venturing out into a big world, make some bigger decisions for herself.  I was SO proud of her and thought she looked darling.  I don't know how long my kiddo will tolerate dresses on school days so I am eating this up!)

Daisy wasn't excited about starting Kindergarten but, she wasn't scared of it either.  She told me that she missed her preschool buddies and the familiarity of her past school routine.  She also told me quite a often told me she wanted to go back to her old school.  Completely understandable. She isn't the type of kiddo that charges into new things, rather, she quietly takes things in, observes, processes and slowly warms up...usually warms up.  She is also an introvert in the sense that she recharges with quiet time so I knew that long school day from 8:30-4:15 was going to be a big transition for her.  

She is a lot like her momma what can I say.  

She actually did get pretty excited on the first day of school which was a pleasant surprise.  I created a little checklist for her on a small white board that she got to carry around with her all morning.  It gave her a list of tasks that she had to complete before she could watch TV or play video games.  On day four of school she never picked the white board up once.  The novelty had already worn off.  She knew the routine already so she didn't want to use it anymore...that was fast!) lol.

And yes, my daughter LOVES playing video games!  I can barely keep her away from them.  When we originally got her Super Mario Cart she was barely interested but, when Daddy got Super Mario world her interest grew and she has gotten SO good...way better than me.  It's a trip. lol  It's also a really special thing that she and Daddy do together and that motivates her to get better.

 But, back to the checklist...that first morning Daisy proudly checked off each thing on her checklist after she finished the task.  She had a smile on her face all morning.  She really was quite giddy! I never had to battle with her once that entire morning which was a rare treat.  The second day of school was a different   

Then as we drove to school she got quiet which is what she does when she is feeling anxious.  I tried to chat with her a little bit, but mostly she wanted to look out the window and think.  She stayed quiet for the remainder of the morning and through drop off as well.  

In the hall as we walked to her classroom I felt the strongest nudge from the holy spirit (if you are not familiar with the holy spirit...shoot me an e-mail and we can talk:) to pray with my daughter...right there in the middle of that super busy hallway.  Daisy was so nervous, I was feeling nervous for her and we both needed some strength from Jesus that morning.  I'm not wildly extroverted or terribly bold so kneeling publicly to pray like that doesn't exactly come easily to me but, it really did that morning and that was another confirmation that God was all over it.  She held my hand so tight and bowed her sweet head with me and I prayed for bravery and courage for her.  I know Jesus was close to her and that lots of prayers were covering her that first day.  That gave me so much strength and peace. 

I can't tell you how thankful I am that I can kneel and pray in my daughter's public school!  I do not take that freedom for granted.  I love that no one gave me an evil eye or told me to go pray in private etc.  I don't have to be afraid of going to jail for the rest of my life or being shot for my faith.  Guys, we are SO SO blessed in this country to have that kind of religious freedom when so many around the world do not.  I pray that we get to have that kind of freedom for a long, long time in Jesus name.

By praying with my daughter, I got to invite Jesus into my daughter's school.  I got to encourage my daughter through faith and I got to teach her to seek Jesus publicly when she needs his help.  I was able to show her that no matter where we go, Jesus wants to be there with us and we don't have to hide our faith!  What an awesome thing this was.  I didn't know that my hubby snapped this picture and when he texted it to me after we got home, I finally started crying.  It kind of opened the flood gates that I had been trying so hard to hold back. 

Back to our first day of school recap...

We were the second family to walk her to the classroom door.  Only 6 kids were attending class the first day which was so nice.  In my opinion, her school day is far, far too long and I am at least thankful that they give the kids one less crowded and crazy day to transition a little at least.  

Daisy sat next to a cute little boy who was also quite nervous.  They both began coloring the activity page in front of them silently.  I asked them a few questions and tried to get a little conversation started between the two of them to break a little ice but, of course the jitters were too strong.

Honestly, I remember feeling the same way on my first day of school in every grade I attended...all the way through college!  First day jitters...excited and nervous all at once. 

