Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweet Princess Ballerina

This year our little one was eager to be a princess for Halloween. Her costume of choice was a gift that my Mom had gotten her while we were out in California recently, a princess/ballerina combination.  Thanks Marme. The costume looked absolutely darling with her hair swept back, her cheeks dusted with a sparkly, peach blush and her little legs warmed in fuzzy white tights.  She melts my heart.

 What they say is absolutely true.  A little one brings back the sense of wonder and magic into all of the holidays.  I find myself getting just as excited as my daughter about every holiday the night before it arrives.  Joey's Grandparent's joined us again this year which was such a treat and we also made our traditional Burritos for dinner.  They are SO delicious! I am beginning to love the little traditions that we are creating with our little one. 

Daisy has been fascinated by princesses since, her 16 month photo shoot when she wore her first Princess tutu and carried her first wand.  Ever since then, even without watching a single princess movie, she has been captivated by all things Princess.  If we remain on this course, it's quite likely that her 3rd birthday will be a Princess party.  Big surprise right? :) This little munchkin loves to have princess dress up parties, complete with tea with all of her friends. 
Daisy went to bed the night before Halloween ridiculously excited about dressing up and knocking on doors and yelling "trick o tweet!" As I was tucking her in bed she kept saying, "when I waykup I guna dwess up and knock on de duwahs wike dis, (knock knock on her headboard) and den I say twick oh tweet!" Oh my goodness it was so cute to hear her rambling on about it all. 
Halloween day was a long day because Daisy was ready to treat pretty much from the moment she woke up.  I managed to keep her out of her costume until around 4 but, then she couldn't be restrained a moment longer.  We spent the next two hours pretending to treat at our own house and hanging out with Granddad and Beach (as Daisy calls Great Grandma). 
After much anticipation, the time finally came to treat!  We stopped at our good friend Erin's house first.  Daisy had an absolute blast to say the least.  She loved knocking on doors and choosing a couple of candies from the bowl of each home that she treated at.  She did great for the first 45 minutes or so but, as it began to grow dark she wanted to be held continually because she is not so fond of the dark these days. 
Just before we wrapped it up for the night, Daisy ran in to her little play date buddy.  It was so cute because, they immediately gave each other a big hug and chatted kiddie chat for a minute.  It's such a joy to watch my daughter growing up and becoming a little girl.  I honestly never thought that I would celebrate Halloween with our kids but, there is something so adorable about kids dressing up in their cute little costumes and going around a neighborhood collecting candy.  So Daisy, thank you for putting the sparkle back in the holidays for me.  I adore you little Princess Ballerina.
Fast forward to the present...surprisingly, Daisy has not been begging for candy all day long.  She does like to chuck pieces of candy into her candy bucket and count pieces from one to ten.   I've been letting her pick a few pieces out each day to eat but, otherwise she doesn't bother me too much.  Thank goodness because the last thing that Daisy needs a lot of is sugar. lol  And below is a little video that Daddy got.  So glad that he did:).  Photobucket


  1. omg! everything about this post is adorable. her costume, the video, her lil voice saying twick or tweat! i die of the cuteness for real!

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  2. Does she ever look cute in that little princess outfit! It looks like she had an amazing time and the video was great. My older girl dressed up as a farmer and my youngest a giraffe. Around these parts at this time of year it's about the warm costume, meaning the one you can put your winter coat under. My youngest daughter is all about the princess, and I could just see our girls playing princess together.

  3. I saw the video last week and i loved Daisy saying "another one" after every house. So cute !!!You have such a wonderful family Casey <3

  4. As if the pictures weren't cute enough...this video is so adorable!!!! I can't wait to show Chris! It cracks me up to hear you all saying you are freezing from over here in NY! =))

  5. this post stole my heart, she is absolutely adorable :) you are making me baby hungry!

  6. What great pictures! she really is growing up so incredibly fast.
    Hope all is well.
    I can see we are on similar blogging cycles :-)


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