Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chase Me - Video

hmmm...what's in here?

ooooo, look at these neat toys in my basket! Aren't my hand dimples to die for!

My new favorite thing is bobbing for window strings. Choking hazards? Yes, but the fun is worth it!
Look, I almost got one!
Do you like the bunnies hanging out on my shirt. I think they are pretty cool! Thanks Grandma Lulu for my comfy outfit!
My other favorite thing to do is to pull everything out of my drawers. Making big messes for mommy to clean up is a blast!
This dogie is so cool but, why does she always have to lick me?
A whole new Daisy has emerged over the past couple of weeks. A silly, playful, hyper, exploration minded, giggly girl. It's like she grew up overnight and I'm still trying to catch up!! She loves to be chased and she crawls away as fast as she can which is really exhausting for her but, sooooo cute to watch! She loves to climb on me, play peak a boo by herself, climb on everything and I mean everything, she opens all of our cabinets, tore everything off of my bookshelves (video of that next post), says mama and dada all the time and is such a blast!!! I'm in mommy Heaven. Exhausted and body aching...most definitely, but loving every second of it...YESIREE!!!


  1. Oh that video is so cute! She is lucky to have such loving parents. Crazy how fast they change - much like you said overnight really.

  2. Cute! Cute! Cute!

    And that picture of her pulling her clothes out of her dresser - okay, I have to say I think she looks a bit like her daddy in that picture!!!

  3. Ah! She reminds me of my little girl. Crazy busy!!! That bobbing for window string is sooo cute:)

  4. He he. Too cute!!

  5. I love hand dimples!!!! She's so sweet! What a cute outfit too!

  6. those are some priceless photos Casey! I love to see Daisy, she is a cutie and a gorgeous little girl! LOVE the video...enjoy watching you be a mom!

  7. Oh the fun of pulling things out. Ok let me tell you a secret that has just begun LOL It goes on for many years pulling stuff out. Wait until you are doing that laundry not knowing what is dirty or not because they pull it out and never don't wear it. I use to babysit other babies with Cody and that was their pass time and close to same age. I so remember that as yesterday. I had three of them on a daily bases and then a 18 month that would come over 2 or three times a week. They had so much fun doing that of course I just made one for them to do it with. Well that was the pans I just let them have to bang. Of course all the toys they had to play with too. Pulling them all out. Then I had other ages of kids and toys always out on my floor.

  8. Adorable pictures and video!!!!! I love babies!!!


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