Monday, December 30, 2013

My Little Princess

My kiddo got two new princess costumes for Christmas: Bell and Ariel and I can't tell you how excited she was.  Thank you family for spoiling her with these dresses and so many other wonderful things!! She has been trading off which costume she wears every other day since then and she pretty much keeps them on as long as she can or until we leave the house.  I had no idea the princess phase would start so early and last so long and I hear it can go on and on for years.  That's okay...I just wasn't expecting to have so much princess memorabilia strewn all over the, pink, and more pink:).  

This particular dress actually has a small battery pack and several wires that lead to several twinkling lights and it plays a song!!  Wow, talk about awesomeness and interesting all at once:).  Pretty much every time she pushes the little magic button and her dress starts to loudly play the tune of "under the sea," I find myself compulsively belting out the lyrics in the accent and voice of Sebastian.  I just can't help it.  My kiddo thinks I'm weird.  She's right, but, I'm comfortable in my weirdness so it's all good. 

I took these pictures of my kiddo in her new Ariel dress to capture "a day in the life of Daisy"...and this is it! lol   I just adored the genuine expressions that she gave me.  You wanna know how I get kids to make natural silly, sweet and smiley faces?  I ask them questions that are usually  incorrect so that they can correct me.  They love that.  So these were taken after I asked Daisy some questions along the lines of "Bell is the princess that lives in the ocean, right?"  To which she replied (with an excited I'm smarter than my mommy face), "Nooooo silllyyy.  Ariel lives in the ocean!"  "Is Snow White the princess with the really long, long hair?"  etc. etc.  Works like a charm:).  

Daisy, as long as I'm living my princess you'll be.  Love you with all my heart little one.   

and just in case you forgot what sebastian sounds like singing under the sea...or rather, what I sound like several times a day...enjoy! :()

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  1. Wow has she changed! Happy New Year Casey! Hope 2014 brings you much peace and love.


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