Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red, White and Blue

I had to take this little boo boo in for her 15 month check up today. We are a couple of weeks behind.  She had to get two shots.  Thumbs down.  I thought it was bad when she was a really little baby but, now that she is old enough to understand what is going on and old enough to freak out a kajillion times more, well, it's just crummy all around for all of us.  I bought her a sucker right before we went to the check up.  She is not allowed to eat candy and that will continue to be the norm for a while longer but, I thought a sucker would be a good distraction after her shots.  Well, wouldn't you know that she found the sucker in my purse which was sitting unsupervised on the chair in the office.  She went to town on it and was totally over it long before the shots had arrived.  Mom fail.  Next time I need to bring a bigger goodie bag and hide it until after the shots! LOL.  She survived...or I should say, I survived and now we are free to carry on the next 3 months of our lives without shots.  Thank you Jesus!  Oh and she weighed in at 22.3 pounds and is 30 inches long.  Doing good!  I uber love this shot below.  My gal is so full of passion and energy can't you tell!

The flag was a fabulous toy for about 10 minutes
  Little Miss Patriotic.  For those who were wondering, her dress was a gift but, I think it was from TJ Max or Khols.
    Show me your teefers!!
Wow! What is that on the ground by my feet?
And then after the ten minutes were up the toy became a weapon and we soon had to take it away. hehe
hehehe  Daisy is dazin.

   Blowing me a kiss.  Love when she blows kisses! 
   Me and my baby buddy
  Our family 4th of July picture.  Everyone has to have one right!  And in case you are wondering it was hot hot hot weather.  We were melting!
Great Grandma Bailey who is such a sweet hostess, Joey and Grandma Martinez
Daisy climbed on top of Joey who was laying on the floor and wanted him to read her a book.  Could she be any cuter???
  Everyone relaxing while a crazy thunderstorm was going on outside.  Kinda cancelled our firework experience unfortunately but, technically we got to enjoy God's fireworks...lightening and thunder!
  This little girl ADORES her Daddy. 



  1. I love your blog! And your baby is soo adorable!

  2. Such fun 4th pictures. I love the first one too.

  3. Completely adorable pictures!! Daisy is such a little darling! We didn't get to do fireworks this year, but b/c it's been so dry there was a ban on them for all the county. Boo!!!

    Aaron loves to climb on top of us - if any of us are laying on the floor (Emma included) he's immediately sitting on us - sometimes on our head! And if I'm sitting cross legged he'll back up to me and sit in my lap!

  4. I just love this dress, wish I would have seen it in a store somewhere before the 4th! ;)

  5. Awww, I know what you are talking about at the begining of you post,yesterday I took my 16 months old girl for the same two shots and I cried more than she did...I always knew that the more she grew worse would be the doctor visits. I think your little one and mine are only two weeks apart,, mine was born 03/10/10. Eventhough I don't comment(my english is not good, I was born in Cuba and I've been living here for 10 years only)on your posts very often I always, always read them.

  6. what great pictures! She is getting so big. The flag became a weapon in our house too...

  7. I like the 'Daisy Dazin' picture. So stinkin' cute! And this one where daddy is moving in for a smooch and she is just limp ready for it to come. So, dang CUTE!

  8. Aw! These are cute cute pics! I love your brick steps and daisy is just being gorgeous...and so are you!

  9. Oh- I don't like shots either! :) At our pediatrician's office- they give "freeze-pops" to the kids after their shots- I love it!
    (Still wishing you could come photograph our family- your pictures are always beautiful!)

  10. Such adorable captures chica. :)


  11. You have got the most beautiful family! I'm so glad I found your blog! You've got a new "follower!" Have a great week!

  12. These photos are fantastic! I love the ones where she's waving the flag/beating your husband--too cute and funny!

  13. Love the dress!!!!! And really, is it annoying that every time I comment, I tell you how cute she is!! I can't help it! SERIOUSLY, cutest girl EVER! She is just the sweetest! And I love that family picture of you guys too! You're such a great mom, Casey! We didn't get fireworks this year either because of the drought we are for our kids. Looks like you had fun hanging out with family though; always fun!

  14. Great pics!!! She has the cutest little smile. I love how she scrunches her nose.


  15. Awwww. These are sooo sweet.

  16. fun pics and I love the word 'kajillion'! <3

  17. GREAT pics! The dress is so cute!

  18. Great pictures, as always! I love her dress!

  19. I hope you are putting all these in some sort of book. What fantastic family captures Casey- I so wish I had done things like this when my kids were small.

    I love that one where she turns it into a weapon- brought back quite a few memories :) The expression on your husbands face is priceless.

  20. I love Daisy's chunky little legs! :)
    Love the patriotic pictures of the family.

  21. She is way too cute!! Oh I just love these pictures!! That dress is the cutest, where did you get it??

  22. Thankyou so much for your sweet comments on Momma B & Babyboy, they mean the world!

    Daniel Kyle likes to sit on us too when we lie down, as seen in my latest post! Especially his Daddy, when he's playing on his iPhone! Isn't it the sweetest?!


  23. I love the "flag became a weapon" line. That made me LOL and reminds me of my oldest. Seems like I just told her something similar the other night when we were in an arcade and she grabbed a pool cue and was swinging it around.

    Cute photos as always! ;)


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