Thursday, May 31, 2012

Design Time

I have always LOVED interior design. I find that some nights I can't even fall asleep because my head is spinning with design ideas for my home.  Years ago, when I first attended college, I briefly contemplated pursuing interior design but, somehow that idea just faded away like a lost dream. So, all that to say that I am in no way a skilled or trained designer and I don't ever intend to be but, it is a fun distraction for me.

We recently re-painted our dining room a light, cheerful blue and I love it.  I am really into the blue and green design combinations lately so I decided to create a design plan for our dining room.  Please go easy on me as this is my very first design board ever!! This design is lacking a lot of the little touches (mostly because I didn't want to overwhelm this storyboard)  that would really make the room pop but, it's a great start and if I could, I would swoop all of these things up today!  Everything shown here can either be found at Ikea or World Market which happen to be two of my favorite places to window shop.  The wicker baskets are for the white shelves and I am leaning towards the dark wicker.  I need our dining room to be very family friendly and I want the baskets to hide all of my kids markers, play-doh, paints, games etc. The floral piece is wall art from World Market and both of the ceiling lights are from IKEA. I love both lights!   Which one do you like better for this design?  I would even be tempted to hang two over our table since the table will be so large and could use extra lighting during homework time etc.  I also think some cushions for the chairs would be beautiful...possibly in a bright green.  Due to our limited budget this design will take some time to implement but, I'm eager to see if it will look as good in our dining room as it looks in my head! lol. 

So there you have it.  That was fun!  Next master bedroom which has not been given a lick of TLC since we moved in over 4 years ago. 


  1. I love those glass cabinets--they would look great in your space! You have a good eye for these things! :D

  2. You've got a great clean happy design style. Makes a great home environment!
    Hope your doing great!

  3. Yay! Can't wait to see it all come together. :) Love this design board. I vote for the drum shade light and only do one. But both are great!

  4. Um, we totally just bought that wall art for our bedroom and love it!! Great minds think alike. :)


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