Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Silly Things 3 Year Olds Say

{This is Daisy dressed up as Tinkerbell.  Hardly a day goes by that she doesn't dress up at some point.  My little girl sure loves princesses!}

This morning on the drive to take Daisy to preschool she randomly declared, "Mom, I want a magic carpet for Christmas.  A really, really big magic carpet."

I started cracking up and immediately began speculating as to where the idea of a magic carpet had come from as we haven't watched Aladdin or any other magic carpet variety flick yet.  We do however watch Disney and my curiosity was satisfied when she said, "I want a magic carpet like Sophia mom.   She rides around in the sky with Jasmine."  Ah, mystery solved great! 

That is going to be a tall order to fulfill this Christmas.  Wish us luck. 

On Monday's drive home from school I said to Daisy, "I love you boo boo."  Boo Boo is a nick name that I have called Daisy from time to time since she was a baby.  

Daisy got a puzzled look on her face and tapped her chin with her pointer finger.  "Mom, isn't a boo boo for a bandaid?"  Again I am cracking up.  "Why yes, sweetie a boo boo is for a bandaid but, mommy likes to say it because it's cute.  Do you not want me to call you boo boo?"  Daisy replied, "No, it's for a bandaid."  I'm still giggling.  "Okay then Daze, what would you like me to call you?"  To which she replied, "Peanut!" 

Peanut is the other nick name I have for Daisy and apparently she is comfortable with being nick named after a food but, not a boo boo.  Too funny.

A few weeks ago at the dinner table my hubby and I were giving Daisy clues in order to guess what animal we were describing.  I'd say, "Daisy, what kind of animal hops around on lily pads, has a green body, a long sticky tongue to catch flies and croaks.  "FROG!" She would excitedly exclaim.  

"Great job Daisy!  The next animal is very big and also hops around but, this animal has a pouch on it's belly to hold it's baby....." She quickly interrupted me and screamed, "AUNTIE JESSIE!!!"  

My hubby and I were pretty much keeled over in fits of laughter at that point.  Auntie Jessie is my husband's sister who is pregnant with Daisy's first cousin.  She is very excited to say the least and apparently likened Auntie Jessie to a kangaroo:).  Sorry Jess! TOO FUNNY.

I just love the silly things that 3 year olds say.  


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