Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Festivities Continue

Love this picture of my mom, (Daisy's Lulu), and Daisy. Daisy's facial expression cracks me up. She is quite an expressive little girl. I love my mama so much. Now that I am a mama myself, I love her even more if that is possible. I feel even closer and more united in a sense now that we share in the bond of motherhood. I feel so blessed to be best friends with her and I wish more than anything that she didn't live a country away from us...I know she feels the same way!
Below: How cute is Daisy sitting on all of the presents. She was having a good ol' time.
Daisy met my Dad, her Grandpa, for the first time while we were out in California. She LOVED Grandpa. My dad was very quiet and gentle and Daisy took to him so easily much to my surprise. It was so special to me to see my Dad holding and hanging out with Daisy. He was so great with her! Miss you DAddy! Not to mention my Dad cooked us several amazing breakfasts and was so helpful while we stayed with them.

My youngest sister Anna and her awesome boyfriend Sean. They are very cute together as you can tell. Sean got Anna a really amazing big soft, blanket for Christmas...which is the present they are both holding in the picture. It was great meeting you Sean!
I loved having the extra hands to help me with the daily routine with Daisy. Every little break was a treat during such a busy trip. Thanks guys!
Daisy enjoyed her toys and playroom at Grandpa and Lulu's house.

It was such a treat to be able to drive and visit my sister and her husband where they live in CA and celebrate her 21st birthday with her. She has a really cute little home that I had never gotten to see before. She too had never met DAisy so this visit was very special!! Miss you Beck!
Becca holding Daisy, me and Anna. Only missing my older brother Ryan!
The group shot all together to celebrate with BEcca:0.


I have so many holiday pictures to post that I don't want to get behind on the current happenings in the mean time.

Daisy and I have been having such a great time together. She is now completely disinterested in her toys and instead follows me by crawling all over the house to keep up with me. She sat in the laundry room for 40 minutes tonight trying to pull up on the washer and dryer and stand or chew on the door stops. She loved playing with the laundry while I folded it and was thrilled just to be hanging out in my presence. It certainly makes things much more challenging when she is constantly under my feet in the kitchen while cooking and cleaning but, it's so cute to see her exploring and becoming so much more mobile and curious.

Daisy is becoming more cautious with people now which is a first. She still loves attention and smiles at everyone but, she is a bit more reserved and even holds tightly to me or Joey and acts a little shy at times. She has done great in our church nursery though the past couple of times which makes me happy. I'm in the process of joining a local MOPS group to meet other moms and to give Daisy more play time with other babies. I'm really looking forward to this and I hope Daisy does too!

Daisy is so cuddly when she is sleepy. I lay her soft blankie on my shoulder and give her the poppy (pacifier) and she snuggles her face into her blanket and starts humming and rubbing her blanket between her fingers. It is so precious! I cherish those tender moments and never rush them.

I am soaking up this season with Daisy. Don't get me wrong; it is so exhausting to keep her from falling every second that she is pulling up on things and it is exhausting to keep her out of things but, seeing Daisy's personality coming out more and more is priceless! I am very blessed to be around so much to enjoy all of these phases! All thanks to Jesus!

Also, want to give my hubby kuddos for being so awesome. He is so supportive of me staying home and has even taken on the role of helping with dinner and clean up most nights. He claims that he really enjoys the experience which I think is a huge blessing as I can't stand it! We are both purposing to focus on our us more this year. Last year was very much all about Daisy (not that it is a bad thing), but it is important to remember to nurture a relationship even after kiddos, even though it can be hard! Thanks for being such a wonderful hubby and such a fantastic Daddy to our daughter Daisy. I love you babe!


  1. First of all, your ma is a knock out, good genes there girl, you have much to look forward to:)

    Those expressions of Daisy, that first one cracked me up!Also the one of her on the presents like, "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT THIS!!" She is expressive, like you said.

    Mops is a fun group, good for you. Don't get discouraged if it takes Daisy a few times. Don't let her win and not go. Keep going and she will eventually get curious enough that she will start trying and it will get easier and easier. Just a little tid bit...

  2. those are some great photos! And you are right about her expressions, always so fun! What a fun year we have to look ahead of us and yes marriage is very important and will improve even your relationship with your Daisy babe as you do more with your hubs...love ya Casey!

  3. Hi Casey! I am in Bessemer City! Yay! I left an email for you on the email address you provided under your "contact me" section. If you would still like to get together, can you send me your phone number in an email? I would give you mine but don't want to post that on the blog. =) I am available tomorrow or on the 8th. Hope you are doing well!!!

  4. Ok, I should have checked my email before I posted this! Oops, sorry! I replied!

  5. These are great! Your inside pictures are awesome!!! Looks like a great time!

  6. Totally agree.... important to get that ONE ON ONE time in with your hubby! Gotta make it a priority! :) Your baby is adorable!!!!!!!


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