Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Skype and Stuff

So have any of you fallen in love with skype like I have?  I used to find it to be such pain with our last computer because we were never set up with a camera on our laptop (it didn't have a camera in the laptop) so if someone called or wanted to skype it was this big production to track down our cheapo camera, mount it on the laptop and then try to get a half way decent picture.  I avoided skype at all costs then but, now with our newer laptop and with the camera as a fixed feature I find skype to be so enjoyable and a huge blessing!  Daisy and I call Daddy ever so often on his breaks so Daisy can see him on the screen and she LOVES it!!   She gives him lots of kisses and acts extra silly.  Now that my mom is gone we have also been skyping a lot and it is so much better than a phone call in the sense that it feels like she is right here still.  I have even skyped some of my friends that live in other states or countries.  The best part is that it is free...YEAH!  Okay, enough of that.

  I am still playing catch up from my pictures while my mom was here.  We spent a few hours in downtown and Daisy got to sit on an antique horse ride and she loved walking everywhere.  Forget the stroller...that doesn't last long at all anymore!  If I could think of one word that describes Daisy to a tee these days it would be: INDEPENDENT She does not like to cuddle much or be confined.  She likes to be constantly moving, exploring and talking.  She is always go go going!!

I love these pictures of Daisy with her great Grandma Bailey.  Daisy loves visiting her Greats and showing them all of her latest skills and talents.  They are some of her biggest cheerleaders! They happen to live on a beautiful, private lake.  The lake is never crowded and has such a great kiddie shallow area.  I love hanging out at the water and so did Daisy! This was only her second time ever going in the water like this and the previous time was over a year ago.  My gal is quite a water bug!

    Water is always best enjoyed with a big splash!
  I'm telling yah...Daisy is such a happy kid.  This is not to say she is a peace of cake as she has a really strong will and let's me know if she doesn't want to do something but other than that, she is always smiling, laughing and entertaining those around her.  While me and Daisy played in the water my hubs took my mom and his Grandma out for a spin on his bass boat for a little while.  Grandma hadn't been on a boat in years and she had a great time!



  1. I LOVE Skype! I don't remember when I wasn't using it. I pretty much got it the first month it came out (it was first released in Europe long before most Americans knew about it).
    I've been skyping with my mom for as long as I remember being away from her, then when i was working in NYC, I would be skyping with hubby every day. It's just such an amazing thing!

    As usualy love all your pics and Daisy is adorable!

  2. I love that last picture of you guys with the bear. You are such a beautiful family!

  3. Skype is great! Yes a built-in camera helps SO much. We haven't tried skyping with video yet but this post makes me want to try it. I like that you can get such a big screen video. How cute that Daisy likes helping out with vacuuming and chores. Have you seen that Yahoo video with the babies helping vacuum? It's very cute.

  4. Skype=awesome! I haven't used it very often but it is so cool! Love the picture of daisy in the water! LOVE having a happy kid! Daisy looks so cute and chubby in her bathing suit:)

  5. Looks like y'all have been having some fun! Her little swimsuit is TOO cute! I actually love skype for blogging...I have gotten to skype with several blog friends and it's SO amazing!

  6. Okay- first- Love the Skype. My hubs & I did it for the first time on his last trip. We originally only had a webcam on the netbook. So when the new computer arrived I literally set up the Skype within a couple hours of pulling it out of the box- he left the next morning & so he took the netbook along & we were able to catch up on the day once he arrived at his hotel. You & I will have to chat "face to face" sometime.

    Loving your water shots- looks like so much fun! You are totally ROCKIN' that bikini- right after having a baby. I can not go there- you would think that I have had plenty of time to get my act back together- not so much. I like the cupcakes a bit (more like way too much) too much :)

    Love that last shot- you should print that one. It's the cutest family photo & you look amazing!! Seriously - you guys are the most perfect little family!

  7. So many great pictures - I've never used skype. I think the idea of being seen freaks me out. I'm weird.

  8. I love that shot of D with her great grandma - what a treasure that first photo is! Skype is changing lives, I tell you :) My 5 year old loves to skype with Gma and ever since she was 3 she would put both hands on top of her head with her elbows winging out to make a heart shape. She still does it and then Gma does it back and it has become their little thing...it's so cute. Melts my heart every time!

  9. I love these. Looks like soo much fun. I just got an iphone so I can now skype. Pretty neat. I haven't tried it yet.

  10. skype is awesome. i love the green bathing suit, and LOVE the panda picture

  11. Daisy and Great Grandma look wonderful together!

  12. I love skype! Such an awesome way to talk to people that live far away!

  13. Hi Casey - I love your blog! The reason I'm commenting is to see if I could have your permission to share the Skype picture (and maybe this one too: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_CwktVxYG6_A/TPOsRO3uOgI/AAAAAAAAD1o/5lIeqBeKjHI/s1600/IMG_0588_1200x800.JPG) on my blog at http://lifetoheryears.tumblr.com with a link back here to your site. Please let me know if that would be OK!

    Thanks for considering it!



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