Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowflakes Keep Falling on my Head

I don't have a lot to share tonight but, I was determined to post a few pictures of Daisy playing in our most recent snowfall this past weekend.  She looked so stinking cute that I even busted out my nice DSLR camera for the first time in like...EVER.  It's shameful how rare it is for me to use my camera these days...sigh, but I'll leave that for another post...I blame iPhones!

 Where we live the snowfall average is very low and we are lucky if the snow sticks for more than a day. Personally, I am okay with that because, I love watching it fall and seeing it cover everything for a few hours of play time and then this California kid is over it and ready to have the sun back out again:). There is a reason why I chose to live here and not up North...just sayin. 

Anyhoo, this was Daisy's first good snow experience in two years. There wasn't really anything for her to even play in last year and we weren't around when it did. This year she had a BLAST. She probably would have stayed outside all day if we didn't have other things going on. She ran back and forth in our backyard chasing snowflakes and trying to catch them on her tongue. She threw a few snowballs at Daddy and that seemed to be her favorite activity. 

 I can't get enough of my kid enjoying life.  Seriously, it's probably the best medicine in the whole world.  Watching Daisy run around with an enormous smile of sheer joy plastered on her face. Watching her dance and twirl, blissfully unaware of any life troubles and caring not how she might appear to anyone around her.  So free.  So happy. Melt my mommy heart.    

 And on a totally random note: Don't you just love/hate when you land on an out of this world amazing blog and then you come back to your own little ho hum blog and wonder how they heck some women do so much?? I found this lady's blog while browsing for decorating pictures online and ended up spending 2 hours stalking her life from blog post to blog post. She is an insanely talented decorator and DIYer. She is a talented make-up artist and fashion savvy. She writes happy and encouraging things that suck me in like a moth to a flame and she takes great pictures. Did I mention that she has 3 young children? What the heck. :).  Well, props to her for being so awesome.  Now I need to go pray and get back into the spirit of contentment. LOL.  And for the record I'm kidding...things like that don't bother me that much but, I think talent should have been distributed a little more evenly on the assembly line...that's all I'm saying.


  1. What precious pictures of Daisy. I love how your camera captures the snow. I need need, okay want a better camera =)

  2. VERY cute! i love the shots of her catching snowflakes on her tongue :)

  3. These are precious! We wanted a little snow this year, but now we're ready for the pool. :)

  4. Great pictures!!! yes I too wonder how some do it in the same token people probably wonder how we blog among the other tasks.

  5. So cute! I love the ones with her tongue out!!

  6. Those pictures are adorable! We love snow but after the blizzard a few weeks ago I am ready for spring. I love the squeals of happiness in the video. Snow has a way of making us all silly and filled with joy. Hope all is well my friend! :)

    Mama Hen


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