Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flying With a Baby -- Happy New Year 2011!!

I am slightly germaphobic in case you didn't know that about me. I will say though that since having a child I have become less and less concerned about germs (makes no sense right??). What I have quickly learned is that while traveling I can't keep my daughter from chewing on the edge of every fast food table when I forget her travel place mat. I don't have time to sanitize her toys and pacifiers every time she flings them out of her mouth while we are running full speed across a terminal to catch a flight. I can't hold my daughter for 3 hours while we are on a layover at the airport when she needs to crawl and get her energy out...Oh my gosh I still cringe when I think about how black Daisy's pj's were after I let her crawl around on the floor. I had to take her to the bathroom before we boarded and washed her black hands and feet in the sink with soap. EWW!! I suppose I could have found ways to not let these things happen but, when I think about how much more stressful that could have made our traveling experience I heck with it, happy baby, happy mommy...happy mommy, happy daddy:-). Perhaps that is why my little angel now has a cold. Too many germs on this vacation or perhaps it was just inevitable. I suppose traveling with a dozen severely sick people in a plane who were hacking their lungs up and rooming with a good deal of sick family over Christmas probably could be the culprit too. lol.

In summary, Daisy did far better than we expected on the four flights we had to take this Christmas. She slept 90% of the red eye flight out to CA, though I must add that she squirmed and fussed and woke up several times, making sleep and comfort absolutely impossible for me for five hours...brutally uncomfortable and I hope to never again share a seat with an infant...but, she slept, Praise God! The flight coming home to NC was a day flight and this one was certainly the most challenging. It took every ounce of mental and physical energy for my husband and myself to keep Daisy preoccupied with toy after toy, walking around the plane, eating cheerios, nursing, bouncing, standing up in the window etc. to keep her content for 5 hours. I equate these two home coming flights to me running a 40 mile marathon. I felt that dead when we landed...but, she behaved excellently as a result of our efforts. We even got several compliments from men and women on all flights stating how wonderful and charming Daisy is. We did after all make all the effort to keep Daisy quiet to keep them happy so it was refreshing to hear that they appreciated it! lol.

What I learned about flying with Daisy:

1. Bring lots AND LOTS of toys and by toys I mean things like: TV remotes, magazines, food wrappers, cell phones, lip gloss, desitin tubes, bottles of shampoo, wipe containers, and new toothbrushes. Her real toys were pretty worthless but, our "things" were a gold mine of fun for her!

2. Though it goes against everything in your fiber to let an infant have something sweet before they turn one...or perhaps two...a sees sucker might just become your best friend, a life savor, a hero in a plastic wrapper! Think about it...those suckers are quite large...they taste delicious, I should know because I only got five licks and Daisy got 4,000 and it was supposed to be my treat to myself...sigh. I will have to buy some online soon. Anyways, that sucker gave us an hour of distraction (along with all of those toys), then Daisy took a little nap and I saved the rest of the sucker for when she woke up and it gave us another hour! Don't judge me...flying calls for desperate measures! hahaha. For the record...I am still very anti sweets for my kiddo for as long as possible. This was what I'd like to call a special occasion:-)

3. Changing a baby's diaper on a plane...ummm, clearly infants were not thought about when airplane bathrooms were designed. At one point I thought Daisy had gone #2 so I marched nervously to the microscopic bathroom in the back of the plane..shut the door behind us and realized that not only could I not turn around in that tight space but, there was absolutely no where to lay Daisy down...even the toilet seat (shut) was too small to support half of her body. I began to feel sweaty and a tad bit overwhelmed...checked her diaper and found that it had just been a fantasticly stinky toot. Fabulous!!! Diaper situation averted!! And no, I could not have changed her diaper in a seat as I was smashed in the middle of a heavy set person and my husband on all 4 flights...hyperventilate with me please. Cattle call anyone?? :-)

4. I discovered that Daisy was absolutely fascinated by the air blowing out of the vents above us. I would lift her up to the vent and let the air blow around her hair and face and she would open her mouth and flap her arms and legs wildly with the hugest smile on her face. Yes, all I could think of was, "look at my cute puppy sticking her head out the window." It entertained Daisy for an hour. My arms were numb and tingling after five minutes so Joey and I took turns hoisting her over our heads and soaked up her excitement as it was quite priceless...the other passengers agreed:0. Try it sometime!

