Tuesday, November 1, 2011

19 Months Old - Happy Halloween!

Today is a fun day because it is Halloween and my little girl is old enough to understand things better this year, she has a super cute bumblebee princess costume to wear but, also because she is 19 months old today.  Another month closer to being two years old and another month farther away from that tiny little baby that we brought home from the hospital.  I know I won't count months forever but, I will always be aware of how fast my little girl is growing up.  The days fly by!  I mean seriously, how is it already the holiday season??

So what's the latest for this little bean at 19 months?  Well, she is chatting up a storm.  Some of her newer words: Pahpah (the name she came up with for Great Grandpa - so cute!), ehpwane (airplane), tahpee (coffee), dee (candy), hewp pwease (help please), nuv new (love you), Nunu (Grandma LuLu), huh (hug. She loves giving hugs) pip (chip), mooie (yogurt....I have no idea why she calls it that) chee( cheese), moe (more), ah dun (all done)...anyways, you get the idea.  She knows a ton words and I love hearing each new one that she learns.  Babies say things in such a cute way!
What does she like to do?  Park play dates, color (for a few minutes...we are making progress!), play in my kitchen and make a big mess, help mommy and daddy with any and all household chores (dishwasher, vacuum, washing windows etc.), watch PBS kids or videos on youtube, dance, puzzles, play in the backyard, baths, walk like a big girl in the mall or up the street to play with the neighbor kids, climbing on the couch, playing with the TV remotes and changing channels, reading books, stacking things, going inside our pantry and shutting herself inside so she can get into everything.....such a mischievious little girl! lol
Her favorite things to watch:  ELMO'S WORLD.... she is obsessed in love with Elmo!!  Wiggles on youtube, Backyardigans, Sid the Science Kid, Sesame Street and Barney.  She loves any and all kiddie songs and bobs her head back and forth like a bobble head  to the tunes.  She cracks me up.   I will definitely be buying her some CD's and DVD's for Christmas:).
She wears size 2T shirts, 18 months - 2T pants, size 5 shoes (a tad big) and size 5 diapers (target brand....love those:).  Oh how I love little girl's clothes and Target and Baby Gap...I could easily go in debt at those places if I let myself. lol
She still has some minor separation anxiety.  She cries in Sunday school but, usually gets over our absence after a few minutes and I have yet to have anyone get her to go to sleep at night happily other than us.  When people watch her she usually says, "mommy" over and over again and gets a lot quieter and more shy.  It's understandable being that I am a stay at home momma and she hasn't been watched by too many people.  She'll get better in time.  I love you my sweet Daisy girl.
She has officially become a fan of an ear splitting shriek.  Me, not so much.  I hear that girls can shriek like this for years....fun:). 
She loves being naked and running away from me when I need to get her dressed. hehe
What does she like to eat?  Chicken nuggets, pb&J, applesauce, yogurt, fruit, cheese, chips and salsa, mac n' cheese, crackers and bites of just about anything I am eating.  She loves sub sandwiches, Panda Express (she always steals my spring rolls!), pizza, olives, oatmeal, cereal, sandwich meat, all sweets and veggies not too much though we are working on that.  She loves eating snacks and drinking her apple juice...I mean she really chugs her diluted apple juice!
Wakes up around 5:30 and talks until I get her up at 6:45...sometimes she falls back to sleep but, not always.  She goes to bed between 7:30 and 8.  She naps every day at around 12:30 and sleeps for an hour or two.  She goes to bed easy peasy at night and I am so thankful for that.  Also thankful that she is so content to chat in her bed for an hour in the morning so I can at least rest my eyes a little longer.
Does not like sitting still for long but, she has always been that way.  We can't take her to restaurants anymore...fast food is fine but, she would def. ruin a fine dining experience. lol.  She does like to sit in her red chair and watch her shows once in a while which is such a treat...sometimes for as long as 20 minutes.  Those are such wonderful moments because I get a nice break and can get something done.  Thanks Daisy girl!
Some of the things I love doing with my little girl....singing her Jesus loves me every night in the dark by her crib right before I put her to bed.  Dancing to our favorite songs on youtube, shopping and walking around in the mall, reading books and pointing out where the objects are around the house that we see in the books,  playing in the backyard together and kicking the ball around, sharing a snack, giving kisses and hugs, coloring pictures while we sit on the kitchen floor, praying together before dinner and hearing her loud ayyyymeeen interrupt me and I love love her huge squinty eyed smile!
See that silly smile?  My little girl smiles her whole face scrunches up.   I hope she always smiles like this for me cuz it melts my heart!
Every single day since this little girl was born she has made me laugh, made me smile and warmed my heart a million times over.  She has kept me distracted from the woes of life when I needed it most and she has kept me busier than I could have imagined.  She is a great workout and a little buddy to take everywhere.  She is a blast and a labor of love that I could never have imagined until experiencing motherhood first hand.  Daisy, my sweet little love, I am in awe of you and I can't thank God enough for blessing me with you!  Happy 19 months angel!
till next month....



