Friday, May 13, 2011

Momma In Focus

Are any of you still having blogger issues?  My post from the day before yesterday is gone.  It isn't even under my post listings.  Do any of you have missing posts?  boo.

This weeks' prompt was details.  If I had a macro lens I would have done pictures of our eyes, noses, mouths etc as well,. but, my lens cannot get that close without freaking out.  Yes, a macro lens is top on my camera wish list! lol.  I love that at only 13.5 months of age Daisy's hands and feet are still so tiny, especially when compared with mine.  Don't mind my chipping, awful toe polish.  I'm just being real here...not time or money for regular pedicures! lol. We had fun taking these pictures though I did have to bribe Daisy with a lot of cheerios to keep her in one place. 

Next week's prompt: FUN (could be playing a game, jumping on a trampoline, dress up...the sky is the limit!!

Daisy has been cracking me up this week.  She starting excitedly shouting, "yeah, yeah, yeah," this week with each yeah getting louder and more excited. Meanwhile she has the biggest smile on her face.  It is too stinking cute!!!  This morning she was watching a little Barney (don't get me makes her happy...end of story), and they were eating a lot in the episode so Daisy started yelling "NUMS" because when she sees anyone eating she wants to eat.  Nums is her word for food.  I gave her some cheerios to calm her down but, as soon as they were gone she saw Barney was still eating pistachio ice cream so she yelled at me again, "NUMS, NUMS, NUMS."  I was cracking up!!

Blogger was done for a long time huh.  I guess that forced me to take a blog break and caused a little delay in my post and yours too I'm sure:-)

What did you think about James being sent home on American Idol last night???? I was floored that the bratty Haley (yes, she can sing but, her attitude stinks!) got to stay on.  What the heck.  Anyways, I would be happy if Scotty, James or Lauren wins but, I am over Haley.  What about you? Are you still rooting for Haley?  


One Day At A Time



  1. First - ah, just precious detail shots!! I love chubby little fingers & toes!!!

    And as for AI - I may just have to quit watching after last night! I cannot believe the way people have been voting this year. It's crazy...but at the same time, this is the same week that Daughtry went home & look at him now!

    (Though I follow him on Twitter & sometimes I think he's a little cocky!! HA HA)

  2. I'm having way too many issues with blogger to worry about posting right now too. :)

    As for macro shots, my lens freaks out too, but usually if I just take it off of AF and manual focus it, I can get the shots I want. It's a cheater way, but it works most of the time.

    I'm sad James left. I like Haley enough but definitely don't think she deserves to win. Her songs are hits and misses for me.

  3. I can't BELIEVE JAmes is gone from AI!!! I want to boycot after that!!!!! I hope (and feel!) that he'll do 110% better than the 3 left!!!! I can't STAND haley!

  4. I'm missing my most recent post, too. Crazy blogger!

    I love your detail shots! Babies grow up so fast!

    I am going to try to link up tomorrow sometime...gotta get to some housework right now instead (boo!).

  5. I posted yesterday for Hubby Thursday and it is completly gone...sigh. Love the pic of her reaching into your hand!

  6. LOVE these!!! She is just too cute. I really miss that age!!!

    Yes blogger was seriously testing my ability to stay sane. So frustrating & their idea of updates was ridiculous. Oh well- I am just happy to have everything back now.

  7. Oh that's so cute and what fun pictures. Blogger was down for at least 2 days and the last I read they were trying to get post that were posted on Wed up but who knows. Happy Weekend!

  8. Awesome pictures!The toes look so summery:) Ugh blogger is being so weird! This post didn't even show up anywhere in my reader!

  9. such pretty pictures!! blogger had me so frustrated yesterday! apologize, blogger!

  10. I'm a new follower and love your blog! I'm not even sure how I stumbled on it...

  11. These photos are so sweet! I tried doing something similar with Sammy but he was way too interested in grabbing the camera out of my hands, so I had to go with plan b instead. I don't know about you, but I enjoyed my little enforced break from blogging for the day--I actually made it to bed before midnight last night! :D

  12. love all the little toes and all the little hands! Great pictures ;)

  13. I love all the shots!!! This was a great prompt. Have you decided on a prompt for next week. :)

    Ps: My blogger has definitely been acting up. :( boo!

  14. yeah, don't even get me started on blogger. TOTALLY messed up my giveaways (lost all my comments/entries) and i hardly EVER do them! (you can come by and enter if you want - i think you'd like both actually.) anyway, enough rant about blogger! (arg.) i LOVE that top center photo of your two hands. that is seriously precious. i wish i could replicate it exactly with levi. love it, just really, really LOVE it.

  15. Gotta know... how did you get those shots where they are blured around.. Today when I tried to do that, its not working when I'm up CLOSE to the thing I'm shooting?? Is that just my camera or what? lol... I just love some of the shots you got and have tried doing some similar...Email me :) Thanks!

  16. I love all the details - my mom and I always talk about how sweet the little toes and hands are. I also love your maternity shots. Love them!

  17. Just stumbled across your blog and I'm in love with these pictures! so sweet ;)


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