Then another little gal walked in with her parents.  A lively, bold, carefree, extremely extroverted child who clearly had no jitters whatsoever.  (Can someone please tell me what that is like?) "Hi Ms. S!!" She yelled into the room.  She threw her backpack by the wall and then yelled, "bye mom, bye dad." Everyone was laughing because her ease on the first day was surprising and so cute.  Then she came up to Daisy and said with a burst of energy, "Do you want to be my bestest friend today?"  

I mean how adorable is that.  

She put Daisy at ease a bit and that helped my aching heart so much.  Daisy told me after school that they hung out a little bit at recess also so that made me feel better too.  I don't think they have hung out since but, I am thankful for the friends that God places in our lives to help us along each and every day.  God is good. 

It was hard to leave her that morning.  If I didn't have a baby who was squirming in his carrier, I probably would have dragged my departure out a bit more.  I wanted to sit in a corner and observe and be there for moral support.  I wished I had an invisibility cloak so I could linger without judgement. lol

Yup, I'm that Momma...the one who longs to help my kiddo every step of the way but, who recognizes that I can't and that it isn't always best.  But, dang it sucks sometimes to have to let them face those big mountains all alone.  Thankfully, I know she isn't alone...she has Jesus with her always and that gives me so much comfort. 

Her teacher is a really sweet lady and I know with a little more time that Daisy will grow to really like her.  Daisy did get scolded for the first time yesterday which was day 3 (I was like, wow that didn't take long) and boy did it ruin her entire day.  She said she was coloring a picture and she didn't hear the teacher say that they were only supposed to color the tree.  She said she was trying so hard to make the teacher proud by staying in the lines as best she could and she thought she had to color the entire picture.  The teacher sternly and loudly reprimanded Daisy for disobeying and she was absolutely crushed and embarrassed which is typical of her personality.

She was crying pretty hard last night when she finally opened up and shared the story with me.  I'm not sure if she was worried that I would be mad at her and that is why she waited all day to tell me or if she actually forgot about the whole thing for a little while. lol.  Either way, she was very upset when it finally came out.  She said her teacher doesn't like her and that she didn't want to go back to school.

I tried my best to use the opportunity to teach her that mommy and daddy have to discipline her but, we still love her like crazy and it is no different with her teacher. I told her that even Jesus disciplines me and it isn't fun but, it is to teach me something good and He loves me more than anyone in the whole.  Love and discipline can work together, I explained to the best of my ability...She's five....she didn't really get it but, she was listening so that's a plus.  The lovely learning train has really started taking off for my kiddo:). lol   

I picked Daisy up in carpool that first day because she asked me to and because I wanted to make her first day a little easier for both of us.  I had a good 30 cars in front of me or so.  Daisy isn't used to a carpool that long so by the time I got to her I could tell that she was crumbling.  She was clearly tired, emotional and worn out.  She pretty much looked exactly how I felt and how I used to feel after putting in an 8 hour day of never really gets easier even for grown ups does it? lol  

She got in the car and had the blankest expression on her face.  I asked her how her day was...really not expecting much chatter but, I got complete silence.  I asked her a couple more light questions and she just stared off.  Poor worn out thing.  I know my kiddo needs to decompress from overwhelming things so I pulled down the DVD screen and put on her cartoon...and let her watch her books on tape for about 20 minutes.  When we got to Target and I could tell that she was not in good shape at all.  I opened her door and asked if she needed a hug.  She did.  I picked her up and she burst into tears and just kept sobbing and sobbing.  A good cry always feels good and sometimes it's just the release a little person needs after such a huge first day away from the safety of home and Mom and little bro.  

It broke my heart but, I held it together as we Moms always try to do.  

When she was done crying I asked if she felt better and she said that she did and she genuinely perked up a bit after that.  I told her she could pick out our ice cream flavor for that night's dessert in the store and she was happy about that.  She also got a palace pet to add to her collection.  I don't always spoil my daughter but, on a hard day I sometimes can't help it...:). 

As the evening went on I gleaned a little more about her day here and there.  She liked reading books in her center.  She played with her extroverted pal and was thankful that she had a friend.  She loved the house keeping center.  She had a hearing test and that was interesting.  The cafeteria was neat but, she didn't know anyone that she was sitting with so it wasn't as much fun as she was hoping.  She never mentioned the play ground which I thought for sure I would hear about.  She also mentioned the bathroom and that the seats are her size. lol.  

