Saturday, July 30, 2011

Even Babies Can Enjoy This Museum

My little girl gets SO bored of being in our house everyday.  Unfortunately due to our 100+ degree temperatures for the past several weeks there are very few things we can do.  Even going to the pool in this heat is unpleasant and our local mall evidently didn't get the memo to build a legit kiddie area so that isn't an option either. Boo.  Needless to say I am definitely eager for the cooler breezes of fall but, also eager to go back to this fantastic little jewel of a museum!  My friend Lindsay, momma to Lila of the four pack, invited me and Daisy to join them at this Life and Science Museum.  As you can see from the pictures below, this place is much more fun for kids than a building full of stuffy old relics (which I happen to enjoy for the record!). Thanks for inviting us Lindsay!
               We met a fabulous and gigantic cow.  Daisy was absolutely fascinated and I was too as a matter a fact!

I let Daisy walk ahead of me just to observe how small she looked by herself and yet somehow she also looked like such a big girl at the same time.  Sigh.  She is just growing and growing!
Daisy and Lila are great baby buddies.  They have gotten to hang out and play together quite a bit since their birth.  Lila is such a sweetie pie and lets Daisy take her toys and her things without complaint. lol  Watch the video and you will see what I mean! hehe
Lila was brave enough to reach through the fence to touch the pig's nose.  Daisy....not so much:)

There was an awesome musical corner that was just the right height for the girls.  They had sticks that the girls could smack against the different objects to make noise.  Both girls loved this spot!
This is what Daisy looks like when she is blowing kisses.  She tends to smash her nose at the same time and then realizes she can't's quite comical!
There was a really fun sandbox full of really cool sand toys and dump trucks.  Daisy was having a BLAST!

 We saw this lady and her daughter hanging out by the cow and we chatted a little and turns out that the other little girl is also named Daisy.  What are the chances!  This is the first time we have encountered another Daisy in person so I thought this moment needed to be captured!
Below was the butterfly exhibit.  It was a lush tropical oasis and a blessed retreat from the sweltering heat.  Inside the air was nice and cool and it was so beautiful to see the butterflies floating around all over.  Daisy wasn't interested in the butterflies so much as she enjoyed walking around and around (and around) the circle path and drinking her sippy cup.  Every now and then a small tropical bird would walk out from under a bush in front of her on the trail and she would stop dead in her tracks, eyes wide and mouth gaping.  Then she would point and say, "birduh, birduh." But she was quite petrified. I couldn't help but giggle!
Me and the two little angels
Daisy was not happy to be sitting for a picture.  She wanted to keep wanting the loop.
The girls really enjoyed their snack break.  I was kind of wishing that I had brought myself a snack and a cold water and I might have had a thought of borrowing my daughter's sippy cup...but, warm milk wasn't worth it. lol
Lindsay was sweet to let Daisy hitch a ride in her awesome BOB stroller.  The two girls did really well together in the stroller for the most part...Daisy just kept taking Lila's pacifier.  Yup, that's my girl! lol

Seriously though, this museum was such a blast and I can't wait to go again with Daisy when it cools down a bit.  On another note: We are about to watch Shutter Island...I'm nervous.  I don't like scary movies at all but, I had heard this was interesting.  Yes, I'm a total wus and will probably have a nightmare tonight....maybe it will be worth it?? hehehe Oh and I am munching on some chewy Sweet Tarts and I am so hooked! These little morsels are delish!  Night Night

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Momma In Focus - Bubbles

Happy Friday (almost)! As I said last Friday, I am no longer going to host a link up for Momma In Focus but, I do still hope to post pictures each week of me and my little one and I encourage you to keep doing the same!  I was actually looking through my photo archives this week in effort to find a good picture of me and Daisy to print for a frame on our wall and realized that I don't have many pictures of us together before starting this weekly challenge! I'm so glad I have these memories saved to look back on in the years to come and lemme tell yah it really motivates me to keep it up!

I love these pictures because they are the first pictures we have taken of Daisy enjoying bubbles (which she absolutely loves) but, also captured is Auntie Anna which makes them priceless to me.   This is Anna's second solo visit to our home.  She traveled all the way across country on a red eye by herself both this Summer and last.  Being that Anna is now a Senior in high school I realized that this may very well be her last visit for a while as her future is about to become very busy with college plans, car searches, job hunts, career planning and all the other stuff that life throws at a young adult.  I am so thankful that we have gotten these two special summers alone together to talk about life, go on movie dates, play Kinect, take pictures, shop/shop/shop, play with Daisy bean and just veg.  Oh, and she makes a mean (aka good) pot of coffee!  Anna I miss you!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm A Mom...

