Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Her Birthday Pics and Cake Video

I just got home a few hours ago from Virginia Beach.  Daisy and I drove up to visit our good friends Elissa and her boys; Logan, Austin and Everett.  Daisy is very fond of all 3 boys and they are incredibly sweet with her.  They lovingly fight over who gets to sit next to her on the couch or who gets to sit closest to her at the dinner table.  They give her frequent hugs and kind to her.  It's really a treat for me to see 3 young boys behaving so well towards a little girl.  It's evident that Daisy looks up to the two older boys because she watches everything that they do and she begins to imitate them in her behavior and mannerisms.  Each time we visit she seems to grow up a little faster because she has older kids challenging her.  It's really neat to say the least.  I had a wonderful time with my friend Elissa...especially after the kids went to bed because it was then that we could actually talk and hear ourselves think (right Elissa:). hahaha.  I know all you mom's can relate! 

We went to the aquarium in Virginia Beach for a couple of hours this morning and Daisy LOVED it.  She assumed that all of the fishies were either Dory or Nemo and the Komodo Dragon reminded her of the dragon from Shrek evidently because she told me.  She loved looking at the sharks but, they scared her and she would cry if I walked too far have to admit that in Finding Nemo the Sharks are a little scary!  A couple of times Daisy got a little swept up in the crazy Spring break crowd and I would call for her (she was always in my sight but, I wasn't always in hers) and I'd hear her whimper, "mommy weh ar u?"  I have to say that I was pretty impressed that she was smart enough to know that she needed to stay near me.  That came in handy today! lol

The first morning that we woke up at Elissa's house Daisy didn't realize that I was sleeping in the same room as her.  When I heard her rustle in her bed I quietly called out across the room to her, "Goooood morning princess.  Mommy is right here," and she got SOOOO excited!!  She stood up in the crib so fast and began jabbering a million miles a minute.  "ohhhhh hiiii mommy.  awww, you so cute.  So pretty.  Awww, morning mommy.  How ah you? I wuv you mommy."  Clearly she enjoyed sharing a room with her mommy and I was of course grinning ear to ear after my unexpected morning greeting from my little angel.  

I love this little kid.  I'm still trying to process that she is two!!  Anyways, I could go on and on but, I won't because I know that none of you have that kind of time and to be honest I'm exhausted and I can't wait to shut this computer down and turn off my bedside light and let my heavy eye lids droop shut so that I can fade off into sleep land.  Night all! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!


  1. She's such a beauty! And what a wonderful way to be greeted in the morning! :)

  2. She is such a cutie pie--I love her face in that first photo! :D

  3. This is the cutest EVER and I live 20-25 minutes from Virginia Beach!

  4. What a sweet post! I can relate. My little girl has 4 more months and will be the big 2! It's crazy! You got some great shots!

  5. How nice that you got away. I have a feeling you needed it (or at least I hope those dark days are a thing of the past?)
    Love your pics and you dressed up too - how cute!
    2 is a fun age but 3 is awesome! You have sooo much to look forward to with her.

  6. What a super cute party! I love all the details :)

  7. I just melt when I see this- especially the video. I think you guys are the most adorable family!!! It still seems like yesterday when I was sitting here looking at her 1st year photos. My how fast it goes by- even when it's not my own kids :) Her hair is so long now too.


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