That night in bed after her first day of school she asked if she had to go to school the next day.  I said nope, not for another week kiddo.  She was thrilled and never asked about school after that.  Oye.

At this point in her life, she LOVES being home with us.  She loves being with her brother and doing whatever we do.  She has a vivid imagination and she could tell stories and come up with creative things to do all day long at home.  She loves relaxing in her chair.  She likes space.  She likes quiet sometimes.  She loves cuddling and hugs and kisses.  She is so helpful at home and almost always has such a great attitude at home.  She is a home body...again like her Momma...and her Momma's momma....and her Momma's, Momma's Momma. lol....Perhaps learned...perhaps genetics or perhaps a bit of both.  Regardless, it's just who she is.  And I love who she is.

A few days ago was her first day riding the bus and her second day of school.  Technically, it was her first day of official class as all of the kids attended together for the first time.  I was far more anxious about my kiddo taking the bus than I was about walking her to her classroom door the previous week. 

I think a big reason for my nervousness is that I never rode a bus as a kid, nor did any of my friends growing up.  Most of us walked as school was super close and that's just how we did it in California.  Because I am not familiar with the bus experience it is hard for me to be comfortable with it.  I'm sure you can understand that.  Also, my kid is five.  Dang, it blows me away how young our babies are when we send them out.  Growing up, my kindergarten days were either 9-12 or 12-3.  We never, ever had a full day at that age.  It is CRAY CRAY to me that a baby-five-year-old has to be in class that long. Lame.  Most grown ups are wiped out after an 8 hour work day so why would we expect any different from our kids?  Sorry, rant over. 

Anyways, Daisy was nervous and a bit quiet again this morning but, she was also more chipper today than she was last week.  On her first bus day she had a good friend that will not only ride the bus with her but, also be in her class.  I am so thankful that she has a friend to make this adjustment with.  I know how much braver I feel when I have a friend with me in new places.  

The two girls faces lit up when they saw each other this morning and then they held hands all the way to the bus stop.  I gave Daisy a few hugs and kisses and told her that I couldn't wait to see her after school and hear about her day.  Her little hands were made my strong heart crumble and I felt my tear ducts giving out on me...but, I stuffed it down again.  

She marched on the bus so bravely with her pals.  I held my phone up in the air to snap a picture but, it refused to unlock and thus not a picture to show for it...first time ever that my iphone has ticked me off. lol  

I guess it wasn't a moment meant to be captured.  I did snap a picture of her getting off the bus in the afternoon:). 

Once she boarded the bus, I saw her squeezed on the front bench with two of her pals and she had a big smile on her face.  I waved over and over and blew her kisses and she did the same.  Then I saw her looking for Daddy and she couldn't find him in the crowd.  I hollered for him (he was in the back with Bruin in his stroller.  I was so thankful that he was taking care of the baby so I could focus more on Daisy..that was a big blessing) and they saw each other and her smile got even bigger. 

Boy, my kiddo has become a major Daddy's girl since the birth of our son.  It is pretty sweet if I do say so and I know a certain Daddy who is just fine with this little change.  He eats it up.  

Then as the bus drove away and my heart dropped...really, boom, crash.

I almost never cry in front of people and I seldom cry at all so I stuffed the emotions down and walked home with a friend and chatted a little bit.

Then I came inside, put some worship music on and began looking through the pictures that I had snapped at the bus stop before the bus came.  Looking at the pictures of my baby girl walking away from us with her friend and being so brave as she walked towards that bus when I knew how scared she really was got the water works going.  Ugggg....It was a rough few hours I'm not gonna lie.  I worried about her. I wondered how she was doing.  I wondered why on Earth the clock hadn't moved in three hours...I swear it said 9 AM an hour ago??  The day dragged on and on but, I got through it and I tried to keep myself busy.

I Couldn't wait to pick her up.  The bus rolled up and I saw her cute face in the dark tinted windows up front.  She was grinning wide.  She marched off the bus and came straight into my arms and gave me the longest hug that my sweet friend captured that moment for me.  I'm so thankful for all my awesome friends and hubby who capture these special moments for me unprompted.  I'm a blessed gal. 

