Sunday, January 16, 2011

What We're Up To

Love Daisy's sweet face and pretty brown eyes in this picture.

I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger and friend, Nicki and her husband Chris. Nicki had contacted me and let me know that she would be in NC visiting family and wondered if we might be able to meet up. I am so glad it worked out because it was a joy to meet them and see what an awesome couple they are in person. Hope we can meet up again next year when you guys visit:-)
Daisy is all about standing and windows are one of her favorite places to hang out
We hang out and play in Daisy's room a lot these days. I moved some of her toys in there so that we can get a change of scenery from the living room which is where we usually hang out. I get a kick out of seeing her being silly with her toys.
Confession time. Joey has been handling the responsibility of preparing dinner for us most nights. He gets off work pretty late these days and by then I am so wiped out that it is a HUGE help. I don't like cooking and Joey oddly enough finds the process to be therapeutic so works for us. Joey, I love you!
I have a thing for baby booties and feetsies. C' know you do too! They are the cutest things on the planet!!!

Sophie still entertains Daisy all these months later!
Although much overdue...this is Daisy in her first pretty girl dress...and her Christmas dress obviously. This is the first time she has worn tights, shiny shoes and a puffy dress. Thanks Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike!! Joey was on a work call and happened to see me walk by with Daisy all dressed up and um...well, let's just say you have never seen a guy melt into mush as fast as Joey did in that instant. He couldn't wait to hold Daisy and tell her how cute she looked. It made my day!
"look mama, I have a fun bell!"

I'm itching to tackle some house projects. Joey and I are hoping to put a chair rail and some crown molding up in our dining room pretty soon. SO excited about this makeover! I have an old hutch in my dining room that needs to be repainted and a couple of lamps that I need to liven up. My wheels are also turning with crafty, cheap party ideas for Daisy's first birthday. I know the last 10 months on my blog have been dominated by our princess which I by no means regret but, I swear...we do other things..well, sometimes. Hopefully, you will get to enjoy a little more variety in the near future but, I promise Daisy will always be the star 99% of the time (so don't worry family:)!


  1. Fun catching up on your blog Casey! Looks like you had a really fun trip over Christmas. Daisy is super cute! Getting so big...but still a baby :-) ~Kimberly

  2. Great catch up post!! It's awesome that Joey does the cooking for you - that is a great help in the evenings I am sure!! Michael cooks from time to time, but it's something I like to do, too - the cleaning up is the bigger chore for me & he always helps with that! Which is great since we both work.

    And yes, I love booties & tiny feet - how can you not? They are too, too adorable!!

  3. That dress is so beautiful! One of the things I love the most about having a girl is all the pretty clothes! You must let me know when Daisy's party is and the theme you choose. I think she needs to be introduced to a Shortycake Creations cookie! :-)

  4. How fun! Looks like you all have been busy! I love her Christmas outfit! I never got Carsyn a Sophie, but I want to.

  5. Great pics....I love her in her Christmas dress and i could just squeeze those legs!! Precious!!!!

  6. Those photos are great Casey! Love her eyes and those toes and that dress - too cute! How fun to have met another blogger. Good times

  7. Her Christmas dress melts me too! And way to go Joey for making dinner! So awesome!

  8. That is so sweet of your honey to help out and cook for you!

    I love babies feeties and booties!!

    Great pics, as always!

  9. I have not been on my blog in so long that I nearly missed this!!! I lovvvvveeeee it! I feel so honored that you included me in your blog! I feel more honored still that you were willing to drive so far to meet us! Thanks again! Yes, baby butts and tootsies are the most awesomest things in the solar system!!! =)))


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