Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I've had a surprising number of people ask me if Daisy is "part Asian." I'm laughing as I type this but, it's true! I know it's her eyes and I see it too but, it still cracks me up when people ask that question in front of me and my hubby when neither of us look Asian (or do we?). Funny, I've always said that if God ever opened the door for us to adopt that I would like to adopt from China.  Perhaps there is some sort of connection there? hehe.  So, the other night as Daisy and I were snuggling up on the couch together I looked at her precious little face and asked, "Daisy, are you my sweet Asian baby?"  

To which she replied in her adorable 2 year old voice, "No mom I not uh Ancient Bewwy (like berry but, with w's). I Daisy!" 

I died.  To stinking cute!

Some of her other cute words:  

Strawberry is: Straw-buh-days   (I can't bring myself to correct her because I get such a kick out of this one!)

Banana is: Buh-mean-uh

Hello Kitty is: Hewwo Titty (hehe)

Can you hold me:  Mom, I hold you?

She's also had her first couple of bad dreams in the past few weeks.  This morning she came into my room a little earlier than usual and I hadn't even heard her wake up on the monitor.  She must have slipped out of her bed very quietly which is not her usual style.  She walked into my dark room with 3 blankets and her pearl necklace in hand (she puts it on every morning) and a scared look on her face.  She proceed to try and explain to me in a two year old vocabulary that she had a dream about a scary vacuum and mommy was inside?  That's all I got out of it but, it sounded pretty scary to me! I wouldn't want to be stuck inside a vacuum...how terrifying...and loud...and dirty..ew.  I consoled her and promised her it was just a dream and that mommy was okay and we snuggled.  All better. 

I love my little girl to pieces. 


  1. Kids are so cute and i love how they can put you in a good mood . I have a 4 year old boy at work and he always tells me how much he loves me and that he will buy me anything i want ....and he calls me his chicken nugget :) !!!!

  2. ha! When you said you don't correct her way of saying words I laughed out loud. I do this too. And when the older boys correct, I correct them! That baby of ours will eventually get it why rush it right? So stinkin' cute it right!!!

    Oh, and the dream thing? I learned to always take them BACK TO THEIR BED and pray with them and back I go to mine otherwise they will catch on...."Mommy can I sleep with you I had a bad dream" then they are in your bed for the next year~ha!

    I still today tell them, "talk to Jesus, He's the one who will take the bad dreams away and help you to go back to sleep"

    Love the picture too!

  3. how cute!!!! i love baby talk!! (looking forward to these days :) )
    even her nightmares are cute :) i was a VERY fearful child and probably had nightmares that woke me up 3-5 times a week. for years-seriously-til high school. i would always go down to my parents' room and go to my mom's side of the bed and tap her til she woke up and then she would ask me about the bad dreams and telling her always made it less scary. then we would pray and i would go back to bed. sometimes i would bring blankets and pillows and sleep on the floor next to the bed. different things work for different kids, and different dreams made it differ too. i can still remember my recurrent dream from when i was really little: a scary robot would chase me til i got to a very high chain-link fence that i could never climb. :(

  4. So sweet! My 7 year old can't say the word breakfast...it comes out like bresk-fist. I don't even try to correct her, one day it'll come out right and I'll miss the days when it came out wrong.

    Time is so fleeting!


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