I could tell that she was tired but, she was in a totally different mood than her first day of school.  She was chipper, silly and quite hyper.  She wanted to walk home with her friends and she was chatting with a Mom on our way down the street.  It felt great to see her in a better mood.  I was so encouraged.  

When we got home we had planned to take Daisy out to her favorite ice cream place for "first day of riding the bus," treat day.  She seemed excited.  Then she got very into washing Daddy's truck with him.  She got in her bathing suit and sprayed water everywhere.  She had a blast hosing her hair and all the plants.  When I asked if she wanted to go get ice cream she said, "I just want to eat ice cream at home and keep washing Daddy's truck."  

Yup, that's my home body girl.  
Love you to bits Daisy. 

So, we stayed home and had ice cream from our freezer instead.  She also ate a ton of dinner so I think her big day worked up an appetite.  

I heard a little more about her day at bedtime.  That is often when she is the most talkative and as exhausted as I am at bedtime, I try really hard to be available for chatter at this time of day.  It seems to be when kids are more relaxed and able to process their thoughts.  It seems to be when they feel safe to share things.  Is it that way for any of you with your kiddos?

  She liked riding the bus a lot.  She liked the play ground and the cafeteria but, everything else was SO BORING MOM.  She did however mention that they were told a story about letter land where the magic letters live and she loved that.  Then she said, "but mom, I already know all the letters.  This is going to be so boring."  She knows the letters but, not how to write them all so she actually has a lot to learn...tough life kiddo.  Let the many years of boring, learning begin.  lol.

She also forgot where her snack was in her back pack so she didn't have one when she needed it and that made me feel bad.  I suppose that might have been why she was so hungry after school today.  hehe

Overall, I would say that her very first bus day to school was a decent one! Yay! And I am so, so thankful for all the prayers, encouragement and loving support for me (my hubby too) and our sweet girl as she begins this new chapter in her life.

Day 3 was a bit harder for a few reasons, one: she was scolded by the teacher as I mentioned above, two: she once again forgot about her snack so she was quite hungry and three: she experienced a tiny bit of friend rejection when she asked a girl if she could play with her at recess and the girl said no because she already had friends.  So, Daisy was playing alone for a while and she doesn't like that. Later however; that same girl came up to Daisy and asked to play because her friends left and Daisy was happy to play with her.  I hope that she continues to make regular buddies as the school year goes on.  She also lost her art project that she was so excited to show me, somewhere on the bus.  She was really sad about that and I think that was the icing on the cake of her rough day.  Our sweet neighbor photo copied the piece (her youngest is in Daisy's class) and had her older daughter walk it up to our house.  Thanks so much Lori!

Today is day 4.  I'm just as eager to get her from the bus today as I was on day 1 and and can't wait to hear about her day today.  I'm thankful that Daisy is such a chatter box because it really pays off in times like these. lol.  That kid loves to tell me every little detail of her life.  Again, much like her Momma as you can tell by the length of this blog post:). 

  It's hard letting go.  I had no idea just how hard!  I also know that the letting go is a gradual process and I will have so many more moments of feeling this same bittersweet tug as I watch my daughter's wings unfurl more and more with each passing year.  Sixth grade graduation, middle school graduation, high school graduation, college graduation (if that is her thing:), a wedding someday perhaps....sigh.  

"Little by little one travels far." 

Love that quote.  Thankfully, we don't have to take huge steps all in one day (because that would kill this Momma's heart!) but, with God's help, little by little we let our kids go and grow.  

And lastly here are a few pics of Daisy that I took around Valentine's Day but, never got around to sharing.  Love them all!

The truth is this probably isn't even half of the facial expressions that this kid has in her data base.  Daisy has made so many faces since she was a baby.  All I did was set her in front of the camera and asked her to smile.  This is what I usually get instead of a traditional "smile." The top smile picture was the very last expression she gave me, right before I snapped my camera off:). 

  Thanks for being such a ham, you sweet and silly daughter of mine.  Love you so much.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bruin is 6 Months

Our little guy is six months old!

(actually he will be seven months in two weeks but...we'll just pretend I posted this on time:).

 Happy Half Birthday buddy!!

