Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 4 - Picture in a Favorite Outfit and Other Things

I don't have a favorite outfit or a favorite anything for that matter. I tend to like different things depending on my mood or the weather. lol. I am very much a casual person. I would say my black yoga pants, Uggs and a comfy sweater would be high up there on my favorite outfit list but, those things are in the laundry because I wear them so often. hehe. So, my next favorite thing to wear is something that is both comfortable and yet makes me feel feminine and pretty. As a mom I have very little time for hair, makeup or outfits that take too much thought. This is easy to pull on, easy to chase a baby around in and yet nice enough to go out and run errands in and feel somewhat classy. Thanks to my hubby for patiently watching Daisy while I got ready and for taking this picture!

Daisy and Daddy playing on the swing set in our church nursery while I took some pictures for a friend whose daughter is turning one soon.
Gotta love Wal-Mart for an affordable and yet somewhat stylish storage solution for baby toys!!
Yeah! They only look that organized for the picture!
Joey scoping out some crown molding at Lowe's. We are really excited about starting our dining room molding in the spring!
mommy and Daisy hanging out while Daddy checks things out

Ever since the CIO episodes with Daisy at nap time I have noticed an improvement in her nightly sleeping routine. She never slept through the night prior to this but, since she has slept through the night (which for her is 7ish until 5AM) a good 6 or 7 times now. My body doesn't even know how to handle the extra sleep it is getting. I generally go into Daisy's room and give her pacifier back to her and lay her back down (as she is always standing up in her crib at 5 AM) and she goes back to sleep for another hour or so. It is brutal how early Daisy likes to wake up...brutal, but for now I am praising God for the fact that she is sleeping almost 10 hours without waking...not every night but, most nights lately. Baby steps right!

Daisy always holds onto something to keep her balance when she is standing but, just in the past couple of days she is letting go when she gets to a standing position. She wobbles and usually catches herself before falling but, it is really neat to see that she is already exploring her limits. I think walking is a good couple of months of yet but, maybe not. Who knows!

Daisy is clearly saying mama and dada now. She often will say it on cue if she is in a good mood. She imitated Joey several times today and it was the coolest thing ever to hear her understand and repeat after him. It is awesome to hear her holler for us...annoying too sometimes but, mostly awesome! haha

Daisy has begun to do a silly little dance when she hears music. She waves her hands above her head and shakes them back and forth. It is darling! Hmmmm, I really need to get a video of all of these new things!

Okay, that's all for now!


  1. Adorable! Your outfit is really pretty, and i LOVE that storage solution:)

  2. Aww. So cute. Glad she is sleeping better for you. She will be walking soon! You look so pretty in that first photo.

  3. Cozy. Makes me kinda wonder how tall you are--the top and sweater are great lengths on you. Being 5'8" myself, it can be hard to find tops that reach past the top of my jeans/pants/skirt etc.
    Anyway I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't really have a favorite outfit. (I'm working on my pics to blog shortly too)

  4. You are as adorable as that baby of yours!

  5. beautiful casey as usual! Love the outfit, right down my alley too:-) Ottoman picture was great and then I saw how you had the organized toys...hahahaha! I can't help but laugh because I used to have one tub/container of toys and now I have a living room, closet, and entire boys room full of toys! Plus, maybe in a few months you won't be able to shut that thing it will be so full! Love it though:-) Also love the photo of you and Daisy...her feet are getting a little long huh? Soon she will be turned around in that car!!! Yeah for sleep! Enjoy the new stage in mothering:-)

  6. Cute Outfit! Love the top!


  7. So cute! You're adorable and that top pic looks like you ripped it from a magazine add.


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