Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Painting #1 or Painting #2

painting #1
painting #2
[I'd like to add that this is not the final arrangement for the mantle. I have other accessories and the art will be hung once we decide which one we will keep. I will post a picture when it's all done.]
I have been on a quest to find art for our mantle for well over a year now. I was visiting TJ Max once a week, Marshalls, Pier One, Target, Burlington Coat Factory etc. and was simply not able to find something in our price range that went with the feel of our home. Yesterday I went to Pier One and left with nothing and almost didn't go to TJ Max but, decided to give it a whirl. Well, to my surprise I found not one but, two oil paintings that I absolutely loved! Seriously, after waiting as long as I have I felt like I was being given the best present ever. I tried to pick one in the store but, couldn't decide between the two. I will say that both my hubby and myself have decided that we like one of these more than the other (we do love them both though) but, the one that we like more doesn't go with the feel of our home as well as the other. Go figure! Part of me wants to keep both and change them up as I get bored or if I feel more formal or more whimsical:). I love the bright, lively feel of #2! It really catches your eye from any angle in our living room. On the other hand I love the elegance and simplicity of #1 and feel that it blends in more. But, is blending in always better? lol. Obviously, this is a matter of preference and tastes but, what would intrigue you more on the wall or in your home? What would make you smile day after day? hehe. My feelings won't be hurt as ultimately we are going to choose what we want but, I'd love feedback because it's fun! Are you more formal or more casual in your style and taste? Three cheers for finding something wonderful after such a long quest!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!


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