 I was excited for him today but, he evidently wasn't feeling the special-ness (my new word) of the day:).  No smiles for our six month picture sesh. lol.  Surprisingly, he didn't mind the party hat at all.  He just really, really wanted my camera and was pretty much mad at me for not giving it to him, for most of the two minutes that I snapped pictures of him.  He's a feisty little guy I tell yah. 

He rolls from his back to his tummy every chance he gets and then he proceeds to cry almost instantly when he is on his tummy.  He still HATES tummy time unfortunately.  He would probably be crawling already if he tolerated it more.  Instead of propping himself up on his arms he does the super man thing and gets tired instantly.  He shrieks like crazy for me to turn him back over or pick him up.

He is NOISY.  For the first few months he was a pretty quiet and I would even have considered him a somewhat mellow baby.  We wondered if he would ever make noise.  By about four months he was quickly becoming noisier. Now he is just plain loud and a bit wild all day long.  So very boy doncha think:)!

I dont think the early teething has helped us much either! Two teeth and counting at this point!

 (these pics were taken a month or so ago and both teeth have come up a lot more since then). 

I caught him trying to pull himself up and somewhat appeared to be trying to climb out of his infant rocker...might be time to move on from that chair?. eek.  He will also flail backwards in his bumbo and I think he could pop himself out of it if I wasn't watching.  He's strong and determined.

He loves to stick his feet in his mouth when he is laying on his back.  I love that I caught him sticking both feet in his mouth in this shot.  He's got skills. 

He loves bath time and has become a wild splash monkey.

He likes walks around the block in the jogger stroller though I haven't done this with him nearly as much as I did with Daisy.  Not sure why really other than it is now quite hot and I haven't wanted to go out in the heat with him.

He likes short car rides...maybe for about 30 minutes tops or so and usually he will fall asleep at some point for another 30 minutes.  That being said, short outings with Bruin are typically quite pleasant.  Longer outings can be a bit challenging but, I can tell that he prefers getting out and seeing new things to being in the house all day...somewhat the opposite of big sis.

He doesn't like the exersaucer at all...he tolerates it for maybe five minutes...Daisy loved that thing!  She could sit in it for 45 minutes at a time.  He also has never cared for his play mat...another thing that Daisy loved.  Bruin chooses to roll over under it and then cry for me to come and get him...every single time.

He loves when he catches a glimpse of Daddy walking by.  As soon as he sees him his eyes are glued and he loves smiling at him and then turning his head away bashfully and then turning it back and smiling again.  Over and over.  It's darling.  He does really well with Dad and that is awesome because Daisy needed me all the time at this point.

He loves eating and I still nurse him every 3 hours or so.  We have tried feeding him solids a few times over the past two weeks and though he seems to enjoy it overall, he still doesn't know how to swallow and most of it is spit back out.  He also threw up just about everything we fed him shortly after eating each time which gave me the impression that his tummy may not be ready yet either.  I can tell he is very interested in our drinks and our food so we will keep trying but, we are in no hurry and it hasn't been a consistent thing at all.  I gave him rice cereal mixed with squash the first time.  Rice cereal mixed with peas the second time and rice cereal mixed with peaches the third time...or something like that.  I think it was all of one tablespoon of food in total so a very tiny bit.

revising this:  Just gave him rice cereal with peaches two weeks ago (6 months old) and he devoured it all.  He was grunting for the next bite the entire time.  It was so cute.  He didn't spit any out either so his tongue has figured out what to do!  Amazing what a difference a week can make!  He did spit up about 30 minutes later but, I think it's because he was too full.  We shall see.

And now he is eating bananas mixed with rice cereal once a day and he LOVES it!  Still spits up usually because of his reflux but, he wants to eat all food in sight.  He's going  to be a big eater I think:).

He is not sitting up on his own yet and though he likes to sit up probably more than anything else while being supported, he hasn't seemed to realize that he can start doing it on his own.  Just a matter of time.  At this point he gets stiff and flings himself back.  Silly boy.  On a side note: you may notice a circular hole/dent on the back of Bruin's noggin...well, that is his birth story scar.  I will have to share that with you when/if I ever get around to sharing my birth story.  His first officially battle wound and he wasn't even out of the womb yet.  Tough guy! ;)

He loves to stand up with someone supporting him under his arms.  He bounces up and down a lot.  I know he is eager to get moving but, I am in no hurry. lol

Also, can I just say that I love his fuzzy hair.  I'm surprised at how quickly it has grown back in and it appears that he is going to have brown hair like his Daddy. 

