Friday, January 14, 2011

9 Month Stats

You will have to forgive my over protectiveness in this video. Yes, I am one of those parents...the ones who are always saying, "be careful," and always trying to keep their kids from the inevitable face plant on the floor or on on the corner of a dresser. Daisy is really wobbly right now and is getting hurt constantly which is totally normal for a baby/kid but, I can't help but, want to minimize that in any way possible. Some parents are tougher. Evidently, I am not.

This video sums Daisy up pretty well these days. She follows me around constantly, loves doing whatever I am doing and wants me to hold her all the time. It's a challenging season on one hand because babies are so needy during this phase but, on the other hand...and the lens that I am viewing this through is that this season is going to pass so quickly and Daisy will not want to follow me around forever and in a few more years I will miss these days so I really do savor it and adore the fact that this little person thinks so highly of me. Let's face it; no one thinks as highly of us as our tiny, forgiving children. We are quite blessed!

Daisy just had her 9/10 month wellness visit today. She had her most painful shot to date today (just stating what the ped. told me) and she was quite upset after this shot so it must have been unpleasant. Ug, after all the shots we have been through I still am not a big fan of shot days. Daisy has FINALLY slowed down in her growth and weight. She is 18 pounds 9 ounces which is less than I thought. Joey and I thought for sure she would be over 20 by now by her activity level has evidently burned off some weight and kept the new weight from sticking. OH NO! I'm not ready to part with her baby chub...I must feed her lots more now! haha just kidding..not about the chub part though. I seriously want to eat Daisy's legs (in love people) because they make me so happy all chunky and delicious! She is 27.5 inches long which is not a lot of height growth since her last checkup. She is doing great with her development and milestones. Walking could come any day or it could be a while depending on when Daisy feels like taking the plunge:)

updates: After two tough days and nights with naps and bedtime Daisy is back to her normal sleep schedule and not screaming it out anymore. Praise the Lord!Those days were SO draining and hard on me and her but, I'm proud of how quickly she learned to sit and teach herself to go to sleep from that position!

Marriage humor:
I accidentally used my husband's toothbrush for the first time in seven years today. Perhaps this isn't gross to you but, it is disgusting to me and if I think about it too much I will want to puke. I will say that I am amazed I haven't done this sooner into our marriage! haha


  1. She's so cute. Love the close-up of her.

  2. As if this post wasn't great enough, I almost DIED when I read about the toothbrush fiasco! Oh my goodness how freaking funny. Been there done that, but it doesnt gross me out ;)!

  3. Doctor's visits are never fun!! And yeah for Daisy for sleeping well again!! :)

  4. Love her face during the close ups. Hate those doc appts. I always hold back the tears as KLV cries from those shots. Cute comment on my blog re: your nurse. Kill them with kindess. Hope your having a great weekend!

  5. I remember the first time I used Chris's toothbrush for the first time. I was so disgusted! Now I use it whenever I am feeling lazy if mine is by the other sink and I don't want to go get it! Maybe you won't be feeling as pukey about it at 18 years. =) I only started feeling more comfortable with that like a year ago.

  6. So cute! Carsyn was trying to talk to her. lol.

  7. Ok Case. This your Husband. I could be wrong but I swear I heard you burp about 50 seconds into the video. Nice work!!!



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