Thursday, January 20, 2011


Scary Movies- I wish I was tougher and could handle watching a horror / scary movie with my hubby. It sounds like so much fun to squeal, cover my eyes and cuddle up with him but, let's recount...the last scary movie I got suckered into watching with a group of people went something like this, me: "honey, I'm going to cover my eyes until the scary part is over." my husband: "okay, but I'm just telling you, the entire movie is scary so you will spend a lot of time with your hands over your eyes. Why don't you just take a nap and I will wake you up when it's over." Me: "yah, that is probably a good idea." If I get any glimpses of anything creepy I will ultimately suffer dearly by having nightmares and more or less see monsters in the shadows in my room for weeks. I don't know why my imagination has no self control but, I guess that skill is something I never acquired as a child. lol.

Spiders- I know this isn't a picture of a spider but, to be perfectly honest, just looking at pictures of spiders or seeing them on TV or in a magazine is enough to get my skin crawling. Yes, I would say that my feelings towards spiders borderlines on being a phobia but, you might feel that way too if you had two encounters with a black widow! Once in junior high we were helping our teacher move her old art supply boxes that hadn't been moved in years. I picked one up and unbeknowst to me a black widow had hopped on my shirt and was crawling towards my face. My body went cold and I kept shaking my shirt but, the spider just kept crawling up, up and up...finally I was able to fling it off and someone stepped on it for me...sorry, tragic day for the BW. Then just a year ago at a family member's house I was turning a chandelier on by flipping the switch which happened to be on the floor in the corner of the room and I might as well of picked the black widow up as it was sitting under the switch when I grabbed it. Yes, heart attack. So no...I do not like spiders!

Being Cold- I don't handle being cold very well. It doesn't matter how much clothing I put on, I still feel miserable when I have to run an errand in the winter. I wear slippers and a jacket in my house all day and that is with the heater on! I find myself grinding my teeth when I have to go outside in cold weather. Evidently grinding my teeth helps distract me from the angry thoughts I have about how much I don't like feeling cold! haha
Onions- I am not a picky eater and I am always willing to try new foods but, one food that I cannot eat raw is an onion. I cannot stand them raw. For years I wouldn't eat them at all but, just in the past few years I have learned that when they are very well cooked the acidity that I hate goes away and I can actually tolerate them and enjoy the flavorful benefits! I keep trying them raw and end up gagging every time. They also burn my eyes horribly if I am remotely near them when they are being cut so I leave that task to my husband! IT annoys him that he has to make two batches of salsa. One without onions just for me and another large batch with lots of onions for everyone else...the normal people. hehe

Truth be told there are many other things that I don't care for but, these are the biggies. I got the idea to post this after visiting Remember Ember. What are your big dislikes?


  1. We have the same dislikes. ha ha. :)

  2. I almost couldn't finish reading about your spider encounters...I started getting all fidgety and tense. I'm terrified of them too.

  3. hahaha!! This sounds like me!! I dislike sacry movies, I cant handle them! I also dont like spiders at all!! dont like being cold, and dont like onions either way.. lol!

  4. LOL! I remember the first time I saw The Exorcist. I sat on the chair, eyes covered, saying out loud "In Jesus Name, In Jesus Name..." I still cannot watch the movie without fear of becoming possessed!

  5. I can pretty much ditto you. My mind also has no self control. I have learned that I have to guard it fiercely or I pay the price later. And onions - gag.

  6. I think we are WAY alike...I watched a scary movie in junior high and it was about a girl who was taking a shower and blood started coming out of the shower head, the shower door locked on her, you get the picture right? My poor sister had to sit on the toilet seat for months after that and wait for me to take my shower cuz I couldn't do it alone.
    I HATE being cold too! I am telling you, there is nothing like that HOT shower to warm a girl up when that cold gets right down into her bones! I HEAR YOU!!!!
    Love hearing about you!

  7. Okay - I'm with you on the spiders, but I have to say I like all the other stuff. Even being cold - but that's b/c the alternative is terrible for me - if I get too hot, particular if it's hot and muggy out - that's a sure enough trigger for my migraines. Summers in Houston are miserable for me if I'm outside too long. It sucks b/c I feel like I either have to miss out on fun stuff or pay for it later if I spend a long time out in the heat.

  8. Heheh, I like scary movies, and spiders..I just feel bad for them, they get such a bad rap, being cold, I have to deal with it, that's what I get for playing soccer in the mountains. Onions, well, I don't, I hate them too. -Anna. =)


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