Friday, November 25, 2011

Busy Bee

I'm busy as ever editing wedding pictures and family sessions but, I know our family is going to have withdrawals if I don't occasionally get some blog posts up of little miss Daisy bean.  I have tons of random pictures of her to share over the next few weeks so stay tuned:).  Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL.  We had lots of family over at our house, watched some football, played a little Kinect and cooked up a delicious dinner.  It was such a blessed day!  What did you all do?

And now for some random updates...
This morning Daisy found a baby doll stroller Christmas gift that I had not yet wrapped in our closet.  She was sooooooo incredibly excited when she found it that I didn't have the heart to take it away from her.  I opened it for her and put her baby doll in it and then she proceeded to play with it....get this, ALL DAY LONG.  She spent a few hours playing with it inside and then we spent an hour walking her baby doll up and down the street in the stroller outside.  Then we went up and down the driveway and each time we went up she said, "home," (she learned what home is this week and yells it out in the car when we pull up cute) and parked the stroller in the garage and then turned around and went back down the driveway...over and over again. lol

My mom just left this morning after spending a week with us and I already miss her like crazy.  She got up every morning with Daisy and I got my first real opportunity to sleep in, in almost 2 years.  It was so refreshing.  She played with Daisy, took us Christmas shopping, made me coffee everyday, got us a tree, helped me decorate the house for Christmas and get all of our presents wrapped...not to mention, kept me company every day.  I love my momma so much and am so thankful that my Daddy and sister lent her to me this Thanksgiving:).  My mom's Grandma name is Lulu and since Daisy cannot yet say Lulu it comes out (Nu-ie) Newie!  It is SOOOOO cute to hear her say, "weh ish Newie," and then go looking around the house for her. We got a couple of cute videos that I will share soon.

Daisy's vocabulary is growing daily.  I am blown away by all of the new words and songs she learns and by how fast she picks up on things!  She loves to sing, "I love you, nu nuv me," from Barney.  I also have a really cute video of that to share soon.  Clearly I have a lot of things to share but, just not enough of me to go around.  I think I will look into cloning myself this week:). 

Anyhoo, here is Daisy looking ever so preppy in my glasses (which she broke this week unfortunately).  I couldn't get over how cute she looked....nerd like and a bit boyish, but, so cute!! lol  She asks for my necklaces a lot now.  It sounds a lot like "negwish."  lol. 

Rocking her first photographed rocket ponytail.  Looks so cute on her but, she tends to take them out rather fast.

We recently had to wash D's carseat cover so we brought the carseat in.  Afterwards, Daisy was determined to sit in her carseat and watch a show.  It was pretty comical to see her big seat in the living room and her perfectly content to hang out there.  Love her.

She loves to eat her own banana's a messy meal but, it keeps her entertained for a while so I make the most of it:).  She is watching an Elmo video on youtube in this picture.  My laptop sits on the counter and she asks to watch videos all day long.  Our gal definitely loves to watch her shows!

Cold enough to wear her puffy, warm vest to church.  She was being fussy when I took these pics as you can tell.  She hangs on my leg all day long now days.  She is a major momma's girl these days but, boy she was giggling up a storm for Daddy tonight which melted my momma heart!

Just love these pictures of Daisy with her Auntie Jess!



  1. You always have Daisy in the cutest outfits! She is so beautiful, Casey. Glad to hear you had such a good Thanksgiving. Hope you got pictures of Daisy pushing her baby.

  2. Oh Casey, she is so stinkin' cute, you haven't heard that before now have you? Not out of this mouth....hahahaa!Hope you are good!

  3. Just when I think she can't get any cuter, you go and post a bunch of photos! I LOVE the ones of her in your glasses and necklace! (And aren't moms the best?)

  4. She is so precious! I scrolled at the pics before I read the posts and thought, "Daisy needs glasses already?!" Glad they were yours but sorry they got broken. =/ I love how she is OWNING that banana!!

  5. SO CUTE- I remember when my kids would want to sit in their car seats when they were inside. I have many pictures like that. So glad you had a fabulous holiday & you are keeping busy professionally too. Many hugs to you! I'm off to check out your other posts. :)


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