Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Babies Love Starbucks!

I have not had internet access for much of this trip so I apologize to all of our family who so enjoy seeing their Daisy updates every morning. I have loads of pictures and lots of stories to share about the flight, this trip and my little Daisy bean but, for now I thought I would let you enjoy one of my favorite videos of Daisy too date. I was at Target waiting for my warm Starbucks drink and it must have been the festive music, the happy people or just Daisy being Daisy but, she was too cute!! By the way..this was when it was still warm out which is why she has no socks or shoes on...this video is a handful of weeks old now.

We hope you are all enjoying your Christmas week! It is very special being here in California with both of our families. Daisy has already gotten some sweet gifts from her Great Grandma and Papa and we are loving the chance to reconnect with so many people..not to mention eating at all of our favorite places. A diet will certainly be necessary when we get home to North Carolina. NC friends and family we miss you too!

We pray that the joy of the Lord is filling you this season. I'm so thankful for Jesus and his sweet, simple birth. For His gift I am most grateful. Be blessed everyone. xoxo


  1. nice to see you back in cyberworld...Merry Christmas Casey!

  2. What a cute video. I have missed seeing her. Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Can't wait to see all your stories.

  3. I love her, i can now really put a personality to all these pictures and videos. I miss you guys! Already, how am i going to last until the next time I get to see you?

  4. Casey, she is such a cutie pie!! what a sweet heart!


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