Monday, January 10, 2011

Matching Jammies

all of the girl cousins together in our "matching" jammies for 2010. Becca, Jessie, Courtney, Me, Toni and Anna. I LOVE this jammy tradition. It's probably silly that I am almost 28 years old and still get giddy with anticipation when I see the boxes laying under the tree for us to open that I know contain our matching jammies. And maybe even sillier is that we don't even spend the night at my Grandma's house on Christmas Eve anymore as we are all older (mostly) and all live on our own. We still take off our nice Christmas dinner clothes and jump into our jammies and take pictures. It's a crack up! Love that we have stayed so close to my cousins and family all these years! Below: I'm clearly killing my sister with my body weight but, I wanted to cheer!
Me and my baby on Christmas day 2010. The boys get jammies too...:-) Have I mentioned lately how much I love this guy?
Me and all of my awesome siblings on Christmas day. My bro in law Tony (we have 3 Tony/i's in our family!) and my sister Becca, me and Joey, my older bro Ryan and my youngest sister Anna. Love this picture of all of us!
The two people that I adore SO much! My mommy and daddy who were such a joy to visit this Christmas. They spoiled us and fed us lots of good food:-). I miss you guys too much!
My Aunt Pam, Grandma and my mom. They are only missing their eldest sister Kim who lives in Australia and understandably couldn't make it for Christmas. We missed them though!
I decided to jump into the shot. Why not right:).

Me and my sweet daughter on Christmas day a bit earlier having dinner with Grandma and Papa Martinez. I have to brag about Grandma Martinez for a minute. Never in my life have I known someone who serves through food as amazingly as Grandma. From the second you walk through her door up to the moment you leave she is serving snacks, drinks, sweets, delicious food and showering her guests with hospitality. She even does all the cleaning herself and she does it all so joyfully. It's amazing and I'd like to be more like that...just wish I liked cooking! Grandma and Papa served a delicious prime rib and even made sure to have my favorite Ameci's salad and dressing (YUM!) and we also enjoyed eating with Uncle Rick, Christine and their two sons. It was so nice to see everyone and to catch up together. Papa got me this really awesome book about portrait photography that has been very useful!! Thanks Papa! I also got to enjoy shopping at Macys thanks to Grandma and was able to get a couple of wonderful things!! We had a great time seeing them! Below: One of the only pictures I got of me and my love bug on Christmas day. She was so exhausted all day. It was a lot of fun for her...maybe too much fun as she was simply wiped out everywhere we went. She did UH mazing though. I'm so proud of her!!
Papa, Joey and Daisy looking so cute here. Her adorable outfit is from Grandma and Papa. Loved it, especially those little bows on the legs!
Christmas morning we met up with Grandma Bailey, auntie Jess, Uncle Jeremy, cousins Nic, Tyler and shannon and Uncle Tom and Aunt Marie. They spoiled Daisy with a beautiful handmade stocking that is gorgeous and VERY detailed as well as some other super cute things! Thank you guys soooo much!!! It was wonderful seeing everyone and going out to eat together!
How cute is this Noah's ark!

I should have found a way to get into this picture below:0. The Martinez family on Christmas Day. Grandma Martinez, Joey, Auntie Jess and Uncle Jeremy (who is great with Daisy by the way!).
This more or less concludes our Christmas adventures though I still have other random pictures to post from around Christmas time. I sometimes wonder if carrying my camera with me everywhere is a good idea as I get SO behind blog posting on the truckloads of pictures I end up taking but, on the flip side I never regret the pictures once I have them:).

I will be publishing my blog into a book form for Daisy on her first BD. I can't wait to see her first year in print!! What a great baby book huh.


  1. You skinny minny!! My family always does matching jams too. This year we did college football. haha

    I love the faces Daisy pulls when she smiles it's sooo soo cute!!

  2. HOW CUTE THE PJ pics are!! I still want to see the post of your book you published!

  3. Looks like so much fun. You do look great! Wonderful photos.

  4. I was going to ask how every single one of your friends could be so beautiful, and now I see that you're related! LOL! OK, that makes more sense. ADORABLE!!!


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