He loves standing and bouncing while someone supports him under his arms.  I LOVE the chunky rolls on his legs and when he stands up, his knees are to die for.  Love me some baby chunk!!

He LOVES being held.  It is his favorite thing of all at this point.  He squirms like crazy though so it isn't always easy to hold him but, he will otherwise stay pretty content as long as we move around a bit with him.  He likes to face out also so we will sometimes stick him in the bjorn carrier but, I think he might be getting to wide and heavy for it! It gets a little tight on his tummy now.  I think I may look into a sling side carrier.

He likes my hair.  He likes to play with it, pull on it and hold it while he nurses.  It makes him laugh when I brush his face with it and he gets excited and tries to grab it when I have it up on top of my head in a bun.  Pretty cute actually.

(this picture below was staged to make it look like we were far more miserable than we actually were...for the record:).  No, I do not enjoy grocery shopping with kids at all but, this particular outing my hubby was with us and we were doing okay.  I thought it would be a fun time to capture a picture of what it is usually like for me as a mom to shop without help:).

He has grown quite fond of his pacifiers.  This is my doing really.  He didn't care for them much but, now he is tolerates them a lot more because, I kept encouraging them day in day he requires them for naps and bed time and this is partially why he wakes up several times a night I'm sure.  Way to go me!

He also loves his soft blankets just like his sister did...also my doing but, I have found that babies like having objects to soothe themselves and I am all for that.  As he gets older he will be able to relax and soothe himself in the car, or in bed etc. with his blankets or pacifier and won't require as much from me.  So, the way I see it is it may be hard the first year when I have to put a pacifier back in his mouth repeatedly but, soon enough he will be able to put it in his own mouth and hopefully...fingers crossed, I will get some sleep.

He is bored of all of his toys...all of them.  He wants new things to play with every day so I usually give him empty water bottles, TV remote, or tupperware bowls or lids...anything that I can think of to keep his interest so I can get a chore done without him screaming at me:). lol

His naps are pretty consistent...short and consistent.  He wants his first nap around 9 and it is usually 30-45 minutes tops...second nap is around 12, then 3 ish and then his last nap is hit or miss but, when it works out he likes another short nap around 4:30 or 5.  Every nap is about 30 minutes but, 45 is a good day.....I look forward to when he narrows it down to two longer naps a day...or perhaps this is wishful thinking.

He loves going to bed for the night by 7.  Daisy was never like that but, Bruin wants to, scratch that, needs to be, put down for bed at 7.  It's pretty nice actually.  I swaddle him in my cheap Wal Mart velcro swaddle and he loves it.  (though he has learned to get both arms out after a couple of hours.  Now, he does this every night so we will be ditching the swaddle all together any day now). I lay a blanket next to his cheek and he literally closes his eyes while I am wrapping him.  He also has his pacifier at this point.  I kiss his cheek and say, "It's night night time buddy.  Mommy loves you."  He rolls his cute little brown eyes back in his head...he loves when I kiss his cheeks and tell him goodnight.  It's probably my favorite part of our day just because he loves it so much.   Unfortunately, we pretty much go down hill from there.  BIG sigh.

Since the day Bruin was born he hasn't been a great sleeper and he has never once been a consistent sleeper.  His absolute best stretch ever in 6 months was 7:30-2 AM and he has only done that a grand total of 3 TIMES.  He is killing me...slowly and painfully.  hehe but, not.

Generally he will go to sleep at 7 or so and then wake up around 9 for a pacifier but, sometimes he will go back to sleep on his own after a few short minutes of fussing...just depends on the night.  The problem is that sometimes he just wants the comfort of nursing so he will scream for 30 minutes every single time regardless of a pacifier being stuck back in his mouth.  I don't nurse him at this time anymore but, he will continue to scream.  He is strong willed and stubborn...and LOUD!  And yes, I love him to pieces and he is lucky that I am such a patient mommy. hahaha.