  1. Wow, time sure has flown! I remember reading about you bringing Daisy home and now she is already 19 months old! She is beautiful! Can;t wait to see her on Halloween!

  2. She is just too damn cute! I love the pictures of you and her together, well i love all of them! Those ones are just super cute! :)

    In our sea of love

  3. she is so so sweet casey! and her hair has gotten so long! those are some adorable pictures.

  4. Oh Daisy - you're growing up way too fast. Love the pictures of the two of you.

  5. So very beautiful!! I just love that little girl (& her Mama)!! Oh, & the shriek... my little boy does that still :) And running away while getting dressed... one of Annabella's favorite things to do! :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. So beautiful! Great pictures, Casey!

  7. I'm sure you hear this quite often ... but your daughter is absolutely adorable :)

  8. She is getting so big! I can't get over how long her hair is now and how much she looks like a little girl--not a toddler! (Sammy makes the same squinchy face whenever he's being especially silly, lol!)

  9. Love these pictures Casey...i can just imagine walking beside her during that just observing her sweetness. Sorry about the shrieking...unfortunately I can relate as you have heard:-) She is a determined, loving, beautiful little gal and I am so glad that I can "live through you" with these posts and get togethers!

  10. She is such a cutie. You look like you all had a lot of fun during this shoot and is def. having a blast in life. Thanks for sharing.

    Did you rec. my email that you won the feltboards? Shoot me your address and I will have them sent to you.

  11. Can we just set up an arranged marriage for our kids? Daisy sounds like such a sweetheart. I think their personalities will balance each other out perfectly and my son loves Elmo as well...it's always good to have some common ground.

    Hehe....I guess they wouldn't like that too much, would they? :)

    By the way, Nate shrieked at that age too. It's just a stage and will pass soon.

  12. The photos of the two of you together and the one of her and daddy on the path are so precious. She is such a blessing!

  13. Oh my!! Love these. Gorgeous!! You look awesome by the way. Love the ones of you two.

  14. Usually, I can find one pic that is my absolute fave! This time, it was so difficult because they are alllll so wonderful! I do like the one of her and daddy walking on the trail tho!

  15. These pictures are precious! I love the ones of you and her together! The autumn in the background is beautiful! I hope you are well my friend! Have a good night!

    Mama Hen

  16. WOW Casey- these came out so GORGEOUS! I think they should go in a huge framed collage on that wall you guys finished in the entryway. WOW WOW WOW!!!! Can you come here to NV & help me do our family pics?? Pretty please!!!

  17. Great photos and what a beautiful backdrop! Hope your having a great week!

  18. how sweet! great pics too. i just found your blog and am lovin' it! definitely a new follower....


  19. Happy 19 Months Daisy!!! How awesome!! I love the all the pictures. And both of your outfits are so cute.


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