Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daisy's First Christmas

A lot of these pictures were taken with the flash on too strong and were unfortunately overexposed; however, when I accidentally pressed the delete button and lost several other Christmas pictures on my camera before I had a chance to download them, I realized how priceless a picture is regardless of it's exposure...perhaps a lesson the Lord wanted me to chew on. Thanks for the near death experience! ahhhh. I'm was so bummed about the pictures I lost but, the ones I have make me so happy and capture our evening very well!

One of the pics that was delted was one that showed that Daisy's shirt says, "My Grandma spoils me." Very cute and very true! :-)
Do you see all of those presents? 99% of them were for Daisy:-) Yes, she made out like a bandit! Here she is hanging out with her Uncle Mike.
Daisy was having a great time hamming it up on Great Grandma Bailey's lap as you can tell
"Mom, when do I get to open my pwesents? I'm tired of waiting."
"mmmmm, wrapping paper is delicious!"
Daddy proudly showing off Daisy's first tea set that sings and teaches. So cute.
Auntie Jess and Auntie Kathy enjoying the Daisy Christmas Show
Blurry or not this picture is the real deal. I was that excited for Daisy. It's so fun to be a parent at Christmas (and all the rest of the time too of course)!!

Our Family Photo
Okay, so this picture cracks me up for a few reasons...look at my expression. Is that the look of someone excited about Barney sing along DVD's or terror stricken?? ahhahahah. Just kidding. I actually was excited about the sing along videos (Joey wasn't because he is not a fan of Barney) but, somehow this picture captured both me and Daisy in a funny pose. Look at her face!! What a crack up!!
Our sweet angel baby
Auntie Jess and her sweetie pie
Jess and her boyfriend Noah hanging out with Daisy
Another great Daisy face:-) Too bad I wasn't looking in the right place. Sigh. lol
Let the toy playing begin! The serious face here is a prime indicator that Daisy is tired. She smiles a bit less and wants her pacifier and blankie when she starts fading. She did great all night though!
She got this really cool car that she can ride on or stand and walk with. She LOVES being pushed all over the house on it and on her giraffe "car." I have a really cute video to post later of her riding the car around the house.
See those three bottom teeth? Well, now she has at least one or two more breaking in and making her miserable this week.
Grandma loves her Daisy very much!

Daddy doing what Daddy does best. Putting things together and making his little princess happy:-)
Isn't this Giraffe cute.....or is it just that my hubby is so cute?? I dunno:). That wraps up the pics

We had a delicious prime rib dinner with all of our family out in NC. It was such a blast to have everyone together. As I have said before, I really love having a lively, full house! Daisy got so many presents and so many fun things to enjoy for a long time to come. Thank you everyone for spoiling her. She held up great the entire night and especially wanted the wrapping paper as often as she could get her hands on it.

Daisy is crawling like a champ just a matter of two weeks and drumroll, she is able to go from a crawling position to a sitting up position now too!! This is all happening so fast I just don't know what to do!! She is also pulling herself up on things but, is not strong enough to full stand just yet...VERY close! She is incredibly active. It's insane! lol. She does still cry when she rolls onto her tummy at night in her crib because she never learned to sleep on her stomach and for whatever reason she chooses to forget how to roll back to her back at night so she screams bloody murder until someone goes in and turns her back over. Hopefully that will stop by the time she turns 18!! hehe

Daisy you are such a big, happy girl!! You loved your presents and the attention that was lavished on you this Christmas! You smile for everyone and give kisses like crazy. What a sweetie pie you are!


  1. Looks like a great day! I think my favorite picture even though you are looking down is that smile on Daisy's face. She is a little ham isn't she? What a great day, don't you just feel so blessed?

  2. Looks like a great time. She was spoiled. ha ha!! Have a great trip! :)

  3. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE all the pictures! What a fun time with family.

    Isnt the holidays so much sweeter with a little one?!!

  4. The pictures are still great and looks like you all had a wonderful time. KLV has that tee set and it was one of her favorite little toys. Hope you are having fun with her sea of new toys.

  5. Looks like you all had a wonderful day!! :)

  6. Great photos of your family. Daisy is so spoiled ;-) in s good way! It's the same way at Christmas with my boys being the only grandkids on one side. All the gifts are for them! :-) Daily is adorable!

  7. yay!!! isn't it so fun to have our first christmas with the kiddos??! i've always loved christmas... but having a child just takes it to a whole new level. looks like you've had a blast kicking off christmas! and happy travels to you as you go to california! :)

  8. Loving all those toys! Lila is going to want to come play at Daisy's house now :-) Hope you had an awesome flight and can't wait to hear all about the trip to CA!


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