Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I just dropped my kiddo off at preschool and she didn't even look back to say goodbye.  It's a good thing that I'm not terribly sensitive! lol  I'm just so thankful that she is loving her school experience.

I can't believe that we are already a week into November and that the holidays are upon us once again.  I also can't believe that my little girl will be four years old in just a few short months. I guess I will never get used to the fact that time goes by much faster than I'd like but, I am so thankful for every day that I get to be alive and soak up this wild life.   

I'm thankful for sunshine, warm fires on chilly nights, coffee in the morning, unexpected phone calls and text messages from friends and loved ones (thanks Anna:)!, music is awesome!, Uggs-the best invention ever, my Jesus Calling daily devotional - seriously amazing, the cheery bright green chairs in my living room that I am currently staring at -happiness, my glasses - it's nice to be able to see clearly, my home -it's so cozy!, my health - arms to hug my loved ones and legs to run and greet them, my neighbors - they are all  freaking awesome, Netflixs - cuz we use it UH-LOT, my camera - the memories it allows me to capture are priceless, my husband - he works so hard for our family, my daughter - she is such a happy kid -such a ray of sunshine, my laptop - so I can sit here like a lazy sloth on the couch instead of at a desk, being able to hear - the laughter of my little girl and the sweet melodies of worship...okay, I will stop there for hard to stop!

What are you thankful for today? 
I hope that you all have a blessed November. xo

I'm sure you already knew this but, Daisy adores her Daddy. They have a special bond. A silly one.  She is more wild with him.  They wrestle, they fish, they play corn hole, they smash faces, they's funny to watch the two of them.  I'm very thankful that my little girl has a great relationship with her Daddy.  I can tell that these two will always be buddies. 
A photographer's view...also, a mom's view.  Daisy has super wavy, fine hair and it still has a slight strawberry tint to it.  So pretty. Oh hey, see my blue TOMS...I'm thankful for the friend who gave them to me:) know who you are.  I had never owed a pair before and now I'm hooked and trendy like the rest of 'Merica.  Yeah!
She's laughing...just in case you weren't sure and she is loving it:). She is quite ticklish unlike her Momma.  I'm thankful that I am not (really)'s like having a super power to remain calm in the midst of a tickle.  It might come in handy some never know!
And here we are singing her favorite song, Overcomer by Mandisa. We created hand motions that we do together and she asks us to sing it over and over and over again. It's a great song so I don't mind. I hope she always holds tightly to the truth.  She will always be an over-comer with Jesus in her heart!  I am thankful that my little girl gets so excited when we talk about Jesus!
and then came the best part...feeding the ducks and geese. We came with an entire loaf of bread and left with nothing. Fat, thankful ducks. Happy Daisy.
Sometimes I like to stand back and observe my family from afar and get a different perspective.  It's sweet to see the two of them enjoying a moment together in the great outdoors.  Life is beautiful. 


  1. aw! i love all these photos!!! and i love how you are worshipping with your daughter. something i hope to work on!!!! :) thanks for being so inspiring!!!

  2. This made my heart smile!! So great to see y'all again. I've missed your writing and the ray of sunshine you spead around the internet!


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