Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Up To

Nothing like a lovely Christmas wreath to give a festive touch to an otherwise blah storm door

We got our first snow this week. A light snow but, so beautiful! And Daisy's first ever!! So special!
Daisy had her four pack friend, Lila over for a late night hangout this past Saturday while her parents were at a work dinner. The girls did great together and it was fun for me to see Daisy interacting with another baby. Lila is such a sweetie pie.
Evidently they both wanted their pacifiers in at the same time too...

Daisy got a package in the mail from Grandma Lulu and she was very excited to rip it open...with her mouth of course
And inside were these adorable My first Christmas jammies for Daisy (of course)...I had been looking everywhere for some for Daisy. It was such perfect timing and was a very thoughtful gift! Thank you Lulu!
showing off some of her moves
She loves her basket of toys
Most mornings I sit Daisy next to her basket of toys and she enjoys pulling them all out and showing them to me or chewing on them. She is so cute with her pooky morning face and always checking to make sure mom and the camera are nearby...yup, still here baby girl!
hmmmm....what have we here??
Love you Daisy my sweet girl!
Tomorrow we celebrate our family Christmas here in North Carolina. Exciting huh! I'm going to try and make sure that Joey and I get in more of the pictures since we so seldom do. We'll see how that works out! lol. Can't wait to share the moments with you all later this week and then we are off for California. Whew!

Daisy is crawling like a champ for the most part the biggest problem we are facing is that she is throwing up horribly from all the effort she puts into crawling since it is still such a new exercise for her. A good ten times a day or so. It's wearing me out cleaning up after her and I'm sure she isn't enjoying it much either. It is neat to see her improving on her crawl though and tiring to keep her out of harms way. hehe. This little girl is growing up so fast I just can't believe it!

It is FREEZING here in North Carolina. Even when our heater is on and I have warm clothes on my feet feel numb and my nose is always cold in our house. I think this is the coldest winter I have experienced yet to date in NC. The wind is making it brutal. I've had to go out in it twice now with Daisy and it is just miserable out. I would definitely stay inside all winter long if I could figure out how to do so! lol. As you can tell, cold weather is not my thing...at all!

I've got nothing else. Hope you are all enjoying this festive time of year with the ones you love!


  1. thanks for the pictures! Got my fill for the day:-) Those pics of her and Lila are funny because they both have the same expressions, holding things in their mouths, etc...so classic. It is crazy how cold it has been, but i am trying to be thankful for it because I definitely go out less with the boys! Have fun and a Merry Christmas!

  2. Gosh darn I just want to pick Daisy up and give her cuddles she's so darn cute! I hear you on the puking. I have a puker therefore no more area rugs. :-)

    Have a great time in CA! Merry Christmas!

  3. Amazing pictures - she is sooo freaking adorable!!! I'm glad you mentioned the first Christmas outfit - reminds me I need to get one for Aaron!!! My mother sews, embroiders, appliques, etc...I think I'll ask her to make him something!!!!

  4. Aww. She is so adorable! Great pictures. It has been sooo cold in NC already. Hope you have fun in CA enjoy the warmth. Merry Christmas!

  5. She is the cutest!! I love your decorations!

  6. Looks like pajamas were the perfect gift for staying inside from the cold!! :) Thanks for your encouraging words too. God will pull us through - He always does!

  7. Those pink jammies are adorable but we can't see her yummy little toes in them! That's ok...the first pic takes care of that! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration!!! Hope the snow didn't mess up the drivers! =)

  8. she is so cute with her lil friend! Love the pictures, she is just adorable.

  9. Thank you so much for watching Lila on their first little play date! I love the pictures and just kept thinking how much fun it will be to show them their first play time one day. Thanks again!


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