Sunday, December 29, 2013

What I am Listening to Lately

I don't listen to rap often unless the singer is Lecrae.  He has been one of my favorite artists for quite a few years because, his lyrics are strong, powerful, thought provoking, righteous, honorable, edifying....and awesome.  His passion for Jesus is SO inspiring and his songs encourage my weary soul.  This song has been out for over a year now but, I could listen to it every day.  LOVE. I don't care who you are or what your sins are...Jesus loves you wildly and HE died for you....we've done nothing to deserve that kind of sacrifice but, he died to redeem, set free and forgive us of our sins and I can't tell you how grateful I am that he loves a wreck like me unconditionally.  Infinite.  Holy. Perfect love. 

Lecrae - Tell the World (one of the stanzas from this song)
I can't offer you nothin, but your care and kindness keep comin
And your love is so unconditional, I get butterflies in my stomach
I got the old me in the rearview, gotta new me, gotta clear view
I was so dead, I couldn't hear you
Too deep in sin to come near you
But you drew me in, and cleaned me up
And take me home and beamed me up
Before you do, just let me tell the truth
And let these folks know that I done seeing your love
And it's everlastin, infinite
It goes on and on, you can't measure it
Can't quench your love, they can't separate us from the love of God
It's no estimate
My face look the same, my frame done rearranged
But I changed, I promise I aint the same
Your love is so deep, you suffered and took pain
And died on the cross to gimme a new name
Aint nothin like I seen before
I gotta beam to glow
Was low, down, and dirty but you cleaned me Lord
You looked after me, you keep rockin me
Imma tell the world and aint nobody stoppin me

Mandisa is awesome. She is so positive and uplifting and this song, "Overcomer," is a favorite in our household. We played it several times a day for a while there. My kiddo knows hand motions to the chorus and we dance around the house with this song blasting.  It never ceases to put a smile on all of our faces:). If you ever have a bad day, week or a bad decade...don't ever forget that you are an overcomer in Jesus.  Hang on, keep fighting, keep pressing on or better yet, blast this song and dance around your house while belting out the lyrics with a fake microphone (or a kitchen spoon will do) in your hand.  It helps!  I promise:).  

Every time this song comes on the radio I'm drawn in.  I lived many seasons in my childhood especially and teen years where I was just a Christian because it was all that I knew.   It was easy to believe when life was easy but, when the heat turned up and I mean REALLY turned up...I struggled to hold on.  I lived seasons where I was so broken that I didn't know if God even cared anymore.  I've loved Jesus SO passionately at times and then completely surprised myself by doubting Him tremendously in others BUT, at my darkest hour in my loneliest valley, He always showed up to love on me in such a powerful way.  I can't tell you how beautiful His love feels when He joins you in the trenches and shelters you from the storm and lets you rest in his arms.   He is my only hope and He is my stay.  I NEED one defense, my righteousness.  Hallelujah. 
And I'll wrap it up with this fun and happy song, "My Beloved," sung by David Crowder...I mean take a second to look at that crowd will yah...just look at all the people packed into the arena just to sing, dance and worship Jesus!!   Y'all this is just a microscopic, but beautiful glimpse of Heaven.  Someday, all believers, are going to gather together by the millions/billions to sing, dance and worship Jesus and He is going to be there in the flesh (if we are flesh in heaven?? but you get my drift)!!  We will be completely free, uninhibited, unrestrained by sin or division of any kind.  Folks in Heaven there will be no more pain of any kind.  No more sorrow.  No more struggle.  No more loneliness.  It's gonna be so, so, so awesome.

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  1. I listened to every song and read every word of this post just now and it was so awesome! I'm going to read and listen to it all again right now but I wanted to tell you first how much it blessed me:)


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