Monday, May 2, 2011

13 months - Such a Big Girl Now

I'm a wee bit busy over here..fortunately busy with fun things.  I recently decided to give my photography blog a face lift by hiring someone else to do it.  Blog design is not my gift.  The blog should be done by the end of this week.  Simple, clean and more professional looking.  I am SO much happier with it.  You should go check it out and add it too your feed if you aren't a follower yet! Just click here  On top of that I purchased a professional website and domain with the funds from selling my last camera so that I can have a site for clients to view their galleries after a photo session. I have A TON of work to do before that is up and running but, it's exciting to be making small advances towards my photography business.  Guess what?  I am shooting my first wedding this August!  I am SO excited about it.  My good friend Elissa is going to assist me and I'm so thankful to have her help.  I also have a bridal, engagement, maternity and newborn session lined up!!  Yes, I am thrilled and can't wait to begin sharing those images with you!

And now that I have totally hogged Daisy's glory in her 13 month post (sorry Daisaroo!) On with her latest news.  The biggest being 

                                        *** 12 teeth and cutting FOUR incisors....this has been the WORST of all her teething.  Naps are 30 minutes max for the past week, crying and clinginess is at an all time high
***has separation anxiety unfortunately
***Does not likes chunky food..veggies or fruit.  Prefers things to be soft
***understands so many things I say now it's way too cool
***has mastered a fake laugh that is hilarious
***scratches her bum when I feed her...also, hilarious
***two naps a day (9-10:30 on a great day and 2 until 2:30)
Never been a big sleeper
**Is up at 6:15 every morning...Lord have mercy!
*** loves animals
***LOVES playing in the water, sprinklers and hose are her favorite
***Still nurse early morning and late night just because I feel like it
***Two sippy cups a day of whole milk and water in between
***EATS like a HORSE (seriously, I have to reign her in...she is out of control! lol)
***Gives the best kisses EVER
**HATES having her diaper changed.  IT is a battle now.
**Loves being naked and I didn't mind until her first floor accident. Not much of a fan anymore
**Love interacting with other kids
***she squeezes my nose and I say honk honk.  I squeeze her nose and say beep beep..she loves it!
**Loves to show me where her belly is and to show me where mine is
**Will talk to anything like it's a cell phone..even her bare arm. It cracks me up!
*Dances by lifting one arm in the air and waiving it up and down.  So funny!
and though I truly could go on and on and ON....I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!

IMG_267113 months
IMG_236013 months4

walking 00313 months



  1. I always love the captions you put with pictures. I love your photography blog! How exciting that you have so much work ahead of you! I pray Psalm 90:17 for your work!!

  2. Oh yes, awesome new photography blog... I would recognize Cinnamon Girl designs anywhere.. very clean. Happy 13 months to Daisy! :)

  3. She is just SUCH a doll!! Congrats on your photog website!! That's such big and exciting news!

  4. Such sweet photos of her with daddy. Love the phone ones too, funny. Congrats on new website and advances in photog business.

  5. Cute pictures and captions! What beautiful eyes she has. I visited your photoblog and it's awesome! Love all your photos!:)

  6. Such lovely photos! Seriously--we may have to schedule a bit of a pit stop in NC on our way to TX so I can take you up on your offer of taking some photos of Sammy and me! ;D

  7. She is adorable!! Kaela does the same thing pretending her arm is a phone:) I love this age!

  8. She is the Cutest! Mine will be 13 months in 10 days! and he isnt even a litle interested in walking yet, but he does manage to get into everything!, They grow up so fast :) Love the pictures

  9. Such a sweetheart!!

    Isn't it funny how kids know exactly what to do with a phone!?!? My mother & I were just talking about that this morning (she's my commute phone call every day)...

  10. Congrats on making good progress toward your new biz. Those pics of Daisey are adorable. She looks busy which means your super busy. Going over to check out your new site

  11. She is just beautiful!! I can't stand it!! :)

  12. i didnt even know you had a photography blog. love it. love the clean design too.

  13. Congrats on all the up coming photo's you will be taking!!

    yay for Daisy, she is walking now! She is such a precious little girl.

  14. i just love this post..and i have to say your comment about nursing...cause you want to...LOVE IT! Our youngest just turned 16 months and to tell you the truth..he nurses once or twice a day still cause i want to =0) it is coming to an end so i will enjoy our "down" or "Mommy and me" time what ever you want to call it =0) Enjoy your mommy and me time with your little one!!

  15. she is seriously adorable!!! our girls are only 3 months apart so fun!!!

    check out my giveaway: perfect for lil' girls

  16. Oh Casey- she is such a joy! I love hearing about all the things she is doing. Gives me a small walk down memory lane & I wish we could do it 10 times over. Such a wonderful time!

  17. Way to go Daisaroo!!! B had 8 teeth by 8 months old and hasn't cut another one since.......I think we are in trouble when it starts again.

    I can also relate to getting into everything, hating the diaper change, and talking on the phone. B puts his hand up to his ear and says, "ell" for Hello.

    She is such a cutie!! Growing up to be a big girl

  18. She is such a sweetie- growing so fast, & adorable! :)

  19. She is doing so much and growing, so sweet! Love how daddy changes her haha! She has the sweetest little face! already in stuff and it only gets worse let me tell ya haha!

  20. Such a cutie! I love the captions. Congrats on your first wedding shoot, how exciting! It's nice you're making progress in your business :)

  21. She is so gorgeous and congratulations on your website and your new clients!!!!! What wonderful news!!!!! All of her little milestones are so wonderful!!! I just totally thought back to when my 17 year old was that age! Wow! How exciting!!!!!! I wanna see that dance, by the way! You must record it!!!!

  22. Her eyes ARE the best! I hope I can meet her some day! She is too cute! Wow, totally walking now!! And I can't believe all of her teeth!! Congrats on all the photography news! Your work is gorgeous!! I swear, every time I look at your pictures I get more excited about getting a good camera someday!

  23. Your website looks great! Weddings are so fun! :)

  24. Aaaawww these are such cute photos! You guys remind of what I think my hubby and I will look once we have a baby. I just really hope we get a girl, as well!


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