Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

I just love these pictures of Logan, Austin and Daisy watching a Christmas movie together on the laptop on the floor. It was really early in the morning and I stuck Daisy in the middle of the boys for a picture and she was far more interested in looking at me and the camera (big surprise right:) haha, than watching the show. I just love her pooky sleepy face and how cute she looks in between the big boys. Yes, it made me think about having more kids..someday (no I am not in a hurry for another baby) and how special moments like these are with my friend and her kids!

This one especially makes me smile:) Both boys looking at Daisy and her grinning ear to ear! hehe
Black Friday Joey's mom called and said she had an early Christmas surprise for Joey. It was a wonderful surprise for Joey and for me! A miter saw and a " man's grill," as Joey calls it. I get to enjoy amazing grillin' and now my hubby can get to work on some chair rails and crown molding some day:). Such a blessing!! Thank you Cindy!! Also, a special treat was that along with Cindy came cousin Daniel, Aunt Kathy and Grandma and Grandad again. It was a fun morning!

Our Family Thanksgiving picture thanks to Elissa who took this for me:). Daisy went to bed for the night shortly after this was taken. Unfortunately she can only hang until around 7ish now. She didn't eat a whole lot of Thanksgiving food..just rolls and a little mashed potatoes...she just wanted to sleep! Thanks Grandma Lulu for the perfect holiday bib!
Happy first Thanksgiving sweet Princess!
Austin really enjoyed hanging out in Daisy's exersaucer. It was cute to see how much he enjoyed it! Logan wanted to get in too but, we figured he might be a tad too big now. Logan is going to be four next year and Austin will be two...holy cow, where did the time go??
Me and my bestie, Elissa and our kiddos. Elissa is currently pregnant with her third precious bundle due later March of next year. They are waiting to find out what they are having and as most people know...surprises kill me. I'm DYING to know what she is having so next year will be quite exciting for all of us!! Elissa's hubby, Mike is serving our country overseas in Iraq until next year and we missed his company very much but, it was an absolute joy and honor to have Elissa come to our home with her kids and carry on our Thanksgiving tradition of spending this holiday together...I think we have spent 4 Thanksgivings together now?? Hope to have more too! Love you Elissa friend!
These pictures were all taken by Elissa and I'm so happy that she snapped a few of Daisy since I slaced. Daisy is such a crack up and she loved her outfit and musical zoo present from Auntie Elissa but, she especially loved the boys little I bought her one for Christmas..shhhhhh
Yes, I could kiss her face all over, slober and all. Love her chubby cheeks and those dark eyes:).
My sweet pregnant friend Elissa getting a rare moment to sit and sip coffee while the kids and my hubby watch Toy Story 3. I think we all got pretty sucked into the cartoon quite honestly..except Elissa who has probably seen it a kajillion times already:). I look forward to when Daisy is old enough to enjoy watching an entire cartoon. I'm really behind in seeing them and am eager to watch them with her!! :)
The boys watching the show and staying cozy on the couch. It ws a chilly weekend in NC!
Joey's family and my friend Elissa and her boys joined us for Thanksgiving at our house. It was SOOOOO wonderful to have a lively and festive house for the holiday!! I enjoyed every second of it all. The meal was quick and easy to prepare, the food turned out great, the company was wonderful and I felt like I was bursting at the seems with food and joy:). I didn't take many pictures of us eating or cooking...something I need to get better about. Maybe this Christmas I will work on that but, not likely as we will be out of state visiting family in California!! Yippee!!

We actually will be celebrating our first big Christmas this Wednesday believe it or not. Since all of us NC family are flying out to CA we decided it would be easier to celebrate here than to ship all of our presents to CA only to have to ship them right back. I am super excited!! We will have about 10 adults and little Daisy all hanging out at our house, exchanging presents and enjoying another yummy meal together! I can't wait!! Just hope the hubs recovers fully from his flu by then. He has had a brutal sore throat and cough for over a week now...I'm praying and praying that me and Daisy don't get it right before flying to CA next week.....noooooooo. I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful festive season!! It is going by so fast already!!


  1. What precious photos! Love the one with Daisy and the boys looking at her. What a perfect shot!

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time. Cute pictures.

  3. Looks like so much fun! The pictures are great! I hope you have a Merry Christmas this Wednesday! :)

  4. What do I spy with my little eye...
    1. A Donald Duck cartoon! My favorite Disney character! Glad to see you are raising Daisy with taste ;)
    2. A pumpkin...hey, I thought Halloween was over :p
    3. A beautiful home full of family and friends! What a treasure!! :D

  5. It looks like so much fun in those pics! I'm glad you had a festive and joyful Tgiving! Hope Joey feels better soon, it's no fun having a bad sore throat and cough for over a week (I recently recovered from one). Praying for good health for y'all :)


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