Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Friends

I can't believe it!! In just a mere3 months. Where did the time go? Yes, I am party planning already and trying to keep things simple and easy in case you were wondering. . (in reference to the picture below.)

While out in California, Daisy and I visited my friend Stephanie and her little guy Jacob who will be one this January. He has an awesome striped chair in his room that he has taken a picture in every month since he was born and he was kind enough to share it with Daisy. It was so cute to put these two babies together. Stephanie and I think they some what resemble each other and they were really sweet together. Future boyfriend perhaps? lol. Stephanie and I go all the way back to elementary school! We used to play the Oregon Trail together in 5th grade in computer lab and eat Certs...well, Stephanie always had certs and I always ate them. So great to still be friends after all of these years! Seeing friends and family was definitely the highlight of our trip out to California. (waving bye or hi here)
Sharing the chair was a bit too boring for Jacob. Since he can walk now he had much more exciting things to walk and get out of the chair:0.

Love how each baby has their own thing going on in this picture. Daisy is practicing a ballet move and Jacob is eating a snowman:). hehe
Daisy my daughter and Daisy Stephanie's dog (Yes, I am okay with the fact that people have dogs named Daisy and I actually think it's kinda cute:), and Jacob.
Handsome boy
He has really beautiful hazel eyes

mama and her boy:)
love the matching expressions:)
My little girl enjoying Jacobs toy that allowed her to practice standing...which she began to excel at while out in CA...fantastic...a more mobile baby while traveling! lol:). She loved the snack bowl in the middle of this toy! lol My gal likes to eat...what can I say:0


The Thomas Family:). Super cute family picture and a super sweet family if I do say so myself!
Bye Bye...


  1. sweet photos! I always love seeing her personality shine through the photos:-) By the way, he will have to fight with my two guys for Daisy some day...hehe

  2. Casey-- You are so sweet! I love it all!! I totally forgot about the are so funny to grandfather was a Certs rep..I can't wait for all the pics...they are so awesome..

    Elissa-Bring it :-) hehe

  3. so fun! and i love that little chair! i wish i had thought of something like that for levi. maybe for baby # 2. :) happy new year to you casey! AND i wanted to let you know that i mentioned you on my blog yesterday. thought you might want to know. ;)

  4. Casey...I always love your pictures! What kind of camera do you use? I laughed when I read that about playing Oregon Trail...that does take me way back too! Daisy is just growing too fast!! She is adorable!!

  5. So cute! Great photos. Looks like a wonderful time! I loved Oregon Trail!

  6. Casey, I didn't realize you and Stephanie were friends from way back. How fun. Another nice girl I didn't get to know very well in HS:(! They do look alike!! How funny. I love seeing pictures of babies together, it's always so cute and funny! Her baby is so cute too! Oh, and that post below about flying, love it. Flying with a baby or young kids is so hard!! So glad you didn't have to deal with a poopy diaper on the plane! I never have had to deal with that either but always worried I might have to. Glad you made it home safely and I hope Daisy girl is feeling better!

  7. Such cuties!!! I love the pics of the babies together. Happy New Year, Casey!

  8. What sweet, adorable babies!!!

    Time does move so fast - I mean, Emma is 4 now & Aaron will be 1 in just about a month and a half. It's so crazy!!!

    Great photos - the chair is fantastic! I have a rocker my Grannie gave me when I was pregnant with Emma. I take her picture every year in it on her b'day to show how much she's grown. In February I'll have to start that with Aaron!! It's awesome to see all the rocking chair b'day pics side by side!

  9. Love to get together with friends and play 'baby's'!

    You never know some day what might tickle their fancy, that's why we start praying for their mates now, hee, hee!

    Looks like fun!

  10. Cute pictures! I love the chair too!

  11. Great pictures!!! That is awesome you had a great time with friends and family. =)


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