Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 3 - Someone I know Who Inspires Beauty

"I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be"
Robert Munsch

Day 3 - Someone I Know Who Inspires Beauty

Lots of people in my life inspire beauty. My husband affirms me with encouraging words and sweet kisses on my forehead. My mom builds my confidence with her wise counsel and endless patience. My girlfriends set such a great example for me by being servants, great wives, mothers and givers. My family fills my heart with joy because they are always there for me. All these people inspire beauty in my life and all in different ways!

Today, however; I would like to draw extra special attention to the one little person who has inspired a whole new level of beauty in me; my daughter, Daisy.

She doesn't talk much yet but, words aren't necessary for her to radiate her love for me in all that she does. Her life is a picture of God's love for me as every day I feel closer to the Lord simply by watching my daughter grow, smile, play, cry, kiss, cuddle and sleep. I am inspired to be a Christ-like example because I want my daughter to know Him! I am inspired to never stop bettering myself for the sake of my daughter. I am inspired to be confident so that I can then in turn invest that confidence back into my daughter. I am inspired to be silly, carefree, more patient, creative, imaginative, disciplined, joyful and abundantly loving!

Daisy, you inspire beauty my sweet girl!


  1. I think it's the purity of a babe. I agree, they inspire love

  2. What a sweet and beautiful post! Last night I was really thinking on this topic for Project 31 and I kept thinking my little girl would be the perfect one! And she is! I love that you wrote about your daughter and how she inspires a Christ-like beauty in you!!! I LOVE THAT!

  3. beautiful:) It is so patient we are with our children knowing that they are just new to this and learning. I need to remember that God has such patience with me as well. Great reminder:)

  4. Casey, that is beautiful!! You are such a great child of God!

  5. Yay Daisy! What a sweet "mommy post".

  6. I love the scriptures you are putting with these posts. I just wrote down the 1 Samuel 16:7 to reread tonight!

  7. Aw thats really sweet! Your baby is REALLY beautiful!

  8. That was great.. and your baby is such a cutie

  9. So sweet! This makes me so excited to have my baby girl in a few weeks!

  10. That's got to be the cutest picture of you two EVER! TOTAL PERFECTION!


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