Saturday, December 15, 2012

Four Pack Reunion and Christmas Cookies

It has been a good while since the four pack has been all together in one place. I think the last pictures taken of all four of them was after church on Easter Sunday and truthfully I don't recall ever posting any of them here on this blog...I think that must have been about the time that my blogging started slowing down. whoops.  The Chaisson family invited us all over to decorate some Christmas cookies.  Thanks for hosting such a fun get together guys! 

 This was a first time activity for Daisy and she absolutely loved it.  I haven't seen an activity keep her attention as long as this did in quite a while.  All of the kids had a blast and I was genuinely impressed by how well they decorated their cookies.   This isn't to say that they didn't dump the entire bowl of sprinkles on one cookie a time or two but, overall they were really focused and interested in doing a good job.  So stinking adorable.  
How festive and adorable is Lindsey's attire! Loved it:)Lindsey is momma to Sam and also baby Eathan now. 
Lila was having a great time and she looked at my camera and smiled so many rare for a 2 year old and so stinking cute!
And sweet Sam gave me a pretty awesome smile when prompted cute is he!
and Raelyn the host toddler. Such a beauty!
The four pack all together again...miraculously all sitting down in one place with no one crying...uh-mazing! :) They pretty much all had an instrument of some kind and no that wasn't planned but, it sure helped keep them in one place.  (Shhh....don't tell Daisy but, I think she is getting this little instrument set for Christmas this year:). lol  These kids will all be three in just a few short months.  It really blows me away.  In some ways the past 3 years have gone slow but, for the most part they have just blown by and it feels like we were all gathering together at the hospital to greet these little ones not long ago. Sam, has a little brother now, Raelyn has a little brother on the way and Lila has twin sisters on the way! So much has and is changing.  And I know you are all thinking it so I'll just satisfy your, I am not pregnant.  Yes, I wish I already had another little one or was about to pop one, I do not miss pregnancy or get envious of women who are.  I really didn't like being pregnant at all and have never once missed it but, I want more kiddos badly and Daisy is SO great with babies.  She'll be an amazing big sister someday.
Sam and his Daddy making cookies
Daisy and Raelyn have nearly identical expressions in this picture....hehe.  Daisy is fascinated by the color stained marks on her hands from the sprinkles and Raelyn is concentrating on scooping lots of candy cane bits onto her cookies.  I would say it is the expression of wonder and awe! lol They had a blast to say the least and I appreciate the Chaisson family letting us all make a big mess in their home.  I for one, look forward to the next cookie decorating party!


  1. It's amazing how big they are now. I have been following your blog since Daisy was a baby and have seen pics of the adorable Four Packs in the past when they were all so little.

    How fun! You all have a very Merry CHRISTmas.


  2. I would love for blogger to have an edit button =) I should have wrote 'four pack' not 'four packs'. Ooops, I need to slow down.

  3. What a great idea! You just gave me a great idea to do with all of the cousins when we get out to the lake later this week. They all look so adorable!!

  4. What a great idea! You just gave me a great idea to do with all of the cousins when we get out to the lake later this week. They all look so adorable!!

  5. What a fun play date and some adorable kiddos!!!!

  6. Looks like a great day Casey! Glad there were no tears. Merry Christmas to you!


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