Sunday, November 13, 2011

Step Out, A Cute Baby and AWESOME Felt Boards - (oh yes, random)

I love pinning cute outfits on Pinterest and pulling ideas from much more fashionable people than myself.  I really do love fashion but, I think due to my very restricted budget, I tend to avoid shopping and looking at clothes and accessories online too much so that I don't get bummed out about all the things that I want and cannot have.  I'm sure a lot of you can relate:).  If you ever hear that Forever 21 or perhaps Express is giving away all of their clothes could you let me know, please.  Thanks! lol  Anyhoo, here is my Step Out attire for church this morning.  We attend a very casual church as you can tell:).
White Blouse: Aeropostle (last year)
 Jeans: Marshalls
Sweater: Marshalls
Shoes: Target (clearance..woot woot!)
necklace:  no clue....had it forever. 
Belt: Aeropostle (last Christmas) love cute belts!
Would love to have had some cute turquoise bracelets and maybe some fake diamond studded hoop earrings to add to this ensemble.  And our tall wall molding makes me look short doesn't it?  I promise you that I am not but, I think I am actually relishing a moment of looking shorter.  Maybe then I could wear stiletto heels! ha!

This is my friend Diana's new baby girl that I photographed as a newborn.  Now she is about 7 weeks old and isn't she just breath taking and beautiful!  I can't keep my hands off of her when she visits...and when I am not holding her I am usually photographing her.  Lucky me, I got to see her twice this week. hehe.  She is just so precious that I had to share her sweetness with you all and give you a baby fix (if you needed one):-).
A few weeks back I entered a blog giveaway that Amber from Click, Love, Pray was hosting.  Let me just say that I pretty much never win anything...ever and I never enter anything expecting to win, just for fun.  This particular giveaway really caught my eye though because the winner would receive 3 Learning Fun with Felt Board SETS.  I loved playing with paper dolls and flannels as a kid and to this day I still have such fond memories of the things I learned and created.  I've been desperate for new activities to do with Daisy lately.  We color, play with play-doh, do alphabet and number puzzles, put shapes in a shape box and go on walks every day.  I'm not gonna lie...I sometimes struggle with mommy boredom from doing the same activities day after day after day and hour after hour and I think Daisy does too.  She is a smart cookie and she likes to be challenged with new activities so these felt boards couldn't have been more of a blessing or more timely!  I LOVE THEM...really, I think I love them so much that I could shut the door of my room and play with them by myself and create a farm or a beach scene and have a blast!  Check out Betty Lukens felt boards here!! They are SOOOO FUN and in case you are wondering since I am starting to sound like an infomercial...I am advertising on my own accord simply because I am so thrilled with this fantastic little activity that I get to do with Daisy.  Fun for mommy and baby:). 
Even the bags that the felt boards come are cool...seriously, what a score huh!!  Daisy thinks so:).  And no, she doesn't dress like that in public but, in our house what you see here is high quality fashion at it's finest (to Daisy)! lol



  1. Love your outfit, especially your jeans! And felt board sets! How awesome!! Do they make some that aren't so girly? lol

  2. I like your hair pinned like that, very cute. Curren looooves his felt boards!

  3. This picture of Daisy looks like she's heading to work.....she's like, "what?" funny! And no you don't look short and you are so cute in this outfit. My kind of wear....

  4. You are SO SO cute! Love your casual outfit.

  5. You look gorgeous and I totally understand what you mean about avoiding shopping. I think we need to win a shopping spree ;) and felt boards are SO much fun! I used to have one when I was little and I played a cassette tape and I had to act out the story on my board. I need to get one for Little One!

  6. Oh my gosh--what an adorable baby! Love that hair! And I'm not sure I get what's wrong with Daisy's outfit...polka dots match, right? ;D

  7. Love your style, Casey! We have those magnetic dolls, which are fun, but I think these look like soo much more fun! I can hardly wait to click that link and check them out!

  8. You look so cute. Love that baby. So sweet.

  9. Those boards are so fun! Can't believe how big Daisy is getting. What a doll!

  10. You look AWESOME- we would have some fun shopping together.


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