Eventually he goes back to sleep and will proceed to wake up somewhere around these times each and every night: 11:30, 2ish (I usually nurse around this wake up),3ish, 4, 5:30 and generally he wants to be up for good every day by's been a LONG six months in regards to sleep...or lack there of.  Just being honest.  And also being honest, judge all you want.  I am probably responsible for some of this I am sure.  He relies on a pacifier to sleep...strike one.  He wasn't swaddled from birth, strike two
(swaddled from 2.5 months on but, it wasn't soon enough!), he has acid reflux, BIG STRIKE 3, and he has been cutting two teeth since birth...strike FOUR...I was already out at yah.  Whatch gonna do.  Some things I may have done wrong but, some issues just seem to be out of my control like the reflux and teeth.  Hoping that as he nears one, that some of these issues will settle down and improve his sleeping habits.  I've also tried CIO a bit...and after hours of listening to him scream I just can't handle it.  Even as tired as I am, I am not ready for it.

I started him on a reflux medication a week or so ago and it hasn't really improved our sleeping (AT ALL) but, it has decreased our projectile spitting up during the day, night, lessened the colic during some random days and I haven't heard him coughing at night since he started the meds.  I hope he is feeling better too!  I'm sure he was pretty miserable up to this point and I just didn't realize what was going on so I am happy that we are now doing something to help him.

I know that his early teething and cutting of his first two teeth has been just as big of a hindrance.  He is MISERABLE a lot of the time.  He rubs his face all day long, drools, cries, bites things etc.  Poor boo boo.

He wears size 9 months and 12 months clothing but, mostly 12 months in everything except shorts and pants.  I think Daisy was wearing strictly 9 months at this age so he is a tad larger.  He wears size 3 diapers.  We haven't worn shoes yet so I couldn't tell you what size his cute little piggies are at this point.  I got him a couple of pairs of baby mocs from an online sale a while ago.  Can't wait for him to wear them this winter:).

He has a check up in a couple of days so I will have to update his weight but, at his reflux appointment a few weeks ago he was 17 pounds 12 ounces.  Healthy, happy baby boy!  At his six month checkup he was 18 pounds 2 ounces!  And that was considered average weight for his age! lol.   He is also very long!  I'm forgetting now what he was but, they were surprised by how long he is.  Maybe he will be my tall kiddo?

He doesn't appear to have separation anxiety yet which has been SO nice!  Daisy had SA from the time she was 3 weeks old...I'm not kidding.  Somehow she just knew who had her and if it wasn't me all she would do is cry.  Bru doesn't seem to care too much though he will look for me if someone else holds him lately.  We will see how things go in this area.

Bruin looks mostly like his Daddy and I think most people would agree but, what I hear all the time is, "he looks JUST LIKE DAISY." Yes, I know.  He is going to have brown eyes as well. So, I guess I've had another kiddo who doesn't really resemble me much at all.  Daisy sort of has my hair and color...maybe.  lol  Evidently Dad has some strong genes because they both look like Daddy:).

Bruin is just so boy.  He throws things, shrieks loudly all the time, gets mad, kicks and swings strong, is determined and so energetic.

What I adore most about Bruin is that I can get him to laugh probably better than this point.  We have our special mommy-son bond and I love it.  I know how to get him to calm down, to giggle and to go to sleep.  Those are the priceless joys that I get to enjoy for all of the hours I spend tending to him, walking around the house with him and entertaining him:).  I love making him smile.  I love seeing his eyes turn up in happiness.  I love the way he brushes my face with his chubby hand when I lean my face into his.  I love the way he tugs on my hair (even when it hurts).  I really do love having a son.  It's so different and so awesome to see a sister and a brother interact.  I love having more blue, green, red, grey and orange in the house.  I love the boy toys.  It's fun!

It's SO much messier, more exhausting some days and so much nosier...

But, it's worth it.  It really is.

Happy six months my darling son.  Your mommy is simply smitten with you.  I pray that you continue to grow in strength and full of the love of Christ.  May the Lord guide you and mold your heart all the days of your blessed life.  You are loved.  You are treasured.



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