Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My First Guest Post - Yeah!

I was asked by a sweet blog friend, Amber over at Amber's Articles if I would guest post for her a few weeks ago (click here to view my guest post). I took a good week to pray and ask God what I should write about. Even up to the last day before she needed me to submit my post I wasn't feeling led to write about anything. I sat down and prayed again with my fingers on the keys of my laptop. "Lord, I want to share something but, I want it to be from you. Why do I have nothing to say and why is it so hard for me to write? Please give me something so this post is not in vain." And then it flowed, naturally, easily and freely, thank you Jesus.  So, for whatever it's worth I shared my heart in the simplest way I could and I hope you will stop by Amber's lovely blog, show her some love and check it out sometime today! Thanks again Amber for having me over for a visit!!

And to wrap up the theme of that guest post I'd like to share a song that has really blessed me a lot lately.  It's called, Boasting by Lecrae, who is hands down the best Christian rapper I have ever heard...and might actually be one of my favorite singers.  This guy sings so passionately and expresses the things in his heart in way that moves me deeply.   He's got an incredible gift! The lines that always get me in this song are:

So, in times that are good
In times that are bad
For any times I've had at all
I will be glad
I will boast in the cross
I will boast in this pain
I will boast in the sunshine
Boast in this rain. 

Amen and hallelujah!  There is something so amazing about having that DEEP rooted understanding that no matter what life brings, God is still worthy of praise.  No matter what I go through, God is still good.  I do not blame Him because life is just life and it rains on us all.  I am just thankful that I know Him so that he can comfort me, love me and encourage me along the way.  I boast in Jesus because He is the only steady, sure and unchanging thing in this life.  His promises have never failed me.  Whew! I think I need a church pulpit right now.  I'm feeling a bit like preaching! hahaha (just kidding...in case you are freaking out:)) lol.

God is good!  Praying for each of you today!  Whatever you are going through now or whatever still lies ahead I hope you too can rest in the truth that God's got you in His arms.  He will see you through!



  1. I loved your guest post - so heartfelt...one of your best posts. And I love that song.

  2. Your words ALWAYS inspire me. Your posts are all such a great witness!

  3. Thanks for joining me in my blog and for sharing your heart. God def. uses the valley's of life to influence others for his kingdom.

    Thanks again friend!

  4. congrats. it was beautifully written.

  5. Congrats on the guest post Casey- that is always exciting. I love your message- it's certainly something I have to keep hearing because it keeps coming up in my life so VERY often. :)

  6. Casey, I loved reading your guest post. You are so good with your words! I wish we lived closer! You're a special girl!

  7. Preach it, sister :) Love the words to that song, it's so true we all go through sun and rain. I've missed visiting you too!

  8. Congrats!!!!! I will check it out right now! <3


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