Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snapshots of Life - April Instagram

I turned the big 29 this month. (lol) It's funny because I've never been one to wig out over my age but, for whatever reason this year was a weird one for me to process.  I think I had an early mid-life crisis...(I'm exaggerating of course...sort of).  How could I be almost 30? I remember being a little girl and my mom being in her late 20's like it was yesterday.  Honestly.  And turning 30 isn't even that big of a deal so much as it means that I'm only 10 years away from 40 and only 20 years away from 50....sigh.  (LOL).  I promise that I'm not a dramatic person.  I guess this year just caught me off guard. ;)  Have any of you ever had an unexpected age crisis?  Anyways, it was a great birthday.  Hubby surprised me with a present in the morning and baked me a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting just the way I like it.  He was so sweet!  Daisy was so excited to sing happy birthday to mommy and eat my cake.  She helped me blow out my candles and look at her wittle puff face.  Priceless.  This picture is one of my absolute favorites of me and my little girl.  LOVE. 
Later, I enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner with some of my girl friends on my birthday night. I'm sort of obsessed with this new place that I found that has a buy one roll get one free special!! Seriously, for a sushi lover that is like Heaven on Earth!! And their sushi is G-o-o-D lemme tell yah.
Daisy loved her first wheelbarrow ride with Daddy. 
This picture melts my heart.  My baby with her babies.  Daisy loves her baby dolls and she is such a good little momma. She hugs, kisses and feeds them. She loves counting to two right now and when I handed her two babies she got so excited and said, "awwww, mommy wook, two babies. One, Two awwwww so sweeeettt."
We go to Toys R Us a lot these days just to let Daisy explore and to pass some time on slow days or nights.  Am I the only parent that does this?  If so, please don't judge me.  It's free entertainment for weary mothers.  I'm so grateful because when she's happy I'm happy! lol Her favorite thing to do is play on the cars.  What can I say she's 2 going on 16:)  

My hubs grills for us a lot, which I love.  Sometimes we use gas and sometimes we use charcoal and this particular night he was slow cooking some chicken over coals.  I can't even emphasize how delicious my husband's slow cooked chicken is.  It's insanely yummy and flavorful  We are definitely an outdoor family.  If its warm enough you will find us eating dinner outside on our patio,  I'm so thankful for our quaint little backyard and that Daisy loves being outside all the time too.  Daddy asked Daisy for a high five here.  I'm glad I captured it:).  A sweet little life moment.
Our fence was due for a new stain after 3 years. The hubs knocked it out and it looks great and new again. The rose bushes beat him up pretty bad though so I'm glad it was his job and not mine! lol
One of the things that I am trying to do now that I'm old (wink), is take better care of my skin.  Technically, I should have been doing this years ago when it mattered but, now I wear this everyday.  I don't like that it smells like sunscreen but, the smell fades pretty fast and I've even noticed that my skin feels softer.  Now the sun isn't frying my face...as much.  Win Win.
Doesn't she look so elegant here.  My little princess.  She saw this crown in the aisle at Target and of course had to try it on.  She only wanted to wear it for all of 3 seconds but, that was just long enough to get this.  She is looking so big these days.  Slow down baby girl.
Our very first rose bloom! We have 6 rose bushes and this was our very first bloom! Oh how beautiful these knock out roses are and they bloom from spring to late fall.  I've become a bit sentimental about roses because they always make me think of my Grandma in California. She is a rose lover too and has the most beautiful variety of rose bushes around her garden!  I loved seeing her flowers bloom each year when I grew up.
My friend Elissa introduced me to this salad dressing and I am hooked!! I literally ate her entire family sized bowl of salad all by myself.  Just in case you should try it out a little goes a long way:).
 Me and Daisy drove up to Virginia Beach to visit with my good friend Elissa and her 3 adorable boys.  Her hubby was out of state for work so we kept each other company and the kiddos definitely kept us busy.  So thankful for my friendship with this gal:).
Look at all of our babies!  Far left is Everett who just turned one, my silly Daisy putting her arms around the boys, Austin who just turned 3 and Logan who just turned 5!  Love these kids!
Elissa treated us to a trip to the aquarium and we all had a blast...I think I had the most fun evidently.  Can you see that Daisy is eating the shark tooth?  Hilarious!  And the blue tongue...jolly rancher.
One of our many outdoor family dinners.  Daisy loves any kind of meat including fish but, she calls all meat steak.  Most dinner nights you will hear her shouting, "moh steak daddy!" She's quite the carnivore.
For whatever reason Daisy had a great time squishing her face into this magnifying glass.  She cracks me up.
She shares my love for gardening.  She filled this watering cup up over and over again to water the soil.
Brushing her teefers with her new princess tooth brush and toothpaste that she got for Easter:).
She was a little bit scared of the giant sharkies in the tank.  She kept mentioning Nemo and the sharks so I think she was imagining the cartoon in real life.  I could understand why that might be scary but, isn't this picture cute.
The pretty table that Joey's family set out for our Easter dinner.  Love all bright spring colors and what a yummy dinner it was!
Daisy and her Aunt Jessie hooked up with a lot of goodies this Easter.  Daisy's expression is priceless.  That is a face that is saying, "Mom, hurry up and take the picture because I gotta bust into these baskets!!" :) LOL
Daisy fished for the first time with her Daddy on Easter.  She LOVED it and I loved seeing both of their happy faces.  Boy, does this little girl adore her Daddy and want to do everything that he does. 


  1. Great instagram recap!! And, btw - I'm with ya on the age thing this year! Though, I'm a few years old - hitting 34 last year didn't get me, but realizing this year I've only got 3 more years till I can say I've been out of HS REALLY got to me! Could I possibly be old enough (almost) to say, "It's time for a 20 year reunion!"?????

  2. Love this! Happy Birthday Casey, and yip, I think, this is crazy but I think that 29 was probably my hardest. Thinking 30 is right around the corner and then I'm no longer considered 'young'. Well....oh well, you my dear, have wisdom beyond your years an that is a gift. Love the pictures of Daisy, fishing with her daddy and blowing out the candles with you, PRECIOUS!

  3. Daisy's hair looks so long in the teeth brushing pic! And her with her dolly's...oh sweetness! What a little mama! And happy 29 to you!! 29 is still young, carefree and maybe even a little wild sometimes;) Not that I would know but I am doing a good job making you feel better right? Good. Have an awesome wednesday! XOXO

  4. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :) Oh, how I understand the age thing.
    And, I thought I'd share a new lotion that I just started using this past month that has SPF 15... and doesn't smell like sunscreen.:) (Honestly, I'm not much into skin stuff either, but I thought I'd share because I like it so much.) It's Olay Complete all day UV moisturizer- sensitive skin. Oh, and I think it needs to say something like "original formula" on the front, because I read they switched it awhile ago, and whatever they switched it to smelled like sunscreen, but they've switched it back. If that makes any sense.
    Have a great week!

  5. Cute pictures! And a happy late birthday! I hit a crisis on 25...halfway to 30 :*( guessing 30 will be a sad day. LoL!
    Funny Daisy calls eveything steak! My kids are convinced everything is chicken! LoL!

  6. Looks like Daisy's having a lot of fun fishing with her Daddy. I can't wait to teach Kaylin how to fish, it's something I had done almost every summer till I moved away from home. I turn 29 this year too and I feel the exact same way you are but since it's my hubbies year to turn 30 I'm gonna try and concentrate on planning a big bash for him. :)

  7. What a great story board for your life! Her expressions really are priceless and you can just see her curiousity through the lens. Have a great weekend and happy belated bday. (I think we get better in our 30's...)


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