Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Her Easter - Better Late Than Never Right

Are you ready
for a very detailed account
of Daisy's very first Easter basket?
She had a blast
playing with the eggs and
chewing on her doll's head...uh,
we might need to work on that one. lol
I didn't get her any candy other than pez
and we shared a few 
and that was that.
No crazy sugar rushes 
thank goodness!
Could she BE any cuter??

and in totally unrelated Easter news:
I just finished watching American Idol.
Scotty's first performance was 
nothing short of FREAKING AWESOME
I voted for him tonight.
But, to be honest I have voted 
for a different contestant
every week.
I think Scotty has
my vote from now on though.
I also really like James 
and would be happy if he won.
Haleys' second song was fantastic
and Lauren is 
Who are you rooting for?




  1. Man she's cute - and I watch AI tonight too. I just want Jacob gone...but I've wanted that for weeks!

  2. i love the butt one! And the one with the ears, super adorable!

  3. so cute! i just got around to posting our easter pictures yesterday. better late then never is RIGHT! :) the Easter Bunny brought Kalia a baby doll too... and she was giving her baby kisses too!!
    And I'm with Ashley -- I just want Jacob GONE! ugh.... I really liked Casey -- was sad to see him go.

  4. Love those hip Easter eggs. Especially the blue with brown polka dots. Daisy seems to like them too!

  5. One, I love this post, and I love Daisy. Well, I guess that's two, but three, we bought Paytin the same outfit Daisy is wearing in the last shot and that pic got me SO excited to be able to dress her in it :)

  6. She is such a cutie pie! Love the photo of her in the bunny ears. Looks like she got some good stuff in her Easter basket. I love Pez!

  7. Awww, I love her Easter pictures! Especially the "say cheese" one!

  8. Chewing on the doll's head... LOL! She is SO cute! So glad she enjoyed her Easter!

  9. Just found your site and I think it's great! If you ask me I think Scotty has my vote as well. He was great tonight! Your daughter is very cute in her Easter pictures. I look forward to checking out more of your posts!

  10. Oh - they are all so cute! I love the one of her "smelling" the egg!! LOL

    I am a James fan - 100%% Casey shared some of my votes - I still can't believe he is gone, though. And I am beginning to like Scotty again. He was great in the beginning - back in his Josh Turner phase (<3 Josh Turner), but then he became kinda cheesy. He finally seems like he is getting back to the original Scotty, though now.

  11. I cracked up at the one of her with the egg on her nose...Wyatt still does that, and he's four! And the one of her on her tippy toes, are you kidding me? Does it GET any cuter?

    Thank you for sharing! Love them all!

  12. Adorable pics! Okay, I loved Lauren's rendition. Yeah, I'm an Idol junkie. :o

  13. Oh how sweet!!! If it makes you feel any better, I haven't even STARTED to look through the photos I took at Easter. :) But I will say that my kiddo loved the plastic eggs way more than the candy! :)

  14. Happy Easter, Daisy Doo! He is risen!!!

    I don't watch American Idol...I can't look for one more thing to become addicted to! =))) I hope you are all doing well!

  15. Oh my gosh Casey- I love that one of her sniffing the egg & those baby kisses - I had forgotten about how they do it like that. So cute!

  16. Who doesn't love a little plastic every now and then. GREAT pics. I just love all that light in your house. Good times

  17. so hilarious!!! you can tell they are at the same age, because B loved to chew on the eggs. he also wanted me to open each one about 1000 times.

    we got B the sesame street opposites book too. he loves it!!! he loves the quiet/loud page, because i whisper, then get really loud.

  18. Hi Casey, love the Easter photos of Daisy...I really like the "say cheese" one because Daisy has such a cute smile and I absolutely adore the one where she is "kissing" the baby doll because I love how her cute feet are intertwined :) Thanks for sharing!

  19. Too adorable for words! You're such a lucky Mama to have such a perfect family! :)



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