Tuesday, May 31, 2011

14 Months Looks Like This

Today my little darling is 14 months old
And just like every other day gone by
I marvel at how fast the time has flown
and I marvel at how big my little girl is
I could not be more thankful for her presence in my life
Her simple words these days are:
Upee - for pick me up but, also for all done....interesting but true 
Nums - food and snacks
Bye and Hi as often as she can and if you don't say hi back it hurts her feelings (MR. at Target lol)
oof oof - her way of barking like a dog
mahmeh - for mommy 
mehmeh - for daddy....poor daddy (lol)
She understands a TON of what we say now such as...
Do you want a snack, breakfast, lunch, or num num (all food and the answer is NUMS)
Where is your ball, car, book, toys, bucket, blankie, poppy (pacifier), belly
I'm going to get you (when we play chase...her favorite right now!)
Is Daddy home (she can hear his truck pull up in the driveway now)
Is that a doggie (her response oof oof)
Daisy you cannot touch that (her response, deathly silence and she freezes with a look of horror on her face...it is hilarious)
Do you want to go bye bye (she loves to leave the house)
Lets go for a walk
Give me kisses (she gives THE BEST kisses) slobbery of course
She is ALWAYS walking now accept when she falls 
at which point she has to crawl to the nearest thing that she can pull up on 
She knows how to stand without relying on anything but, she hasn't quite figured out how 
to do this with ease yet. 
She hates crawling and thus gets upset when she falls
because she doesn't want to have to crawl to something to stand. 
She calls for me mahmeh mahmeh while sitting there on the ground
I walk over to her and stand by her 
Then she uses my leg to stand up and is happy again.
Silly girl! lol
She still has separation anxiety though she has gotten a little better
WHEW! Big sigh of relief for this progress
She still clings to me in new places or around people she feels shy around.
If people give her time she almost always warms up
and will eventually go to them without being forced 
Give her time people. lol
In fact just this weekend at two separate get togethers
She reached for two different women that she doesn't know that well
and wanted them to hold her a lot. Men...not so much.
I was baffled as she has never done that before.
It was really cute actually to see my little gal being content with someone else.
Also, it blesses me when other people take the time to enjoy my daughter.  
I think when my friends love on my little girl that they are loving me.
Can any of you relate to this?
Random things for record keeping:
Has 12 teeth and is currently cutting the four incisors very slowly
*Wears size 4 diapers
*Wears size 12 month shorts and dresses, 18 month pants, leggings and shirts
 *Wears size 4 shoes just this week actually
*Just when I thought we were making progress she got super picky about food
She doesn't want to eat anything really
Just crackers, bread, sandwiches, canned pears, peaches or applesauce, yogurt, rice, fries and chicken nuggets...pizza, junk food.  Dear goodness what did I do wrong here???
*Sleeps from around 7:45-6:15 (if I am lucky as she never has been a big sleeper)
*Naps from 9 or 9:30 until around 10:45 (if I am lucky)
*Loves bath time and makes a big wet mess...why I bother showering I will never know
*loves water.  IF she finds a puddle, a dog bowl, or a sink...or toilet she will find a way to splash in it
*Enjoys walks but, we have to keep them shorter these days or she does get bored and noisy
*Is bored of all of her toys and doesn't enjoy being in the house much anymore...makes my day more challenging for sure
*Walks 24/7
*Sits forward facing in her carseat as of yesterday.  We did this to help keep her cooler and because we felt it was time...no judging people.  We have no air vents in the back of our car and with this 98 degree heat she was drenched in sweat by the time we drive anywhere because the air wasn't getting to her.  NO bueno.  This is much better and we love being able to see her!
*The biggest news - I stopped nursing as of last week.  It's been four days now with no nursing at all.  She has been fussy in the early morning especially because she wants to nurse but, with extra cuddles and a sippy cup she gets through it.  It has been WONDERFUL to have my freedom to come and go back again. I am really loving it and am not sad that nursing is gone.  I had a great run and feel very blessed! 
*She LOVES playing with other kids and loves when people engage with her.  She loves attention and being acknowledged.  She is a genuine sweetheart and really wants to connect with people.  My little sensitive gal. 
*Loves eating crackers and otter pops...bad mommy I know
*Enjoys cartoons that have songs.  The rest bores her right now
*Hates having her diaper changed or getting dressed so we do those things minimally
*If she is tired she will go find her blanket and pacifier and lay on the ground and burrow her face in. Adorable!
*LOVES reading books about dogs.  The more animated I get the more she enjoys the books!
*Climbs on everything.  Scares me to death.
*Gets in to EVERYTHING!! Our dresser drawers, bathroom drawers, kitchen cabinets..MESSES are endless.  I know you all know what I'm talking about. lol
*Is afraid of loud things: vacuums, dishwashers, garage doors etc.  She hangs tightly on my leg and cries until the noise stops.
*Walking outside is her absolute favorite thing to do if she doesn't have a baby buddy to play with.  I do not like her on our uber rough concrete though as she skins her knees every single time she falls which is often so we don't go out enough to play.  I really need a big outdoor mat or rug!
*Loves flipping the light switches up and down and seeing the lights or fan go on and off.
*Loves picking heavy things up.  She bends her knees and squats down low and then lifts and grunts.  It's like watching a baby she woman when she lifts her entire sand/water activity center over her head...kinda crazy.
*Still loves our cell phones and will now chat with people on the phone..babble but, very cute!
*likes to put her feet out for me to put her shoes on and likes to stick her feet into my shoes or carry my shoes around the house
Above: She is flirting with her Daddy.  She loves him SO much! and below: clapping for us.  A good sign that she is VERY happy.
My little explorer.  Happiest when she is walking around and soaking up new sights
I love the below picture.  It looks like she is reaching for something in the Heavens that only she can see.  Hmmmm...Or perhaps she is praising Jesus! That would be awesome:)

Daisy is a joy.  She is a little love bug a sensitive little soul, a lively personality, a buddy, a tease, a flirt, a friend, silly, shy, expressive, daring, animal loving, book fan baby girl.  Happy 14 months angel of our lives!


