Thursday, October 27, 2011

What To Do With a 19 Month Old

Rather than attempt to do a post on every little moment I have captured here's a little mash up of what Daisy has been up to lately...I know our families can never get enough of Daisy on the blog:).

We have a little tent that our neighbors gave us nearly a year ago (thanks again Judy!).  Daisy still LOVES this thing and whenever her friends come over they love to play in it too.  I threw a blanket on top and turned the tent into a fort and then managed to squeeze my adult sized body inside the insanely tiny tent.  It was worth it to see Daisy having fun!
We had a chilly enough day to break out the sweaters and beanies (looks like we are going to be having a lot more chilly days starting tomorrow).  Surprisingly, Daisy didn't seem to mind wearing her cute hat so I was able to take a few pictures.  Oh, and in her hands you will notice the cap to my camera.  She loves to put the cap back on the lens even when I in the middle of taking a picture.
Happy baby!  She loves looking outside and watching the trash trucks and mail man drive by.  She shouts out Airpwane at every bird and plane that flies by and woofs at every dog she hears or sees.

unhappy baby...seriously, what happened in three seconds to get to this face?? I have no idea. lol
She loves playing with my make up bags and my nail polish...this was right before she opened the clear polish and dumped it all over our hardwood floors, her hands and clothes.  There is NOTHING this child cannot open...even child safety bottles (she just pops the lids off with her teeth).
Right before we left to take our family pictures Daisy decided that she didn't like the shoes I wanted her to wear so we had to change them.  Can't blame her...I was particular about shoes as a kid.  Perhaps my little one has taken after her mommy:).
I keep a couple of old magazines in the baskets by our door so Daisy can go to town when she feels like it.  It usually distracts her for about 10 minutes.  Just long enough for me to empty the dishwasher without having her under foot.  Perfect!
Her new Craigslist toy.  She was so obsessed with these cars whenever we went to the park and people had them, so being the awesome mommy and Daddy that we are, we got her one.  Of course once we got her one,  her interest quickly vanished.  Ain't that how it always goes...sigh.  I think she'll come around though.

A bunkie, poppy and a little PBS kids make the world go round...when you're 1 1/2  I won't go into Daisy's Elmo obsession...I must do an entire post on that so stay tuned. 
Daisy loves playing "soccer" with mommy and Daddy.  She loves kicking the beach ball and then we all run for it.  It's fun for the whole family!
And she SCORES!
Our backyard has become a favorite play place.  She explores every square inch of the yard and all that is in it; the solar lights, the BBQ, the tiki lights, bugs which she does not like, gaps in the fence, solar lights, the picnic table and testing me by climbing on top which is a no no, watering the plants etc.  The weather has been perfect for outside time finally!
I love how creative she gets with her snacks and her toys.
Lots of car trips these days and I must say that Daisy has in a lot of ways improved as a passenger.  She needs far fewer toys and typically all she wants to do is fall asleep if I let her.  I love my girl!
Oh how I love her
Now that you all have OD'd on Daisy I hope you have a most wonderful night! 


  1. I love all those pictures! She is such a cutie! I always think what fun it would be to see her in "real life"!

  2. Aw, so cute! I love the pictures and I love her little hat. She seems like such a little ball of energy.

  3. She is so cute! Abigail is completely obsessed with Elmo as well :)

  4. She is becoming more stunning day by day! The magazine idea sounds good, I must try. My daughter LOVES kicking the ball around outside too. You are such a wonderful mother!

  5. That first picture with Daisy in the hat is too precious!!

  6. What a sweetheart. As a mom, I know I can never post too many pictures of my little girl. Little girls are just the best!

  7. So sweet. She is turning more into a toddler. Love it.

  8. Love the hat and absolutely love the tent pic with the both of you in it! But what I love the most...her toes kicking the ball! It is in the 40's here so a bit jealous of the pics that don't have everyone bundled up!

  9. That last photo is pure sweetness! I love how you edited the photos of D in the beany...they have such a dreamy quality to the them, yet her eyes are so bright!

  10. such wonderful post!!! I love all the photos and updates...her hair is getting so long!!! Miss that Daisy girl!

  11. Love it. Bravo on that first picture w/ her hat on - love her beautiful brown eyes

  12. Awh! Look at how much Daisy has grown. I haven't been in the blogging world for a bit and just recently came back. She looks so much grown up, a lil toddler girl! And her hair is getting long. She is such a doll.

  13. She is adorable!! I love her little beanie!

  14. Love the hat, I'd even wear it.

  15. she is adorable casey! so fun to see what she's up to...and i especially love her beanie :) too cute!


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