Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cowgirl Birthday Party Pictures - Continued

These first two years have gone fast. A little too fast in some where the heck did my sweet little girl who I could rock to sleep in my arms go...but, slow in others due to the hardships our family has faced. Regardless, I have found myself in awe on many occasions lately as I gaze at my daughter's little face that is already changing into the face of a little lady. I find myself saying, "I still can't believe I'm a mom." I guess after two years it's still sinking in that this wondrous adventure called motherhood is really mine for the taking. Boy, do I thank God for every minute I get to have with my little girl. Even on the harder days I always find myself thinking; this might be your last day so don't forget to make it count. See how fast the last two years have gone. The next 20 are going to go by just as fast. Cherish her! Make time for her. Love her. Be patient with her. Kiss those dimply hands and feet one more time. Love her some more.
(I heart this picture above which is an instagram shot that my sister took with her iphone. Thanks Jess!) 
I was so happy to get my hands on the pictures that my friend Ashley Sisk took for me during Daisy's 2nd birthday party. Thank you again Ashley! She captured so many priceless memories for us and I look forward to sharing them with you all. Ashley shared these pictures on her blog already but, I also want to share them for my family and friends.  Daisy pretty much did her own thing during her birthday.  She didn't really play much with any one particular friend but, she would pause here and there and then walk around a lot to visit with the adults.  She usually had a juice box or a corn muffin in her hand and quite often she would go lay down on the blanket under the canopy all by herself. Evidently she knows how to relax even on her own birthday. She was cracking me up!  I will say that the pan for gold station was probably the hit of the event.  What kid doesn't love water on a hot day?  Honestly, I'm surprised the little ones did so well with only playing with the water and not climbing in:).
 I'm so thankful for Craigslist!  We accumulated all these fun little toys over the past several months at a fraction of the price of buying them new and they provided lots of entertainment for Daisy and her little buddies!

For me the key to keeping the party planning minimally stressful was to work on it a little at a time for a good week or two prior to the party date.  I had about 70% of the party work done by Friday night and then Saturday was more of a set up, clean and cook the chili day.  Saturday was still super busy though I'm not gonna lie.  I'm also thankful for the extra helping hands that I had that day.  Family, you know who you are:).  I enjoy planning theme parties.  I enjoy decorating.  I enjoy having people over and feeding them.  These things are fun for me but, with flexibility because inevitably things can go wrong.  

For example:  It was pouring buckets, for hours on the day of Daisy's outdoor party.  I stared out the window and all I could say to myself was, "okay, so this is going to make things much harder but, que sera sera."  I said a prayer and asked God to help me accept these um...frustrating circumstances and He really did grant my request.  I was able to let my expectations go.  But guess what?  About 2 hours before the 4PM party the sun came out and it came out hot.  It dried everything up outside and you really wouldn't even know it had rained except the grass was a tad bit damp.  The party was able to be outside!  I was so thankful as I know it doesn't always work out like that but, it felt like a little grace shown down on me.  Thank you God!

 Will Daisy ever remember this birthday party?  No.  But, she will have these special pictures to look back on and know that she was dearly loved and that we like to make her feel special.  I on the other hand, will remember.  I will remember the way she sucked down 6 juice boxes in one afternoon because I didn't feel that it was right to put an end to her drinking since it was her birthday. lol.  I will remember that I had intended for her to wear cowgirl boots but, when I thought about how hot it was I realized that I just didn't care and being bare foot made her happy.  I will remember that my hubby was so helpful in spite of his health and that he gladly served me in any way that he could. I will remember that my little girl seemed so independent as she walked in and out of the house all by herself and waved to her various guests and said polite little things.  I will remember that she was sick in the morning and I was worried for her, but after a super long nap her cold disappeared never to return and she was able to enjoy her birthday.  I will remember that Uncle Jeremy flew in early on the morning of Daisy's birthday and walked in the door and completely surprised us all!  I will remember that God blessed the day and it was everything I hoped it would be for my sweet daughter who I love and adore so much.

Stay tuned for the mustache group pictures (hilarious!) and Daisy's present and cake pictures.  Sorry, I know it's overload but, I just can't help myself;)  



  1. Love these. Sooo fun!!! Looks like a great party.

  2. I can never get overloaded with pics; I love them! These are great! I'm seeing a lot of posts of little ones turning two. I just can't believe my little one will be two in 4 months!

  3. How sweet! She looks so relaxed and content! Looks like such a fun party.

  4. Such a great idea, Daisy looks so cute in her little pigtails.

  5. Such sweet pictures! Looks like it was an amazing day!

  6. I love the theme for Daisy's birthday and the panning for gold activity was amazingly creative! It's so wonderful that you take the time to cherish with your baby girl. They grow up so fast and it's fun to watch them do new things and grow but you miss the tiny baby moments. I'm praying that you and your family will continue to be blessed!


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