  1. WOW, she's cute! Can you believe how fast it goes? Wonderful shots of your little sweetie!

  2. I love the first picture of sweet Daisy. She is so cute. It's always so interesting to hear about what other kids are doing at different ages. So different between boys and girls too.
    You have quite the cutie on your hands. :-) Enjoy every minute!

  3. What beautiful/amazing pictures!!!!

  4. Adorable!! She's a great model already!!

  5. I love these pictures, I am so glad you are taking in every minute of her little life it goes by so quickly. My biggest baby turns 16 this week, I still like to smooch him all over and he secretly likes it ( I just know it!) I remember Layton waiting for that engine to drive into the driveway as well, isn't that the best feeling as a mom? I just love it!

  6. Aw! It's so interesting reading about all her stats and all the growing up she's doing! Her and kaela are in the same stage of life, it's so cool! SO happy that you could nurse till now, and, well, kinda jealous! lol:) xox

  7. Oh my goodness! Your little girl is just tooo cute! The last photo is awesome it defiantly looks like she's praising Jesus. Nursing is hard to start and hard to quit... at least for me it was...is..we are still nursing 2 times a day. Glad you were able to make that transition...I'm kinda jealous of your new freedom. :)

  8. She is getting so tall! She melts me!!! I feel like waking up Cooper now so I can nibble on him. You are SO blessed to have been able to nurse this long! I love reading all of the things she is doing. It reminds me how badly I should be doing the same for Cooper. You've been so diligent in that...so inspiring. Well, you know I love that baby girl and am still dying to meet her and hang out with you!

  9. These pics are so beautiful!!! I love them all!

  10. Loved this blog post! Miss you guys, and haven't seen Daisy in months, but after reading this I feel like I'm all caught up :) She is such a beautiful baby girl!!

  11. I love these pictures! Such a cute series!

  12. Aww little Daisy Love is just beautiful. And getting so big. Emily loves looking at pictures of her buddy. :-) That is so awesome that you were able to breast feed for this long. You are doing such a great job.

  13. Thos are some incredibly beautiful and cute pictures casey! Model material! I love all your stats...what a big girl! Definitely getting into her own personality huh? Congrats on nursing for so long! I bet it is awesome to have your "body" back right:-) What a great mom you are Casey, I just marvel at your ability and love for your daughter!

  14. Love it - does this mean since you aren't nursing that you're a free woman. Can I steal you now? JK

  15. Those are some beautiful shots of her! You will be so happy 10 years from now that you have those amazing shots & that you do the blog to book. Things you have forgotten will all come flooding back. I had forgotten about the "I'm gonna get you". My kids LOVED that & would go squealing down the hall laughing so hard. Such fun times. You have a precious little girl & I love that you share these things as it brings back so many fond memories from when mine were small.

  16. She is so adorable! I love that she uses the same name for both mommy and daddy. Too funny!

  17. Hi again! Just wanted to let you know that kaela didn't eat watermelon chunks either, but she ate it when she could hold the whole thing herself lol.

  18. She is gorgeous! 14 months old, wow. Mine will be 10 months tomorrow. They're growing so fast.

  19. She is SO beautiful! :) They get too big, too fast, huh?

  20. I love these photos! She is getting so big. I think Carsyn and my nursing relationship is going to be gone soon. I turned Dustyn around right at 12 months, Carsyn is staying rear facing cause of his issues. She is so really so adorable! I can't wait to see you guys again.

  21. Beautiful photos! She is really an active little one and like you said very similar to B.
    I can totally relate to the whole turning the car seat around to avoiid a heat stroke and the desire to cease the judgement. I can also relate to the indoor boredom......it's TOUGH!!!!!!!

    This was also a good reminder of some other things I need to document, so I don't forget.

  22. pretty pictures! i want that shirt in my size!

  23. ur little love bug is simply sweet * * happy 14 months to her, u & daddy ;)

  24. I feel like you are describing curren at that age, to a T! He had so many teeth so early, was super clingy, and rarely took a nap longer than an hour or so. I stopped nursing him at 16 months, so just a few more, but I was 5 months pregnant and it was time. I remember hating the concrete as well so I actually found some baby knee pads that I'd put on him, and we had a helmet too that he would wear. Sounds ridiculous but he was so wild even then. A fun thing he loved and still does, is I put the hose on just a trickle and let him fill up Tupperware or plastic cups w some bath fizzies that make different colors..hed play with that for quite awhile. Even a paint brush on warm cement w a cup of water..he'd love to watch the water evaporate...rambling! Love the green skirt btw, super cute. You are in amazing shape I wish I were that tiny!

  25. Beautiful post, Casey. It's so awesome that we have a place to document and remember these milestones. She is sailing right in to toddlerhood!

  26. So many beautiful photos--Casey, you are seriously an awesome photographer! And Daisy is getting so big! Hopefully one day she and Sammy will get to meet and have a little playdate! :D

  27. What a cute little girl!!! Love your green skirt btw.

  28. I had so much fun reading this! I didn't get to comment back then, so I'm back to do just that.

    Your post sort of gave me a glimps into our life in 2 years. I even had my hubby read it :) SO much fun!


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