Wednesday, January 12, 2011

California Sunshine = Picture Time

When most people think of California they tend to think of sunshine..everyday. I should know as I lived there for nearly 24 years. When we visited this past Christmas it rained non-stop and was quite cold 95% of our 16 day trip! This day happened to be beautiful, warm and sunny just as I am used to California being. Finally a day that Daisy could crawl around on the grass for the first time EVER. It was so much fun to watch her enjoying the warm air in the middle of winter and so special to be able to capture so many beautiful pictures of my family. I adore these shots of Daisy in my Grandma's garden chair.

This picture absolutely cracks me up! You all wonder how I capture so many creative pitures of my daughter? I couldn't do it without a second set of hands very close by to catch her as she careens over the edge of the garden chair in her excitement!! Daisy literally leaned forward without a care in the world and was ready to topple face first onto the ground but, loving hands steadied her and allowed me to continue shooting the moment. Thanks extra hands!

Love these pictures of Daisy and her Great Grandma Marshall or as we like to call her, GG. GG, adores her Daisy bean and every morning Daisy and GG would have a little happy moment together. Thank you GRam for letting us stay at your house and come and go non-stop! Miss you! xoxo

These two pictures are very special. Four generations. Patricia Marshall, her daughter Lynne Hart, her daughter me Casey Martinez and my daughter Daisy Martinez. Awesome stuff!
love seeing my Dad laughing with Daisy. Priceless!

Auntie Anna and Daisy
Uncle Ryan and Daisy hamming up together. Uncle Ryan adores Daisy and gets very silly with her. I love seeing their wild expressions together!

Grandma and Papa Hart and Daisy bean

me and my bro.
me and my Anna Boo
Daisy enjoying the bright, sunshine day

Oh how I long for more sunny days and the chance to play outside with my little girl instead of being cooped up in the house all the time. I am a Spring, Summer, Fall girl in case you didn't know. Can't wait for swimming pool time, long walks around the block, flowers, leaves on the trees again, flip flops and tank tops and a baby back in onesies so I can admire what is left of her chubby legs;)


  1. Um, I love these shots, especially the 4 generation one, how precious, and priceless and what a framer! I am an all seasons girl, but since I am pregnant this winter and cant enjoy any winter sports and instead the iciness just heightens my clumsiness, am anxiously waiting for Spring and Summer too!!

  2. I love all your pics of that beautiful baby!!! When Emma was little her exersaucer was my 2nd set of hands before she was able to set up on her own! LOL!!!

  3. those ARE some priceless pictures Casey! Definitely frame them and keep them. I hear you on the sunshine and warmth...I just wan't wait to have my windows and door open...I bought a tissue box the other day with palm trees on it to give me hope...haha! Love LOVE those pictures! Daisy is a riot!

  4. These pictures are beautiful - and it must be nice to enjoy some warmer weather. It's' so cold in NC!

  5. So gorgeous! I am tired of the cold too.

  6. Those pics are wayyy too precious! I can't believe that is your mom! She looks so young!!! My favorite one is the angry face! I laughed so hard at that one!! Have a great day!


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