In conclusion: If we can afford to we will purchase a seat for Daisy the next time we fly. I will probably not wear Uggs as I felt like I was overheating 90% of the time but, between the jackets, diaper bag and my purse I could not even reach my feet to take my Uggs off. I am thankful that flights are only 5 hours...driving would be 40+. It was very worth it even if it was beyond exhausting. Daisy did great! Truly, we were so proud of her and I think we loved her even more after the entire experience because we all survived and did far better than we expected. Way to go Daisy bean!!

What tricks have you learned that help your flying experiences to go more smoothly?


  1. I loved this post because it brought back so many great memories of flying to Virginia with Brayden. It was FAR better than I could have ever imagined as well but still came with trials. Things I learned was: do NOT wear flip flops in order to try to avoid having to take shoes off for security, it made running to catch my next flights quite hazardous, especially while pushing a stroller, I brought plenty of toys too, and you are right, Brayden was much happier with all of my stuff, I too was pretty anti-sweets before one but distinctly remember welch's fruit snacks being a LIFE saver for me with Brayden on these flights, and blessed blessed you, I had 3 poopy diapers, one during take off! That part wanted to make me write a letter to the airline board or something because it was so infuriating to try to change him in the tiny bathroom on top of the toilet every single time!
    So proud of you guys for taking on such a huge edeavor and so glad you had such a wonderful vacation! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. Happy New Year! Glad your trip was fun and Daisey did so well. We bring our computer which can serve as a tv/movie player, books etc. Hope 2011 is great

  3. You are one brave woman but I'm glad it all went well. Happy New Year!

  4. Only YOU could look like a supermodel while travelling! I'm a mess when I travel - LOL! I'm so glad you had such a great trip! I think we're going to make our first airplane venture since Livia has been born this coming April. I'm sure that will be interesting - ha! I have SO enjoyed getting to know you this year, and have a wonderful 2011! :-)

  5. Ha ha! Too funny about the bathroom. I am glad it went good for the most part. Happy New Year!

  6. yeah, it is quite an adventure flying with a baby. You're plane didn't have at least one bathroom with a fold down changing table? Must have been an old, old plane. We too succumbed to the sucker trick with the girls. We would try to be sneaky and give only Claire one, but Emily didn't miss a beat and would start throwing a fit because she too wanted one. It sounds like you two handled everything like pros. And thank you for making time to see me...It was such a treat!

  7. Welcome home! Seems like you've been away forever! :-) Props to you for taking Daisy on a flight. B is 2.5yrs and I still cringe at the thought. (I used to be an everyday business flyer so I still think in terms of 'annoying vacationers and their kids' on flights!). A cold for her was inevitable. B has been sick off and on for the past 2 months and that's with me crazily keeping her out of reach of other germ infested kids. :-( Even in a sterilized enviro kids still manage to find the germs!

    Well, glad you're back, can't wait to read about your time in Sunny CA!

  8. You look so cool and stylish even when flying!! I've never flown with my kids, so I don't have any tips. I think it's so funny that Daisy's favorite toys were remotes, magazines, lip gloss, ect. because it's so true - it's the real stuff that babies seem to like to play with!!

    So glad you had a nice trip! Happy New Year!

  9. Cody always got cold when we flew. Just because of being up in the air. He just had bad ears so we use to take all kinds for him to suck on. We went with all three of our several times flying. But I am the one that has to make sure someone else could have eyes and keep them busy. I get motion sickness and take stuff to help and I am no good but to sleep. Kids usually would give me their stuff to listen too or watch on trips we have went on. It is harder with younger children. We even did a mistake of taking Cody to Disney World and Disney Land at 1 and 2. It is hard for sure. With him I would have to take him to the doctor to see if he was ok to travel since we never knew if he had ear infection because he could take pain. So doctor would say he was fine but every time we came back it was a doctor visit and a ear infection. Sure it was from being up so high. And glad to hear you had a great trip.

  10. When we went to Disney World we had so much fun with all kids. Kim (cousin) drove from WV too with Kayty and Kryby and the kids had so much fun. We had ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Of course Kim, James and I went to Paradise Island that was only for 21 years old. Did we have some fun that night. :0)


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