Monday, July 9, 2012

Strawberries at the Farm

We went to a really neat farm while we were in California. In fact we liked it so much that we went a couple of times and I would have loved to have gone again. There were lots of fields with different fruits and vegetables to pick, animals to feed, fun little rides, different play areas, giant slides, a singing chicken show and yummy fresh snacks to eat. It is such a blast! I think Daisy would have been content to pick fruit the entire time. Once she figured out how to do it she couldn't get enough. She loved grubbing on the fresh strawberries and didn't mind the juice pouring down her face.  Her hands got sticky, her clothes got dirty and she enjoyed every minute of it and so did I. 
Hudson and Maddie were so sweet with Daisy. I haven't seen them in almost a year and a half and they have grown up so much since then.
Cute little hands cradling a precious berry and a messy little face...proof of the fun being had.
Melissa and I have been friends for about 8 years now and I am so thankful for her and her family.  It is such a blessing to have such a great friend to visit when I visit California.  We spent a couple of days at her home and I so enjoyed the fellowship.  Miss you Melissa!  She snapped a few pictures of me when I was pulling the kids around in the wagon.  I made up some silly stories to tell the kids to try and keep their interest while we walked around so I was being as animated as possible but, I was also cracking up watching Melissa snapping away on my camera like the paparazzi. LOL.  Fun times. 
Isn't this a beautiful horse! HE was by far Daisy's favorite animal at the farm.  Well, him and the peacock.  She learned how to imitate the sound a peacock makes almost perfectly!  Pretty funny.



  1. Ok...Daisy looks WAY too old in these photos!!! Looks like a gorgeous place and lots of fun!!

  2. aw Some of MY pics made the blog :) Good thing I took so many one was bound to turn out ok! I had fun with your camera and even MORE fun with you and Daisy. Thank you for blessing me with your friendship and taking the time to stay some days in my house. Such a treat!

  3. What a fantastic place to visit!! The pictures are precious & those are some adorable kiddos!!!

  4. This looks like such a great way to spend the day! Dirt, fruit and friends--what's not to like? :D

  5. Where is this farm located? I'd like to visit it. :)

    Great pictures! And I agree, Daisy looks so big now.

  6. Looks like an amazing trip! Love the one of you under the green archways.

  7. This looks like a lovely farm to visit! Which part of Cali is it at? I'm glad you got to go with a good friend, those are special times. Daisy looks like she's grown bunches since I last "saw" her ~ great job mama! BTW, that is a beautiful white horse. Have a sweet weekend! Thanks for visiting me friend :)

  8. Looks like you had a great time while you were out there. Great pictures! The kids look really happy and it's really odvious that they had a blast as well. It makes me look forward to our trip we are leaving on in a week. The kids are looking forward to some time with grandma when we go on our yearly visit to see my family. They are excited to go on a roadtrip however I'm not looking forward to the three days it will take to get there. I'll talk to you soon.


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