Monday, October 10, 2011

10 Under 10

A friend asked me recently what types of things under $10 peak my interest.  She wasn't sifting for gift ideas but, rather asking because my responses would actually tell her more about my style, personality and likes.  I shared my 10 things under 10 with her and assumed hers would be similar for whatever reason but, in fact hers were much different.  It was an eye opening and fun exchange of information.  No, I am not trying to pass along ideas for Christmas or solicit gifts....(family) though this might be helpful (lol).  I just found this to be a fun, creative activity and I'd love to know what your 10 things under 10 would be too! Share with us sometime this week.:-)

Fashionable Scarves.  They add style and pizzazz to even the simplest t-shirt or outfit.
Love em'!

Number 2.
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Genmaicha Green Tea.  Hands down my favorite tea ever!!! Or least it was 4 years ago when I last had it.  We don't have Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in North Carolina but, I will be buying some online very, very soon!
3. Makeup - Eye shadows, blush, lip gloss, mascara, lip sticks etc.  I love cheap, drugs store make up.  I love having a variety of colors and styles for the days that I actually have time to put something on.

4. Earrings.  I always wear earrings and I change them daily.  It is the one and only accessory that I make an effort to wear.  I am horrible about wearing necklaces, nail polish, rings or hair bands.  Not gonna lie...I'm pretty picky but, I always love studs and hoops.  Forever 21 is one of my favorite places to get cheap and yet super cute earrings.

5. Starbucks -   I don't go to Starbucks often because it is overpriced in my opinion but, I LOVE the seasonal drinks and an occasional latte on a special day.  Plus, it's just fun to hang out and chat with friends at cozy, yummy smelling Starbucks.  I almost feel like I'm an extra on an episode of FRIENDS.  Good times!

6.  Soft Things - socks, blankets, jammy pants, sweaters....I'm obsessed with soft things, especially during our cold NC winters.  Soft things feel cozy and homey and keep me warm.  What's not to love?
7. Photoshop Actions -  I am always on the prowl for new and lovely actions that I can use to enhance and change up my photo editing.    

8. Candles - Yup, I love them.  I love the seasonal Apple Cider, pumpkin spice and the vanilla frosting.  I love the fresh laundry and the rainforest fresh etc. etc.  Not only do I love and appreciate the smell of candles but, I love the feel that they give off in a room when they dance and flicker against the wall.  So beautiful and relaxing doncha think.
9. Patterned Socks -  I have gone through phases where I didn't like to wear patterned socks but, I grew fond of them again a few years back when we moved to NC.  Most people tend to take their shoes off when visiting people's homes and I realized that I much prefer having a cute pair of patterned socks on than a boring pair of white ones when I am walking around in someone's home.  LOL.  For the record I hardly ever wear patterned socks but, I really do LOVE them.
10. Ribbon and Wrapping Paper - I love wrapping people's gifts with a pretty ribbon that compliments the paper.  Solid colored or patterned.  I love having a variety of wrapping paper on hand for the different occasions that come up and if I had a craft room I would probably devote a wall hanging unit strictly to gift wrapping supplies.  So much fun to make a gift look pretty!

Have you ever noticed that guys are not nearly as easy to shop for with $10 or less?   Is it just my hubby or are most things guys like far more expensive than that? lol



  1. You stole my heart!

    No seriously, I am with you on almost every single one. However, I am bummed that I don't get to wear scarves more here in the South.

    Last year, my in-laws bought us a Starbucks gift card and it was SOOOO NICE!! I didn't realize I would enjoy having it so much, but we have one within walking distance. We would take an evening stroll with Bennett in the stroller and get our Pumpkin Spice before heading home.

  2. I just love you! Every time I come to your blog I feel like I am sitting down chatting with you. I admire you so much- you seem like the most wonderful momma. Thank you for being you :)

  3. I love everything about this little post!!! I'm copy catting a lot of ideas!

  4. Yes, guys are sooo much more difficult to shop for! I love your picks and I totally would've had some of these things on my 10 under 10 list!! (socks, makeup, candles) Have a good day! xo

  5. oooh these are all great ideas! i love them all!

  6. I love every single thing on this list. It would definitely be my 10 under 10. I love pattern socks. Yes very true about guys and getting something for under 10.

  7. Great list Casey! I love scarfs too. Hope your diong well.

  8. Love your list! I wish we could wear socks & scarves more more than a month out of the year...they do add to a simple outfit!


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