Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Love Bug is 15 Months Old

I just thought you should all know....this is how you get a 15 month old to sit still for a quick photo session....Vanilla wafers and an awesome this case, Grandma Lulu. hehe
My sweet little girl you are growing like a weed these days and you have SO much energy.  You go non-stop all day long, never sit still, take such inconsistent and often short naps and wake up early every morning because you just don't want to miss a thing! You really are an absolute blast.
We ask you where your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, teeth and belly are and you can point to them all now!
You are ridiculously smart....seriously, it is almost crazy to me how sharp you are.  I have a lot of phrases that I say and you now know them all:  
*Let's go throw away your diaper (you walk to the garage door so we can throw it out). 
*Let's go brush your teeth or get some medicine (you walk to your bathroom where we keep those things). 
*Let's go outside (you walk to the front or back door to go out)
*Where is the baby, ball, book, bucket, toy, blankie, paci, ball, doggie, duck, bear, kitty, ?  
*Go show Daddy, Grandma, Lulu (you go walk to that person to show them whatever you are showing them and always know where they are).  
*You point to my laptop and say momma (unfortunately that is what you call Daddy) and you want me to call him on skype!
*Let's go get the rocks (you love to play with the rocks outside).  
*We do not bite (I say this sternly as I hold your cheeks and look you closely in the get both mad and sad when I scold you).
*Do you want a snack? (to which you often say nums loudly....meaning yes!)
*Are you all done? (to which you either shake your head no or say upee meaning yes).
*Time to take a bath (you walk to the bathtub excitedly because you love water)

You love watching the Wiggles every morning when you wake up and have even learned how to say Pop, pop, pop when you watch the popcorn song.  SO cute!  You dance by bouncing up and down, waving your hands above your head and shaking your bum bum whenever you hear music playing. You love to imitate any and EVERYTHING that you see mommy and daddy do.  Wash dishes, fold laundry, dance, sing, play Kinect, sit on the couch (you love sitting on the beds and couches right now!), watering the plants outside (I have got to get a video of are so cute when you fake water the plants!), and clap and raise your hands at church.  Darling.
I thought it would be neat to show a couple comparison shots of you at 6 weeks in your basket and you at 15 months in the same basket.  Really shows how much bigger you are. hehe.  Plus it was just too fun to stick your big, chunky body in the tiny basket!  You really didn't seem to mind at all and in fact thought it was kinda fun. hehe

You love water and could easily play in puddles, pools, lakes, etc. all day long! You've gotten a little better about exploring new foods but, you especially like eggs, fruit, steamed broccoli, milk, crackers, cheese, sandwich meat and sweets (you got that from me I think)...
You bite a lot but, usually only me or things you are holding.  I am embarrassed to say this but, it really does crack me up because of the way you do it.  I do scold you every time and I think you will stop when your 4 incisors come in.  You are in a lot of pain and I feel so bad for you!
You get super stir crazy if we do not get out of the house at least once a day.
YOU LOVE ANIMALS.  I am in awe of how great your fascination is with all animals!!
You walk so fast now.  We really have to hustle to keep up with you!
You go to bed around 7:45 and wake up at 6 AM usually (a little earlier than I like...)
You wear size 4 diapers but, not for much longer
You wear all 18 month clothes now and some of them are getting small...depends on the brand
You have 12 teeth fully in, 2 incisors have cut through and the bottom two are sores...coming soon
You wear size 4 shoes
I stopped nursing you about a month ago.  I tapered off slowly to make it easy on both of us and and can't have imagined a smoother transition than we had.  We had a great run!! I feel very blessed to have nursed you as long as I did and blessed that I could wrap it up and move on.  You have done so well with sippy cups! You drink 4 sippy cups of milk a day and water with juice any other times that you are thirsty.
You really are an amazing little girl.  You keep yourself busy all day and are very well behaved so much of the time.  I feel so blessed to be your momma!!
I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your life. xoxo  Love you dear daughter of mine.


  1. I totally remember little Daisy in that basket! I love that you took new photos of her in it. We need to do a comparison 4 Pack photo shoot soon.

    PS- that adorable red hair gets longer and fuller every time I see her!

  2. Oh my goodness, she was so little (of course, duh!) but I love the comparison shots. Little One also goes to the computer, pulls out my webcam and tells me to hook it up so we can Skype daddy! So cute :D

  3. Absolutely awesome posts!! She is so incrediably beautiful and she is def lucky to have you as her mommy! I love your writing and since I am a mother as well I feel all the emotions through eah of your wonderful posts! You are amazing.

  4. Such a sweet and lovely post, with adorable photos to match! I love seeing the comparison of her as a tiny little baby and now as an independent toddler! :D

  5. So sweet! She is one smart cookie! Its amazing how much gets in that brain by 15 months!! LOVE the comparison pics.

  6. Can you just imagine going threw all these cute posts with Daisey when she's much older. What a great way to keep track of her baby/toddler accomplishments and special memories. I know if my mom had something like this...I'd have so much fun reading it. I just love the comparison sweet!

  7. She is so beautiful! What a sweet letter. I know she's going to love these someday!

  8. amazing post! they're not kidding when they say that they grow so fast!!!!! love the photos too!

  9. Beautiful post; Beautiful pics; Beautiful Baby!!! They grow up way too fast!!!

  10. Oh these are precious! My daughter has this shirt. I think it looks so good on little blondies. :) Seriously cut pics of your little one!

  11. Love the comparison pics. Such a cute idea. She is still such a beauty. It's fun to watch them grow - particularly now she'll become Ms. Independent. Good times :-)

  12. Such a sweet post :) Beautiful baby girl!

  13. Hard to believe she was once that itty bitty baby. So sweet.

  14. shes is so beautiful! its crazy how fast they grow. I love the comparison shots in the same basket.
    absolutely adorable!
    [sweet life of a southern wife]

  15. Look at that cute infant face! So sweet. She is such a pretty girl. I love the idea of putting her in the basket. :)

  16. How beautiful to see that sweet girl growing! :)

  17. Oh my goodness!!! Getting so big! I love these photos.


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