Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Video Time

This first video was taken on Father's Day (so definitely a bit behind) when we were walking along the boardwalk in the protected marshlands in our town.  Daisy loved walking on her own like a big girl but, the sides drop off a few feet so we had to constantly keep her between us.  She didn't like that.  She wanted to go the other direction. It was a riot.  Then she wanted to bite me for not letting her do what she wanted.  Also funny.  And no, I really don't mind my butt at all...for the record, I was just being goofy.  Did that make you want to watch the video?? hehehe

I got a kick out of watching us playing Kinect on video.  It is so bizarre to play such an active game without a remote.  Seriously...I started playing Atari as a kid with a massive joystick and now all I need are my hands and how times have changed!!  I love when people come over and want to play Kinect.  It's such a fun way to get in some exercise and boy did my mom and I get quite a workout while she was here...not to mention I also got a pretty good neck strain for a few weeks...well, worth it though! lol

And this last video just cracks me up because I freaked out but, I think you kinda had to be there.  An ominous storm was blowing in and it was SO much more intense than this video makes it out to be.  Large branches were falling from the trees and falling to the ground or into the back of my husband's truck and boat.  Pine needles were swirling down like little spears which I thought might stab me in the face and the sky looked like it could create a slew of tornadoes if it wanted to.  It was freaky and as a result I was on edge filming this little clip right before we hopped in the truck to escape the downpour.  Comical really...



  1. That storm did look pretty scary...but I understand how it probably felt & looked 10x worse in person. We had a storm blow there our area a couple weeks ago where a stage 1 tornado went right over my hubbies work...{so not much damage done...but freaky none the less.} Funny thing is we live 10 minuets from there and I never would of guessed the weather was being that nasty at his work...I got nothing but a lot of rain at our house.

  2. Crazy storm. Love you playing kinect. Looks fun!

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  4. (previous deleted comment was a result of having issues commenting from my phone)

    These videos are great! I love how stubborn, errr...determined Daisy is in knowing where she wants to go in the first one! Aaron is so that way, too! LOL! I love that place over the marshlands y'all have - what an amazing place to have so close by!

  5. It felt like I was on that walk! So cool that it's so close to your house. It looks like you have so much fun with your mom! How awesome! Love your blog!!!!! You're so good at capturing so many moments! And that Daisy....pinch her cheeks for me!

  6. That was so much fun! I love that look you gave the camera after D tried to bit your look said "It's so not funny to bite, but she's so stinkin' cute when she tries!"

    I've never seen Kinect - looks like it's a great way to spend nap time!

  7. Your videos without a sound are funny..i'll have to wtch them with sound in the next days ( but the boys are just watching CSI Miami and they would kill me :)!!


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