Friday, December 31, 2010

9 Months Old and Finally Back to Blogging...

I love this picture of Daisy with my good friend Melissa. M happened to have a cute baby apron that matched hers. She put it on Daisy and handed Daisy a mixer and whalah the cutest pic ever! Below: Melissa also loaned us a super useful baby travel chair and it was such a lifesavor!! Daisy really enjoyed it you can tell:)
Joey and her Daddy hanging out at Great Grandma and Papa's house. She got spoiled with lots of presents as did we and we all enjoyed a ton of delicious food! Thanks so much Grandma and Papa!!
Daisy meeting her Great Papa Martinez for the first time.
Daisy and her GG (Great Grandma Marshall). They too met for the first time on this trip. Daisy loved her GG!

Today my sweet little Daisy Love is 9 months old on none other than New years Eve! Happy Nine months to our darling little girl. Joey and I are both blown away at how fast the time has gone with our child. In just a mere three months we will be celebrating her first year of life and our first year of having a child and managing to stay sane through all of the lively changes and adjustments. lol.
Some things that have changed since her 8 month post
-She eats just about anything and everything (in small amounts) but the funny thing is she is still very picky about picking up slimy foods or brightly colored vegies with her own hands. I can spoon feed her just about anything thankfully. She enjoys cheese, eggs, all fruits, beans, rice and so on..and sweets unfortunately.
-She is crawling like a pro now and is pulling up on everything and will stand with assitance. In fact she is more interested in pulling up on all of our dangerous end tables, armoires, dressers and chairs than playing with her loads of amazing toys at the moment. I have to watch her like a hawk all the time, which is beyond exhausting because she is very prone to face planting while attempting to pull up on things right now. Perhaps Daisy needs her own empty room with nothing other than toys so I can get things done and she doesn't smash her face? lol
-She is struggling with separation anxiety again though we have only run into an issue twice since Joey and I have only been on a couple of solo dates in the past couple months (we need to work on this, clearly!). She tends to cry pretty much the entire time we are gone. This is unfortunate for us, for her and for those watching her. I hope it passes quickly!
-She wears 12 month clothing
-Has babbled mama, dada, bye bye
-Has 8 teeth but, I believe she is working on 1 or 2 more at the moment (crazy!!)
-LOVES giving kisses with an open mouth. She also enjoys kissing magazines with baby faces and mirrors while looking at herself. It's too cute!
-Wiggles is still her favorite show
-Cries whenever I walk out of a room if it is just me and her at home. Drives me crazy but, I know it's only because she loves me:-).
That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure more will come to me as soon as I publish this post!

I'm a tad unsure of what to even write in this post as I have far too much to catch up on... In the past 19 days I think I only posted one blog entry! That is an all time record of absence for me. I missed blogging tremendously while I was out in California but, internet breaks were in very short supply and by the end of each busy day with family and friends I was almost always too pooped to do anything other than crawl into bed after my munchkin fell asleep. It was such a blessing to be with all of our loved ones during the Christmas season and even more special that we got to introduce Daisy to everyone who had not yet met her!

I will be posting a slew of pictures over the next couple of weeks and updating you all on our very uninteresting lives that you missed out on:-). I lost a memory card full of videos and pictures of Christmas while eating at a restaurant one afternoon. I was devastated and it took me a few days to get over the ache of losing memories because if you know me at all you know my brain will not store the memories for me. The restaurant was not able to locate the tiny memory card so I had to surrender my grief to the Heavens and be thankful that I had so many pictures from before and after Christmas to share and I am...very thankful that I have what I do. Stay tuned for adventures of flying with an infant, eating delicious California cuisine, lots and lots of visitors, Christmas fun, highlights and lessons learned from our 2010 Christmas trip!

Happy New Year's Eve!! We hope you all had a wonderful 2010 and we pray that the new year of 2011 is full of new adventures, blessings and challenges that will strengthen you and build you. God Bless each of you!!

My resolutions: (For the record I never make resolutions at the start of the new year as they tend to set me up for failure but, the things I have already been working on and setting in motion might as well be called resolutions:-)

1. Eat out minimally (one because we need to spend less and two because I need to eat better)
2. Think Positively
3. Get plugged in to a mommy and me playgroup to get both myself and my daughter more socialized
4. Me and the hubs want to get more plugged in to a bible study and in to our church
5. Praise God always on good days and bad and spend time with Him everyday!


  1. I love this post! The pictures are beautiful! I hope you are doing well my friend! Happy 9 months! It is a really adorable time! Your resolutions are wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful New Year filled with love, great health and plenty of laughter! Happy New Year!

    Mama Hen

  2. Happy New Year, I had posted on your last, I MISS YOU! It really does leave a hole when a 'bloggie buddy' leaves the scene. I sure am glad you are back!Look forward to reading more as we go into 2011!

  3. I haven't been blogging either but I am looking forward to catching up with everyone again! Welcome back!!!

  4. I love everything about this post. Great photos! Wonderful resolutions. Happy New Year!!

  5. So glad you are back...definitely missing my Casey/Joe/Daisy fix! Love your resolutions and/or ideas for the new year! Can't believe it is already here! We shall catch up soon about your adventures...Daisy is a cutie as always!


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