Duh. Of course I'm a mom but, I had one of those moments today; one of those moments where I had to stop and stare in awe and wonder at my daughter and then actually had to remind myself that she is my little girl and that I am her mommy! I looked back at her sweet little face conked out in her car seat, her strawberry blond hair going every direction, her pacifier hanging half out of her mouth and her little fingers clutching the satin edge of her blanket and my heart swelled with love. God, I can't believe you have entrusted her into my care. I can't believe I'm old enough to be someones mommy. I can't believe I gave birth to this little girl who is the spitting image of her Daddy.  I can't believe she looks up to me and that I get to teach her right and wrong. Wow! What an honor and a responsibility! 
 I took my sister to the airport tonight.  Yes, I am VERY sad that she is gone.  She is such a helpful, entertaining and beautiful person inside and out and her company will be sorely missed!  But..back to my story.  I was in absolute mommy Heaven watching my daughter walk hand in hand with her auntie around the airport while I waited in line to check my sister's bag.  Daisy waved at just about everyone going by and would shout out a cheery, "hi."  She smiled so big any time someone acknowledged her and acted even sillier if they waved back.  I was just soaking it all up and would have been happy to stand in line a long time just to watch my little girl and my youngest sister interacting together.  I'm a Mom and it makes my heart soar!
My little gal was sick during most of my sister's visit and as a result she was a bit cranky unfortunately.  A few hours before we were about to head to the airport today, my sister, Daisy and I were sitting on the couch talking when Daisy stood up and gave my sister a sweet little kiss and then proceeded to give her like twenty baby kisses for no apparent reason.  It was as if she knew that auntie was leaving, she felt bad for being so grouchy and wanted to make it up.  I swear it was the cutest thing I've ever seen and even I have never been given more than a single baby kiss.  My sister and I were laughing so hard we both had tears in our eyes!   I'm a Mom and I just can't get enough!
Sunday, July 24, 2011

Million Dollar Baby

My sister Anna was kind enough to let Daisy play with her wallet which was full of one dollar bills! Daisy LOVED playing with the money for some reason.  She has no concept of what money actually is but, she knows that it is something we do not ordinarily let her play with so that made it extra special.  I think it's neat that she has no idea what money is or what it is used for and to her it is just another toy.  This season if innocence will pass so quickly! 

Whenever I put our glasses on Daisy I say (in that high pitched mommy voice of excitement), "go show Daddy.  You're a cool dude(ette)." And she goes trotting off with the glasses to show Daddy and then Daddy gets all excited when he sees her which makes her very happy.  Then she wants to be picked up so she can sit with Daddy in his office chair.  This little girl adores her Daddy!!  Oh, and since I always forget to mention...Daisy is a HUGE blankie and poppy (pacifier) baby.  She primarily wants these two things when she is tired or when she is upset.  At bedtime she rubs the satin edge of her blankie between her fingers and buries her face in it.  It's so cute to watch her!
My hubby has been hard at work in our entryway for the past few weeks.  Daisy has been his little helper and was especially fond of the tape measure.  I will be sure to share the before and after pictures in the next week or so!! IT looks AMAZING!
I do not normally let Daisy eat apples because I know they are a choking hazard.  Daisy had pulled this apple out of our fridge and I was monitoring her closely (and taking pictures) because this was the first time she had ever shown interest in an apple.  She loved eating a whole apple like a big girl!  Hence the silly faces:).  Isn't she a crack up!
My pretty little strawberry blonde princess

my mom took these pictures of me, my sister anna and Daisy while we were literally my mom in CA took these pictures of her skype image on her computer and sent them back to us.  Kinda cool huh.  I thought this was a special moment captured! 
I am so behind in posting these cute pictures of Daisy with her Auntie Jessica and her Grandma Martinez!   These were taken while Grandma was here visiting a couple weeks ago.    
Daisy loves sitting on the patio furniture like a big girl.  She doesn't quite have the concept of getting down carefully though.  She likes to fly off or dive off so we have to keep a close eye on her.  It really is amazing how big my little girl is now.  She wants to do all the things that we do now and she is learning like a little sponge.  She is soaking everything we do up so that she can imitate it! 
Love this silly picture of Daisy and Grandma below.  Daisy is such a little ham....always doing something to get a laugh out of people.  
 I love this picture with my sister Anna and Daisy.  It has been so nice to have my sister's company the past several days though I do feel bad because Daisy has been sick her entire visit.  I am hoping she starts feeling better so the last couple of days can be a little brighter for all of us.  We have still managed to enjoy going to the pool, going to see a movie (Harry Potter finale, which was quite entertaining if I do say so), eating otter pops, grilling hot dogs, taking Anna's Senior pictures, babysitting Daisy's four pack buddy Sam and playing lots of Kinect...oh my goodness my legs are SO sore!!  Love having you here Anna! xoxo
Happy Sunday all!  Be blessed today.