Wednesday, January 19, 2011

50 is the new 25

HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY TO KATHY! So glad we could all be there with you to celebrate in Wilmington!

Above: The boys are grubbing on some amazing Olive Garden for dinner. Talk about an awesome birthday feast! Below: The group hanging out and eating and don't blame me for the dark pictures..well, you can if you really want to. I only brought my point and shoot and it's flash is really point and This will teach me to leave my nicer camera at home!
The family picture: the Axlerod family (birthday girl's family!), the Martinez family and the Bailey Great Grandparents
our cousin Daniel hanging out with Daisy. Daniel has a special bond with Daisy. He lives in Florida but, has happened to visit on many special such night being the night Daisy first learned to crawl! A lot of people on Facebook think Daisy is Daniel's daughter because they have so many pictures together...personally, I think it's funny and like to add to the confusion by encouraging it! hahaha.
The birthday girl, Aunt Kathy, Daisy and Daniel
The Birthday family. Robin flew in from Ohio just for the night's festivities and had to rush back to OH super early in the AM. No one knew she was coming so it was a huge surprise to ALL and very wonderful! Daniel drove up from Florida to surprise his mom. These kids are amazing aren't they! lol. And Mike, KAthy's husband is the master mind behind this awesome surprise party! Great job Mike! I'm telling you...Daisy looks like she was adopted into this this one too Daniel! haha
The sisters;0. Cindy was also a planner and party decorator...and she is wearing boots...they aren't really this different in their height. I can't help but point that out. haha. Daisy jumps in every picture!
And this is what a baby looks like after a long party night and a busy family day. Pooped! She did UH-mazing though. I'm in awe of my daughter. She is a pure delight and a joy to be with these days. She is all smiles, grins, squeals and silliness. I love you to pieces Daisy girl!


  1. Looks like it was a fun time!!! I always carry my P&S in my purse so I won't miss anything - the pictures are never as good as with my DSLR, but the memories are just as wonderful!!!!

  2. Looks like fun. Yummy Olive Garden.

  3. Looks like a good time and the last photo is my fav! thanks for stopping by - love that your biz is taking off. You go girl!!


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