Friday, July 20, 2012


Daisy crawled up into our over sized chair this morning and I couldn't help but, notice how big she has gotten. Then I remembered the picture I took of her sleeping in the chair when she was just a wee little thing and I had to put the two pictures together to show what 2 years of growth looks like:). I think her leg now is longer than her entire body was at a month and a half!  The first several months were tough with Daisy. I couldn't get her to sleep anywhere but, she loved being snuggled up in this big chair with a blanket.  Oh the memories.

Boy it goes fast doesn't it.  I would love to get another comparison shot in a couple of years...but, then again I'd really like some new furniture so that might not happen. lol.  Anyways, I digress, isn't my little one cute!  She was watching a youtube video on my cell phone in the second picture.  She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jungle Junction lately.
My hubby pulled this video up on youtube tonight to show my mom. I had forgotten all about it and I turned to mush as I watched. Daisy has never been one to fall asleep outside of her bed. She never gets tired enough to shut down but, this particular day she got nice and relaxed in front of the TV. So precious...and yes, Daddy put her to bed right after this video was taken. And then this video was taken recently at dinner time. Daisy was absolutely cracking me up.   She has become very fond of singing and learning songs.  The 2 year old mind fascinates me.  They are so sharp and taking in so much more than we realize.  I love listening to her sing, talk and babble.  So much fun. My mom is here visiting from CA which is why I haven't been blogging. We tend to find ourselves vegging in front of the TV at night after I put my little one to bed and I forget all about pictures and blogging. LOVE having my momma here!! Photobucket


  1. Oh, I loved seeing those pictures right by each other. What a precious two years years you've had with that little lady. She makes me smile.

  2. The only piece of furniture I know I'll have for years to come is my Grannie's rocking chair she gave me when I was pregnant with Emma. I take the kids picture every year in that chair on their b'day & it's amazing to put them side by side to see the comparison.

    That video of her falling asleep is so precious!

  3. How sweet! Love those comparison pics. Hope your visit with your Mom is great.

  4. Oh how sweet this while entire post is. She is such a little doll! & she such a little singer too cute :) Do you want to share her? I Hope you all have had a great weekend & a great visit from the mother!

  5. Oh, I love the pictures of her in the chair! She is such a little cutie, and those videos are adorable.


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