Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 6 and Day 7

Day 7 - Jaded Beauty. Has the world's definition of beauty ever jaded you?

1. Worn out; wearied: "My father's words had left me jaded and depressed" (William Styron).
2. Dulled by surfeit; sated: "the sickeningly sweet life of the amoral, jaded, bored upper classes" (John Simon).
3. Cynically or pretentiously callous

More specifically I would say, has the Hollywood definition of beauty ever jaded me and my answer to that would be yes. Not every day and certainly not always but, sometimes, yes. It is tiring to be assaulted by the thin, tan, flawless skin, everything looks perfect, designer clothing model image that we see constantly in various forms of media. When I was younger it was much more tiring to
try and keep up with an unattainable beauty standard. As I get older however; I am more at peace in my skin. My athletic build, skin flaws and strong features are what make and most of the time I feel confident being in my skin. On PMS days or whatever you wanna call them, I might feel the need of a superficial beauty treatment to get a pick me up but, those days are rare now. Thank God! I have learned that nothing feels better than to embrace who I am on the blah days and the beaming days. I have found that spending less time in front of the mirror and avoiding beauty magazines and shows has helped me to not focus on me as much and I like that. It feels good to focus on other things!

Day 8 - Have a beauty secret? Share, please!

I have the simplest and most boring beauty routine of anyone I know. I am terrible at doing anything fancy with my uber thick hair and my makeup application has been the same every day for the past 10 years. teehee. I do love putting about 2 or 3 french braids in my hair slightly damp at night and then taking them out in the morning for a nice natural wave that can be sprayed or moussed for a different feel. That has been a life savor for me on special occasions! My hair is always flat as a board and is super thick so curling it takes over an hour. Braids are a faster, simpler solution!


  1. you are a HOT Momma and there is no getting around it.

  2. oh goodness Marlece...I am blushing...if only you knew how not hot I feel 99% of the time;. Thank you for making me smile!

  3. I have the simplest routines too.. no secrets either, I would love to be able to french braid.

  4. So pretty. Great post and photo.

  5. I are gorgeous darling! I think this is one of those topics that worries me a bit having a little girl. Just yesterday K got a hold of my make up bag....took out my blush brush and no lie brushed her one cheek with it...that really opened my eyes to the fact she is watching and taking in more then I may realize.

  6. Thanks for stopping at my blogg! And I agree, this whole project has been really eye-opening and a great experience. And I LOVE your look! I used to do the same thing sometimes when my hair was long!!

  7. You are very beautiful - no need to do much at all!!! You have a great look!

    I have thick hair, too and sometimes when I go to bed with it slightly damp I pull it all up on top of my hair in a very loose bun. Then when I wake up it's got very lose waves and the top dried going up so it isn't too flat.

  8. For an example of "unattainable" check out the photos I posted for day 6. We're all flawed in a beautiful sort of way.

  9. I always thought your hair was naturally wavy, didn't know it was from braids. I love your hair! You are naturally beautiful! I too care less the older I get about not looking perfect. The looks I go out in public sometimes (now) I would never have been caught dead going out like that in high school! Inner beauty, aiming for that!


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